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This doesn’t always mean the job won’t work. This intent is of extreme importance to me & my future. A clean burn which leaves no trace other than a circle and a bit of charred wick, then the spell worked very well indeed. Candle spells using vigil candles can be simple and effective, just set your intentions, prepare and burn the candle. A flame that doesn’t want to be extinguished can mean that the working or spirit doesn’t want it to end. Always make sure that the wick isn’t too short when starting a candle spell. , If the flame is towards the front of the candle, this can indicate that the working is focused on something that is physical or that the spell has something physical that is being worked on (ie not something in the past, future or spiritual/thought). A free-standing candle runs and melts a lot while burning: Observe the flow of wax for signs. Vigil candles have front, back, left and right parts – when beginning your candle working, be sure to determine what the “front” of your candle is and make sure to always know where the front side is on the candle. I LOVE the moon, I’m a Life Path Scorpio ( 11/11/1980) , she is the gatekeeper/ Gaurdian of crossroads & I’ve always had HIGH, empathic intuitions from the other side) ALL of that being said… I was burning my black/blessed Hekate candle last night. The left side of the candle represents things from the past – distant and/or recent past. A clean burn can also be a good indicator of success. Reading the Candle Wax. It also had a strong flame. A pile of wax drippings is always an invitation to ceromancy (divination by wax). I lit a candle for several days and the end, a very long flame tgats always still was burning the entire length of the candle jar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. From my personal experience, chime candles burn too “cleanly” and often don’t leave any wax behind which may not be an indication of predicting a result. Rule of thumb: if there’s any part of the candle left, such as the pillar base, then the working may need to be done again. Then candle was clear to the very bottom. Your email address will not be published. I am ready to make my own discoveries and maximize the benefits of each candle color. Remember to be gentle with yourself with no added stress or pressure – healing takes time and as long as is needed. However, for glass candles, the condition of the glass will give a better indication of the success of the working, such as if the glass is clear, white or white frosted in colour which indicate good signs or omens, meanwhile black soot or charred glass may indicate blockages, obstacles or work done by others to counteract. I attempted to light it 2 more times, no luck, 3rd match & she relit. If the candle goes out a second time after relighting it, then you have confirmation that the candle is finished. If the black glass is all the way down the candle glass, then a cleansing working should be done before attempting again or divination done to see where the problem is in the situation or why the working wasn’t successful. That’s very interesting! A free-standing candle puddles around the wick, leaving tall wax sides. ( Log Out /  Surrounded the candle with my crystals… For about 5 mins or burned very high steady flame. Often times a too long wick, too many herbs/remains or a too short wick will effect the burning of the candle, but can be fixed along the way to increase the chances and help the candle to burn better.. Candle Reading (also known as Ceromancy) is a divination technique where heated wax and the flame are used to foretell the future. The Moon reversed and the Knight of Cups both jumped out of the deck while shuffling. If you wish to connect with your ancestors, this is up to you and your level of comfort. If you are burning an abundance or prosperity candle and the wax melts and runs down onto the monetary offering, the spell is working well and the candle is blessing the money. A flame that has a lot of blue in the colour of the flame means a high presence of spirit energy assisting your spell. There’s a lot of resistance to the working. While chime candles can be effective, they may not necessarily indicate success/failure due to the clean burn these types of candles produce. , I was just keeping a clear mind and relaxing my body. There were remains on the bottom of the candle that made the flame very high and flame was dancing. But, what does it mean when your candle burns a certain way? While a perfectly cleaned-out candle with no residual herbs or wax with no soot (except if white soot which is a good omen) can indicate a successful spell, a candle with minimal residual herbs or wax can mean that the spell is somewhat effective, but not 100% completely effective. Reblogged this on The Sisters of the Fey and commented: Learn about Candle Color Meaning, and Flame and Wax Shape Meaning . Can someone explain what it meant. