akatsuki members strongest to weakest

Hidan 3. Juzo’s skill actually made him a potential contender to become the leader of his village before he left it, so it’s only fitting that he loses his life to the actual leader of the village while working for the Akatsuki. Because he uses his mangekyo sharingan to do this, Kakashi possesses the same ability to a limited degree. She is, after all, Pain’s advisor and right hand. Later, he's resurrected using Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation and is able to fight by his brother's side. Kabuto learned all of his most dangerous techniques from Orochimaru. Danzo gave the order for the Uchiha clan to be wiped out, and Itachi was the one to carry out the deed. He’s a survivor, and he’ll grasp at any powerful technique he can to make it out alive. Well, his mangekyo-induced illness also probably had something to do with it. Fans remember Hidan because of the emotional role he plays in Shikamaru Nara’s storyline. Who is the strongest Akatsuki member? The most noteworthy is the Six Paths of Pain, which allows him to manipulate six different bodies simultaneously in battle. He took inspiration from Danzo and imbued a single artificial life form with as many Sharingan as he could get his hands on. Pain gives his life in order to restore those who he'd previously destroyed. He can also summon sharks to help him in battle. While working under Orochimaru, however, he does infiltrate their ranks, so he makes the list. All you did was spit your baseless claim so unless you have some proof that said country had no ninja above Genin lvl then I have no reason to assume such. Stop with the Akatsuki ranking threads. Madara has developed his Susano'o further, perfecting it until it became destruction incarnate with the power to smash everything in the world. While he’s actually at his strongest after his time with the Akatsuki, he proves himself incredibly capable of taking on shinobi who should be able to wipe the floor with him over and over again. The strongest member of Akatsuki is Madara Uchiha (Tobi). Zetsu is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent characters in all of Naruto. Welcome to the forums! You are using an out of date browser. JavaScript is disabled. Nagato/Pein. Anna Lindwasser. Zetsu. Kakuzu joined the Akatsuki in hopes to expand his fortune, and he's known to be one of the greediest people in the Shinobi World. Madara is also capable of using the Tsukiyomi, the Izanagi, and the Izanami, and with his Rinnegan, he can perform all of the abilities Nagato and Obito could. That's because when he was a child, his body was crushed by falling rocks, and his ancient ancestor nursed him back to health - and used the opportunity to persuade him that the only way towards a peaceful world was to brainwash the populace and steal their chakra. The fourth order of the Akatsuki was made by Shin Uchiha, and it seemed to only hold the purpose of keeping the Akatsuki moving. Weakest to Strongest: 1. The second order was made by Nagato to carry on Madara's plan to fulfill the prophecy written on the Uchiha Stone, and Obito's third order of the Akatsuki was a continuation of Nagato's. He's been reading comics for quite a few years, getting deeply interested in DC Comics in 2016 and researching and reading it pretty extensively ever since. In fact can you show me all the countries that fail to have ninja at the Chunin and Jounin lvls? Zetsu 2. He, Konan, and Yahiko survived a war with a little help from Jiraiya, then started the Akatsuki with the aim of creating peace. He is so durable that Matatabi and Kakashi are incapable of damaging him under normal circumstances. Enemies might have misjudged her, but she is definitely one of the strongest members the Akatsuki ever had. Jutsu: Obito's signature ability is Kamui, which allows him to move from one dimension to another. However, he is able to heal several people before he passes away, and afterwards he's able to send his spirit to inhabit Kakashi and help him fight before he finally joins Rin in the afterlife. Sasori. That’s impressive since not many other shinobi are able to take them on successfully alone. Kakuzu managed to successfully make himself immortal by making deals with demons by letting them into his body and attaining five hearts, each of which are represented on his body as masks that use different chakra natures. The Six Paths of Pain 4. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. He has mouths on his hands and a very explosive skill set. Obito later inherited the Rinnegan previously used by Nagato, mastering it. