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Kasyan, the focus of the other story, is a quiet wandering peasant. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. This group had a loud voice, and knew how to use it. Maternity still has the symbolic significance of conveying religious and spiritual authority; however the nannies and maids fulfill most of the maternal roles. He feels free, despite all the issues, because he has a more humane kind of love. A little while later he asks himself, “Can it have been only a momentary mood, and will it pass and leave no trace?” (908). Anna is the center of attention. The basic problem with locating the voice of judgment is that throughout the novel, there are places where we feel less than comfortable with the seemingly straightforward, at times even didactic presentation of Anna and Vronsky’s fall into sin alongside Levin’s constant moral struggle. This is shown most distinctly at the moment of his passing, when the last indicator of Nicholas’ diminished will to exist is found in his mannerism of “catching at himself as if wishing to pull something off” (458). This idea was also en vogue among the rationalists in Russia at the time of all the works being discussed.Out of these two poles came Konstantin Dimtrievich Levin in Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Yet the moments when he ultimately realizes the uselessness of words is in those fleeting moments when his life finds pure, unreserved joy. Introduction This is the same sentiment that the reader and Levin alike leave the fields of Mashkin Upland, and the dining room of the Oblonskys’. ‘Tis a poor mentality I have, right from when I was small. Constance Garnett (New York: The Modern Library, 1993).Turgenev, Ivan. There was a decreased workforce for farming, seeing as many freed serfs went away to the cities, so the policies that had been in place during the feudal days had to be completely reimagined (Lewis 776). In Part VI, shortly after Anna has recovered from her near-death experience, Vronsky realizes, “She was completely different now from what she had been when he saw her first. He reacts so sharply because he is unfamiliar with affection, and is aware that he has enabled this kind of affection. These are very drastically different social implications: one insists on an emotional bond, and the other frowns upon it. Written by Leo Tolstoy in the distant 1912, Anna Karenina has not lost its topicality yet, rendering one of the most basic and yet the most tragic issues that may occur to a married couple, which is the loss of passion and the further awkward attempts at putting the remnants of once passionate romance together. Prior to this event, Anna was a kind, loving woman who was highly regarded by everyone who met her. She eats nothing, and survives on nothing but water. Vronsky’s mother, we have been told before, is a woman of a colourful past, having multiple affairs during her youth. Jones, Malcolm. Throughout the later parts of the novel, there is a noticeable decline in Anna’s mental health, leading her to her untimely death. The world of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina is a world ruled by chance. An experienced mower knows that the best way is to let the scythe “mow of itself”. Koznyshev’s visit is before either of the intense moments discussed above, yet, even here Levin, it is said, “did not like talking and hearing about the beauty of nature. While Kasyan magically keeps others alive, Lukeria magically maintains her own earthly existence. It is said that Kasyan has the ability to ‘heal’ people, but he uses this skill at his discretion, and often not when another asks for it. In her first conversation with Dolly she is presented as all filled with genuine empathy and compassion for her sister-in-law.

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