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Some candles will have a special design or wording on the front of the candle so it’s easy to tell. A high flame can indicate a lot of energy being put into the working, which can sometimes mean outside influences helping. It can also signify a breach of trust in another area of the relationship. i deal with those feelings with meditation, therapy, journaling, etc, and when i work through those challenging emotions, i always end up back at confidence, grace, and optimism for the situation, but i’ve read that worry or doubt can weaken a spell’s power. No wax remaining may indicate that there was little to no resistance or obstacles in the way of the working. A high flame may weaken, but may pick up again later. Wax remains in the shape of sex organs usually means some sort of infidelity or a venereal disease. If there are good omens such as clear glass or white soot and no wax, then generally it can be viewed as a good sign. This can mean such as money, physical health, your home, people, animals, places, etc. No smoke after! It seems that you may be on the right track so far to getting what you desire. The spell may not be the right type of spell or there may need to be a different spell done first before doing this spell. Sometimes at the bottom of the candle can be left over herbs that are burnt and residual. I find that if there are too many remains at the bottom of a candle, it can cause too much soot. To find out more about crafting a vigil candle for a multi-day spell, read more here about how to do a 7-day candle spell. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I am just unsure what it all means. The way a candle unfolds or deconstructs as it melts can be very significant. i’ve been trying to accept my negative emotions as natural part of mourning, without shame or frustration – but can my anxiety snuff out my candle’s magick? It’s important to see what happens to the scorpion to know what action to take. As the candle burns, you may notice affects from the working starting to take place which will affect the candle and how it burns. It may be likely the candle worked if you feel from observation when the candle was burning that it was going well until the candle only had the remains left. On the left (in relation to the magick worker) represent an emotional or psychic imbalance. Depending on how much wax is there will indicate if the problem is bigger or smaller (large wax remaining = bigger blockage, less wax = smaller blockage.) However, from what you have written, it may sound that the success was highly likely, with only a small margin that something still remains that you may need to take action, adjust or change to make the spell come to completion or as you desired. Flat wavy papery remains usually with two claw-like projections are read as scorpions which mean malicious gossip and back biting that is being neutralized. This is common in black magic candle work. Find out how to use and interpret all aspects of candles, as well as their historic use as a divination method. Subscribe to our newsletter....and our community. It is not necessarily a bad sign—it can mean that there is passionate, accelerated energy behind your spell. However, it sounds that your anxiety is separate from the spell and is a natural part of the process that you’re going through and it takes a lot to overcome our own fears, worries and anxieties that stem from within rather than external causes (e.g. The size and position of the two heads matches the exact size and position of mine and my husband’s head in the picture underneath it. The results may take longer to see the return on investment, but the payoff will be greater and longer lasting. Here are the sides of the vigil candle and what they represent: The front of the candle represents everything and anything physical and/or tangible. Most vigil candle spells contain herbs, glitter and sometimes roots, there will sometimes be burnt remains at the bottom of the candle. A scorpion occur when a thin piece of wax curls backwards and down away from the candle, looking like a curling scorpion’s tail. PLEASE ENLIGHTEN!! However, if there is black at the top or halfway from the top to the middle, but clear glass at the bottom, this can indicate that the obstacle or issues were overcome. Black soot on the left means there was a challenge in the past; on the back means it’s a spiritual or non-physical challenge or obstacle; and to the right means there is a challenge to be overcome in the near future. However my candle flame grew out of nowhere and cracked a couple of times. Thank you in advance for your reply!! A free-standing candle burns down to a puddle of wax: Examine the shape of the wax for a sign. The right side of the candle is the opposite side to the left side on the candle. If it’s a cursing or crossing spell and the flame crackles and/or hisses, it may be resistance from your target or the target may be aware that you’re up to something. You can attempt to relight the candle – for example if too much wax pooled around the wick, you can dig out the wick and relight it. Select the “front” side of the candle (whether you choose it or it’s already shown) and make sure this side is always facing you on the table or altar. This will be sure that you can always tell what the front of the candle is – this is important when it comes to reading the progress of your candle and after the spell is completed. My left ear also popped twice after that. by Magic Horoscope Thursday, 23 July 2020 - 13:45h . If both the front and the back of the candle are the same, make a marking with a Sharpie marker on the front of the candle. Natural Healer Distance Healing Specialist. Sometimes a cleansing candle or uncrossing candle may need to be done before attempting the spell again if there is too much resistance – depending on the type of spell. Candle Spell Reading: What does the Flame, Wax and Soot mean? Flat smooth wax puddles means the spell worked well. I also rubbed reconciliation oil on it and used several pieces of our hair.

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