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[3], After the Pale King arrived in Hallownest and expanded the minds of his new subjects,[5] the Moth Tribe turned their backs on the Radiance and worshipped him instead. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is a spoiler free guide. With the Godseekers' thoughts focused on her, she becomes the Absolute Radiance, her perfect state[22]. The spikes disappear for up to 5 seconds if struck by the Knight's body or hit with Descending Dark. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Absolute Radiance is the least predictable boss in the entire game with amasing variety of how can she bring hell upon you. With proper timing and spacing, all attacks (save homing spheres) are good opportunities for healing, though the safest options are the third salvo of the eye beam and a break in Spike Wall where the next wave requires no jump to avoid. By defeating the Hollow Knight, the Knight is able to seal the Radiance within, taking the place of their sibling within the Black Egg. The Spike Floor splits to both sides of the floor. As the attack interval shrinks, it is important to be mindful of Shadow Dash cool-down for Wall of Light. Radiance collapses onto the ground and is wrapped up by Void Tendrils but breaks free. SOUL-generation charms like Soul Catcher and Grubsong are also suggested. Attacking causes the Shade to repeatedly whip the Radiance's weak point with long tendrils until she is defeated and dragged into the Void below. Absolute Radiance is her perfect form. Geo Farming. Lifebloodcore is ten times better. Once players reach the Radiance, she must be struck with the Nail just once to end the fight and trigger the final sequence. To the Knight's advantage, they can gain a lot more distance from Absolute Radiance to heal, as all attacks have a lot more ground to cover before reaching the Knight. Hunter's Journal. Hollow Knight is a 2D adventure/ Metroidvania game for PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Incorrectly predicting where she will teleport can cause the Knight to fall into the Void. Combine that with insane speed at which she attacks and 2 masks of damage and you get an absolute nightmare of a boss. The Radiance adds the Spike Floor, reducing floor space, generally, by half and continues to use every other attack. Hornet • The Hollow Knight • The Radiance • Shade • Hunter's Mark, Stages 1/2/3/4/6 respectively: 400/450/300/750/300, Absolute Radiance Radiant (Hitless) Hollow Knight. Regardless of Hallownest's recent events, the Godseeker seeks to attune the Radiance to Godhome, where her people can revere the forgotten being as their God of Gods. Hollow Knight. From here, Absolute Radiance uses her attacks one after the other with ample time between, all while hovering above the floor and teleporting. Charm Build and Introduction This guide is dedicated to defeating The Radiance. The restrained space makes it much harder to manoeuvre and to stall out the cooldown of the Shadow Dash. Nail strikes are strong here because it allows quick damage and consistent movement. What is the source? [10][11] With the Infection, the Radiance offered unity to bugs at the cost of a mind incapable of thought. There is a statue of the Radiance at the top of the map in Hallownest's Crown where a. Her fight contains the following attacks with any modifications stated: Transition from stage 2-3 (1850 HP / 1150 DMG). One strike to end the fight (1300 HP / 1700 DMG). The Radiance uses all attacks except Sword Rain, Spike Floor, and Big Beam attacks in this Phase. Healing without charms is safest if players get through the wall quickly or start healing when a wall spawns on the opposite side of the arena. Falling off the platform only deals one mask of damage. Sword Wall: The Radiance teleports during this attack, so damaging her while dodging the swords can be tricky. It is best to try to bait Orbs into the floor or platforms to destroy them early, leaving more time to attack the Radiance. spoiler. Transition from stage 2-3 (2000 HP / 1000 DMG). 1.1k. The Radiance teleports during this attack so quick damage is most viable. Close. [16] She reignited the full power of the Infection, threatening again the land of Hallownest and prompting the Knight to return to Hallownest.[17][18]. One strike to end the fight (800 HP / 2200 DMG). Most successful builds are centred around preserving/increasing resources or removing the need for them. The Radiance was sealed within them, and the Vessel chained within the Temple of the Black Egg. However, she still requires another additional hit from the Nail to finish the fight. These Spikes only deal one mask of damage, so if forced to take damage between these and other attacks, it is better to hit the spiked ground. Tips for absolute radiance. Wall of Light is an especially good opportunity to heal, as the attack's sound can be heard when it is off-screen, making it easier to know well ahead of time when it is possible to heal. Spike Floor: The Spike Floor deals only 1 Mask of damage so if damage must be taken, best take it from the Spike Floor. The Radiance does not count as a dream battle, so the Hollow Knight will need to be fought from the beginning on every death. She ultimately wiped out the Kingdom of its inhabitants, whose King had vanished, but left the rest of the land untouched. Beam Burst: Players can run away from the beams. These spikes disappear when The Knight is hit by them, but start respawning immediately. looking for maps. Her influence finally started to break out of the Hollow Knight. This Phase is an ascension, jumping from platform to platform, higher and higher, dodging Big Beams (the only attack in this Phase) the whole way. Other Hollow Knight Guides: Hollow Knight 100% Achievement Guide. 177k. She often teleports around, making it even harder to get a good string of hits while avoiding her own ruthless attacks. Additional damage can be done with Spells but does not end the fight. Her only attack in this phase is the Big Beam. Keep in mind the spikes can be despawned by entering their hitbox, which can be done without taking damage if utilizing invincibility frames. Maps of Hallownest. The Void continues to ascend with a slight delay behind the Knight. Players find themselves in an arena of small platforms with only the Void (which does only 1 mask of damage) to catch them. Knights. Abyss Shriek and Great Slash are also viable. Shape of Unn can give extra opportunities to heal, as it allows for the Knight to dodge the Beam Burst, Sword Burst, and Sword Rain attacks while healing at the same time. Created Dec 18, 2014. It should be noted that in the first three phases, the swordbeams from Grubberfly's Elegy can be used to hit the Radiance without jumping, which can be especially useful when combined with Quick Slash. Nail strikes are strong here because it allows quick damage and consistent movement. In Phase 3, the spikes persist forever and there can be 2 groups of spikes on each side of the floor covering a total of 50% of the floor or just one group on one side covering 25% of the floor. Sword Rain: The Radiance teleports during this attack so damaging her while dodging the swords can be tricky. Description: Absolute Radiance's stagger is based on her health, and she staggers two times at two predetermined points: Absolute Radiance requires a Nail hit to finish the fight once she’s become stationary. What is the source? There is no time to heal without charms unless players get lucky with the platforms in Phase 4. It can be baited to fire where the Knight does not want to be. To access her, the Knight must have acquired Void Heart and have used the Dream Nail on the Hollow Knight when Hornetholds them down. Trial of Fools (Step by Step). Hollow Knight Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A spell-focused build can be employed by forgoing any healing Charms for the Lifeblood charms described above along with Shaman Stone, allowing the Knight to spam Abyss Shriek to get quick and easy damage off, as the Radiance does not get knocked back and takes all four hits of the Spell. If the Knight is hit by the spikes, they disappear for a certain amount of time depending on how long ago they were spawned. To access her, the Knight must have acquired Void Heart and have used the Dream Nail on the Hollow Knight when Hornet holds them down. Tips for absolute radiance. Works especially well combined with Quick Focus, as it quickens the healing process and, more importantly, still allows the Knight to move while healing. The hardest attacks to avoid are typically the horizontal walls of swords and the homing projectiles. Keep in mind that a glow appears a few moments before the spikes do; making it possible to evade any attack while over the spikes before safely moving to non-spikey ground. Firing homing orbs (3 total) (similar to the Soul Masters). The Radiance does not move during this attack so big damage like Abyss Shriek is strong here.

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