black fleckvieh cattle

Here at Four Starr Genetics we utilize many of the early bulls from the 1970’s, when the German and Austrian programs were oriented towards beef production and loaded with muscle. They are suitable and raised for both milk and meat production. We have seen many sides of this breed over the decades, but found our way to Fleckviehs early on, as a positive influential breed for the commercial buyer. Photo and info from Wikipedia. The import of yellow colored bulls from the Swiss Simmental region and cross-breeding with local red and white spotted Austrian cattle (Fleckvieh) results in a medium stature and very robust breed in various shades of Color and markings. The Fleckvieh cattle we have today are the result of our endless effort to bring you the very best Fleckvieh cow families in the world.  Live Fleckvieh and frozen Fleckvieh genetics have come from around the globe; most from Canada, a few from the States, in addition to the use of Fleckvieh semen direct from Germany.  This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We are now on Facebook!! The aim was to produce a breed with excellent muscling and good milk production. It originated in Central Europe in the 19th century from cross-breeding of local stock with Simmental cattle imported from Switzerland. Great feet and large testicals. Average height of the mature bulls is about 150-165 cm at the withers, and about 140-150 cm for the bulls. The Fleckvieh cattle we have today are the result of our endless effort to bring you the very best Fleckvieh cow families in the world. For Sale: 2100 Angus, Beefmaster, Brahman, Fleckvieh, Gelbvieh, Holstein, Irish Blacks, Jersey, Limousin, Limousin Cross Cow/Calf Pairs Breeding target: 38 per cent milk, 16 per cent beef, 46 per cent fitness. [14], formerly triple-purpose: meat, milk, draught,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 April 2020, at 10:38. Advertise Crown Royal a dark red direct son of Canadian Neff out of the super donor Brocks Meesha. Ostrich Email Job Circular Learn how your comment data is processed. In some countries the color has changed and type has been modified to meet environmental and market demands, but the genetic base of Fleckvieh continues to provide the base for superior performance. Average live body weight of the mature cows vary from 700 to 800 kg. The numbers of Simmental cattle, in the world population, is second only to Zebu. A large percentage of the young animals are on alpine grazing which results in good overall health and longevity of life. And you will pay dearly if you can even find it.   Sitemap The breed has been globally adapted across Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as South Africa and the USA. Fleckviehs are what I do.  Our Fleckviehs have been fully researched and are proven and reliable under normal farming and ranching conditions.  I am 70 years old and will not tolerate calving or disposition issues in our Fleckviehs.  Our Fleckvieh have produced many Rate of Gain and Carcass champsions.  A steer sired by one of our Fleckvieh bulls recently placed 8th out of over 80 head in the Iowa Cattlemen’s Carcass Challenge.  They will have a white face that almost always has a border line just before the jawline, and a white underbelly. Please click on images to see a larger view. Buying replacement bulls and females can be very expensive.  Four of our present Fleckvieh walking herd bulls have a combined age of 35 years.  As a result, you will save lots by having to replace your Fleckviehs less often. The top priority was milk, meat and work (featuring superior fitness and an even temper as a basis for balanced breeding). Review full breed profile of the Fleckvieh cattle in the following chart. Bonus mother is the highly proven Kirsten cow who is sired by Hafke and out of the great Lilli-Marlen cow. Yuma consistantly sires calving ease, muscle and color. Turkey, About Us Flechvieh-Simmental cattle will range in color from a light buckskin-yellow to a brownish-red. The Simmental had good milk-producing and draught qualities, and the resulting crosses were triple-purpose animals with milk, meat, and draught capabilities. Fleckvieh Cattle Characteristics. Fleckvieh Cows – FSS Bunceton to FSS Queen Arthur, Fleckviehs – Cows – “FSS Queen of Troy to Z”. The Fleckvieh cattle breed originated in central Europe as a dual-purpose strain of Simmental cattle. Dam: Kerstin. Meat of the the Fleckvieh cattle is of good quality. Read more information about the breed below. 9th Annual BULL SALE They can be either horned or polled. Fleckvieh cattle offer moderate frame, efficient conversion, excellent growth, and unparalleled maternal qualities; all wrapped in a solid-colored hide! We have several outstanding Yuma sired fall born bull calves, in addition to 2 spectacular brothers to Yuma himself.

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