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Haych 5,198 Posted December 24, 2015. ENJOY! Sign up for a new account in our community. JavaScript is disabled. Thread starter TheSurvivalGamesCrew; Start date Jun 28, 2014; TheSurvivalGamesCrew. 1. idk...)That's all i can think of at this moment, but i know there are better ones than the ones i just listen >_<, You punk, I was totally going to say Time of Your Life! What is a montage song? Video game montages r/ Montages. If you mean a song you'd play at a wedding or something, then 10 Years Gone by Led Zeppelin is a good choice. Daft Punk - Robot RockPendulum - ShowdownBut it all depends on what kind of montage you're making... We may use cookies to help customize your experience, including performing card. some people like rock, some like chill step. It is kinda hard to pick a song considering copyright is always an issue, if anything I would suggest. Gold. New. Join. Joined Aug 10, 2012 Messages 863 Reaction score 599. I mainly started this thread for everyone to share the type of songs they like in montages, its cool to see the different types of music people enjoy in montages. You must log in or register to reply here. card classic compact. (or googling them -.- w/e lol) Here's some songs I think are good:Nothin' But A Good Time - PoisonTime of Your Life - Green DayIris - GooGoo Dolls (probably best for like wedding picture slideshow thing maybe? Posted by 2 hours ago. Latest Quests; Quest Posted by 8 hours ago. Yup. i just finished school today and summer is looking good so i am planning on making 3-5 montages this summer and i need … Feel free to post songs that you would like to see in montages. Jun 28, 2014 #1 hi my name is ferno. Lenachka) (Culture Code Remix), Most of these are not really good for montages. It's easy! The Rise and Fall of Minecraft Hunger Games - A Video which talks about the history of hunger games and MCSG9. Tasha Baxter) [Monstercat Release], -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Most of the good ones are the bottom. Learn More. Listen to songs for fortnite montage in full in the Spotify app. Hot New Top Rising. Is there a download link to Rollercoaster? Create Account Login. Great montage song.Also, Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin. Tasha Baxter) [Monstercat Release], Lisa Rowe - Black Light (Virtual Riot Remix) [MELODIC/DUBSTEP], BRKLYN - Steal Your Heart (feat. Rising. Number One by Hazel FernandezBoulevard of Broken Dreams - GreendayEnter SandmanAnyway, it depends on the type of montage. Play on Spotify ...And Justice For All Metilica. some people like rock, some like chill step. MMO; Strategy; Shooting; Action; Adventure; Puzzle; Tower Defense; Idle; More. Haych. Spec, This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. 10 Best Gaming Montage Editors to Edit Gaming Montages Melissa updated on Oct 29, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles If you are a gamer and especially someone skilled at gaming, you will probably want to share some of your gameplay clips in the form of montages … These songs are awesome I listen to them all the time I just wish there was an easier way to download its so complicated I cant download it. 0 comments. um u left out the classic eye of the tiger. analytics and serving ads. Categories. ^, Love the playlist has alot of great songs, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. save. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If it's a training montage you want something with loud, strong beats and if it's a walking one you should go with something quite fast and fluttery. 1. Au5 - Snowblind (feat. It all depends on personal taste. I was just curious, i'm not making a montage or anything, but as i listen to the radio i think, hmm that song would be a great song for a montage or an end of the year if anyone is trying to put something together then looking here might help! Go dumb valorant montage don't really know what im doing soo tips are always appreciated. 0 comments. 1. I'd say no to the dubstep, please no. today i want to know some good songs for making montages. Best Songs for Montages ? December 23, 2015 in Videos and Screenshots, [h=1]Au5 - Snowblind (feat. 1. Pixel January 9, 2016 Hey, please send me a message over facebook then I can send you a new link. Link to post. Great for booster destruction vids but good for any Montage, the best montage song is the montage song from team america, photograph by nickelback IS the best song for a photo montage, Time of your life is perfect for end of the year or photo montages. share . KEEP IN MIND THIS IS MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION. 1. Hot. Top., It all depends on personal taste. Listen to songs for fortnite montage now. share. Multiplayer; Clicker; Survival; Classic; Platform; Army; War; Upgrade; RPG; Sniper; Zombie; Horror; Point and Click; All Categories; Quests. By i was goin to put that song up there, Good song. Go Dumb valorant montage. For example you make a FPS montage, you want a cool fast paced song if its a photo montage, you want a fitting, slower song. Hot. I'll put down a couple of my songs I'll use or anybody else can use. save. Fortnite montage. Go take songs from my playlist if you want. I mainly started this thread for everyone to share the type of songs they like in montages, its cool to see the different types of music people enjoy in montages.

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