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She worked by sketching potential logos out by hand on tissue paper, and laying them over a drawing of a shoe. In the 1960s and 1970s, the gender pay gap in the US was at its worst point in history with women being paid a mere 58 cents on the dollar compared to men. He explained Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, which makes perfect sense for shoes geared for competition. We'd love to hear about your digital project. In 1972, the company first began selling shoes with the Nike name, named after the Greek goddess of victory. With Wednesday's closing price of $80.39, that would come to $1,286 a share. Honoured: Ms Davidson received a gold swoosh ring and gift of 500 shares of Nike stock, then worth about $150 but now worth $643,035 Ms Davison … And how did a seemingly simple design become one of the most successful logos in the history of capitalism? When Knight came to her with the project of creating a new company logo in 1971, it was just like any other assignment. It is a preposterously low price tag for one of the most renowned logos in history. Global reach: Nike is one of the world's most recognizable brands. M&S shoppers can book timed slots to do their food shop as new lockdown looms - while Primark boss demands... Cleaned out! Davidson accepted Knight’s offer and freelanced for Blue Ribbon sports for the next couple of years, mainly creating charts, graphs, and some advertisements. But in the late 1960s, it was a different time. Multiply that by 500 and add $35, and that equals $643,035. Reflecting on the design process, Ms Davidson said in 1983, 'I guess there weren't hundreds but it felt like it at the time'. While nobody was really in love with it, they all decided it was the best of their options and ran with it. TWEET. At the time, Davidson was a graphic design student at … By Brian Clark Howard Updated: 17:27 GMT, 16 June 2011. Other options were blatant knock-offs of popular running brands, like the name Bengal (just another big cat). Had Nike failed like most other companies in their position, the Nike logo would have been just a logo and Carolyn Davidson would have been another woman who was underpaid for her work. Mr Knight remembers that he had offered her $2 an hour, though he joked in 1983 that 'I never thought she'd spend 17.5 hours on the project! ', Chance meeting: Carolyn Davidson was a student at Portland State University when she ran into a young accounting professor, Phil Knight, who offered to pay her for design work for his side business, Party: Phil Knight and other Nike employees joke with Ms Davidson at a 1983 party in her honour, Honoured: Ms Davidson received a gold swoosh ring and gift of 500 shares of Nike stock, then worth about $150 but now worth $643,035. Feel the Freedom: New Teacher Spotlight with Ms. Moshi, The Student News Site of St Joseph’s Academy, The Voice • © 2020 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in, Carolyn Davidson ‘swooshes’ herself into art history, Knight told Davidson that the logo needed to “convey motion and couldn’t look like the other shoe brands, Adidas, Puma or Onitsuka’s Tiger (the company Knight had recently parted ways with).”. Since then, there have been four 2-for-1 stock splits. Nike was named after the Greek Goddess of victory who sported an impressive pair of gossamer wings and was known to parade around battlefields, celebrating and. The True Story Of Carolyn Davidson And The Iconic Nike Logo. Carolyn Davidson arrived at Nike’s office expecting to meet with Knight and Woodell for lunch, but when she walked in she was surprised by a party thrown just for her. Knight was looking for something iconic like Adidas' three stripes, so when he saw the black, curvy checkmark from Davidson’s sketches, he wasn't impressed. With that being said, she did not copyright the Nike logo or negotiate for royalties on every sale of products that featured her logo.

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