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Strongest Known Kage In History (& 5 Weakest). … History: Pain - formerly known as Nagato - hails from Amegakure. Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! She also ranks incredibly high in the organization, even if the members like to think they are all equal in their pursuits. Comprised of ninja who abandoned their home villages and were scouted for their strength, it's an incredibly powerful group - but its members are not all created equal. Sasori is a puppet master who was both a puppet maker and an assassin before joining the Akatsuki. History: Once a high-ranking Konoha ninja, Itachi left home after Danzo manipulated him into annihilating his own clan. June 29, 2020 24.4k votes 4.1k voters 142.2k views12 items. Shin eventually fully awakened his Sharingan, and then he cloned himself repeatedly until he recreated the whole Uchiha clan. Sasori 4.Deidara 5. He also uses it to perform Limbo, which lets him fight from other universal planes of existence. He serves as the leader of the second order of the Akatsuki, though he is actually being remotely controlled by Nagato Uzumaki. In the end, he wanted to stand up for his principles. Jutsu: Kisame's primary abilities involve his sword, Samehada. Pain is the animated corpse of Yahiko, the founder of the original Akatsuki. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Obito has genjutsu even greater than the Kotoamatsukami, being capable of keeping Yagura under his control for many years without Ao noticing, despite immediately noticing the usage of Kotoamatsukami. Jutsu: Because he has a Rinnegan, Pain is able to use a wide range of jutsu with relative ease. Because he made himself into a puppet when he was young, he holds the guise of a young boy. OT: 1. Kakuzu 8. His commander, Fuguki Suikazan, was a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. The most noteworthy are Susano-o - a defensive ability that summons an impenetrable skeleton, Amaterasu - black fire that never goes out, and Tsukuyomi - a genjutsu ability that can create vivid hallucinations. Nagato Uzumaki=Kisame Hoshigaki 3. Deidara. He eventually became the Jinchuriki to the Ten-Tailed Beast, gaining power that was said to be nearing Hagoromo's, who is practically the God of Shinobi who created the moon. Either way, he passes away after a dramatic battle, without revealing his true motives to Sasuke. There’s always a possibility that Hidan, or someone else who learned from his particular style, could reemerge. Juzo Biwa was originally from the Village Hidden In The Mist, and he harbors an intense hatred for his former home. Every Akatsuki Member Ranked From Strongest to Weakest. He can control gravity using the Shinra Tensei and the Chibaku Tensei, and he is capable of using the Six Paths, which allow him to summon powerful animals, summon the God of Death, pull out people's souls, turn his body cybernetic, and several other techniques. Their Fate: Kisame's life ends in an unexpectedly honorable way. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Jutsu: Itachi's mangekyo sharingan gives him a panoply of impressive abilities. We cant say who the strongest akatskui member is ATM because we havent seen ZETSU fight yet! Discussion in 'Naruto Battledome' started by Tsunami, Aug 20, 2013. Who would win out of all the Akatsuki? He has mouths on his hands and a very explosive skill set. I see how it is lol, 1 Pein ( Rinnegan, mastered all justu he got his hands on, 6 bodies with eyesight, basically haves everything you can want in a ninja) and on top of all of that he's a Uzumaki=shit load of chakra, You put Konan above sasori and Deidara in my thread and even said why. This member of the Akatsuki is functionally immortal thanks to his incredibly complicated gifts. Also, this list is talking about the strongest members in combat, not destructive capacity. In his second encounter with Killer B, he managed to drain most of his chakra and make his way back to the Akatsuki with intel. Sasori 9. After Yahiko's violent demise, Pain decided that peaceful goals were foolish, and turned the Akatsuki into a villainous organization. I'll be ranking them from their respective time in the Akatsuki. Even Naruto, who grew up to be incredibly overpowered, resorts to talking things out with them. He defeated the Five Kage in office at the time of the Fourth Great Ninja War, even while holding back severely. Their Fate: Like Pain, Obito realizes the error of his ways through Naruto's help. While he was presumed to have died many years ago as a child, he has secretly watched Kakashi during his missions and helped him out in times of need without getting caught.

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