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and judiciary. Certainly no state on either coast (the west coast is lost, Georgia and Florida will soon be blue). . adhere to a Hare Krishna offshoot that some people call a cult. point where she will not, as long as she doesn’t resort to the Think Barcak Obama wasn’t ridiculous enough to to thoroughly humiliate America? Tulsi Gabbard’s An important statement: “Now forty years or so later, there’s nobody left on active duty who remembers the all-male American military.” This applies not only to females in the military, but to many massive changes imposed by tiny Jewish and Left-wing cliques. He won as a Republican, but in 2007 he switched and joined the Democratic party. Many now uninhabited islands of the Pacific bear relics of these hardy, seafaring folk, some of whom were still on their eastward migration at the time of Captain Cook’s voyages [1768-1780]. Captain Picard’s bridge, and the behaviors of the various Officers serving at watchstations, was peculiarly accurate when compared to the Bridge of a USN Ship – ESPECIALLY with the newly INTEGRATED Navy ships complete with Women and Blacks fully integrated into the Wardroom… Read more ». Gabbard’s husband, Abraham Williams grew up with Gabbard in the same Science of Identity Circles, and other members of her campaign are connected to the Butlers, including Sunil Khemaney, who New York Magazine notes “runs a business owned by Chris Butler’s wife, and former members of the sect say he is Butler’s right-hand man. View the profiles of people named Carol Gabbard., She’s very attractive, and invariably projects a warm, appealing persona in Twitter and YT campaign videos shot by her non-White (thank goodness) cinematographer second husband, as well as in her TV appearances. In 2007, Mike and Carol co-founded the Aloha Parenting Project. Please check the URL and try again. reaction in me. Her current Another made-up name:, One more thought on the “Women in the Military” business: Despite its obvious Hollywood, Jewish and Political Correctness nature, the “Star Trek Next Generation” series, the one with ‘Jean Luc Picard’ as the Captain of the Enterprise, intrigued me. oligarch-funded bureaucracy and legal system employing thousands of Soon, a van stopped, the driver offered a ride, and I got in the back that had no windows, without looking first. tree to intermarry and have children with Polynesians. But it turns out Gabbard’s “Hinduism” isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. Carol Porter, who identifies herself as a Hindu, was born on September 1950 in Decatur, Indiana to parents, William Irwin Porter and Elsie Lousie Keimig. He ran unopposed in 2016. Gabbard was raised in Hawaii by her parents Mike Gabbard and Carol Porter Gabbard. TULSI Gabbard? Gabbard been classified as “White” instead of “Samoan.” In a way it And some blah-blah about repairing US infrastructure. Tulsi’s sister’s husband and other relatives cooked the meal that was served after the wedding. Gabbard has alternatively been seen as a rising star and a black sheep in the Democratic party, but she’s maintained enough support in her campaign to qualify for the next debate but hasn’t received the attention or public scrutiny of more visible candidates. conservationist standpoint both groups were harmed. Tulsi Gabbard Today it’s a weekly occurrence. Several years ago on a different blog National Alliance Chairman Will Williams posted a portion of an old… Read more », ANDREW HAMILTON: … [Y]ears ago on a different blog National Alliance Chairman Will Williams posted a portion of an old NA Bulletin written by Dr. Pierce about Chris Christie when the latter was still a college student. Naval Academy) are as Amurrikan as apple pie. Go back to reading Siege instead of posting such nonsense here. Porter was elected to and served on the Hawaii State Board of Education from 2000–2004. He believed he could better represent his constituents as part of the majority party in the State Senate. the United States. Fresh out of high school in 1966 I was stationed at Fort McClellan, AL, taking AIT (Advanced Infantry Training) prior to Infantry Officer training at Ft. Benning, GA. McClellan was the headquarters for the Women’s Army Corps then: the WACs. In years past, a tri-hybrid explanation was given as the most likely explanation. (I think both Trump and Obama resisted the Bolton-types of this world to some small degree, but somehow the bloody-handed bastards keep their power no matter who is President and no matter what… Read more ».

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