cartomancy card meanings

A well recognized symbol of our feelings, the hearts suit relates to things that are very close to you. The card on the left represents the past, the card in the center represents the present, and the card on the right represents the future. Depending on the card you will pick and the associations we can create with the other cards, hearts can have various complex meanings. Likewise, playing cards in this suit relate to your money and finances. Most of the playing cards relate to positive experiences coming your way. Fortune Telling With Playing Cards | Cartomancy Questions … Because cartomancy requires tapping into cosmic forces, our recommendation is to use a simple request to the universe, for wisdom protection and guidance. In their negative attributes, they can indicate the dangers of a situation or a project. Clubs are representative of the questioner's wellbeing, and finances. Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility. They may even lead to stereotypes often connected with divination. Cards used for cartomancy run ace to 10, in one of four suits hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. Often associated to negative thoughts, the spades are a bad omen for the consultant and have to be interpreted with attention. In the reading, you will discover answers about yourself and your destiny. They can evoke personal enrichment and prosperity. Some cards can also have the same meaning; this serves as a way of amplifying the message the universe is trying to communicate with the questioner. Playing cards originated about 600 years ago, but whether playing cards were designed for games of chance and skill or to divine the future is unknown.Cards were developed all over the globe for this explicit purpose of discerning the future. The diamonds refer to the practical world and material things. Understanding The Concept Of Energy Psychology, The Ace: Friendship, new relationships, and happiness, The Two: Fortune in love, success, and prosperity, The Three: Be cautious about what you are saying and to whom, The Four: Represent change and travel, possibly taking the next step in the relationship, The Five: Jealousy and deceit surround the questioner, The Six: A pleasant surprise will occur soon, The Seven: Someone close to you will break a promise, The Eight: Invitation or a surprise visit, The Nine: Serves as “the wish” card any wish may come true, The Ten: Good fortune is around the corner, The Jack: Can represent a blonde younger person or information about a close friend, The Queen: Represents a good-natured blonde woman, The King: Represents a blonde man or gentle, good advice giving male, The Ace: A gift of jewelry, or news about money, The Two: Disagreements in business or people not approving of a current relationship, The Three: Legal issues and family issues, The Four: Improvement in financial position and inheritance, The Five: Happiness at home and successful business ventures, The Six: Issues in a second marriage should one exist, The Eight: Marriage later in life, traveling in the winter, The Nine: Restless of changes and a new business opportunity may arise, The Ten: Positive change and good luck are ahead of you, The Jack: Can represent a family member, a light blonde youth, or a dishonest person, The Queen: A fair-haired woman, a flirty person, or someone who enjoys partying and gossiping, The King: A fair-haired man who is stubborn and holds a position of authority, The Ace: Insight, understanding, and change, The Two: Though choices, deceit and communication issues, The Three: Issues with a romantic partner, The Six: Small victories, and turning a new leaf, The Seven: Loss of a friend and unexpected burdens, The Eight: Know as a card of disappointment, illness, and a loss of social balance, The Nine: Bad luck in all aspects of life, The Ten: Unwelcome news, and imprisonment, The Jack: Dark haired youth who is means well but is unreliable and immature, The Queen: A dark-haired woman or a widow, The King: A dark-haired man who is ambitious and an authoritative presence, The Ace: Represents happiness, wealth, and the potential for a new business opportunity, The Two: Represents individuals who oppose you or deceive you, The Three: Money coming from a wealthy partner’s family, The Four: Change for the worse, betrayal from a trusted friend, The Five: Success in current marriage, and assistance from friends, The Seven: Success that may be undermined by people of the opposite gender, The Eight: Trouble in business ventures, personal relationships, and love, The Ten: Good fortune or money from an unexpected source, The Jack: A dark-haired and young person who is reliable to a fault, The Queen: A dark-haired woman who is charming and confident, The King: A dark-haired man who is honest and affectionate. Cartomancy uses a standard poker deck, sometimes with jokers, but tarot card decks not only use more cards, but the cards are slightly larger than tarot cards. They refer to important reflexions in which the consultant is engaged, such as believes or prejudices. Ace of Diamonds: Means that an important message is coming that will relate to your love or business, 2 of Diamonds: Indicates that good news regarding your finances or investments will come soon, 3 of Diamonds: Represents indecisiveness regarding money, which may lead to arguments and legal issues, 4 of Diamonds: A reminder that financial responsibility is necessary in order to achieve stability and prosperity, 5 of Diamonds: A financial change is coming – this may be a positive change (such as getting a new job) or a negative change (like an unexpected expense), 6 of Diamonds: Indicates a need to assume financial responsibility over your budget, investments, and/or debts, 7 of Diamonds: A warning to be careful with your investments, as financial troubles are on the horizon, 8 of Diamonds: Unexpected financial gains are coming your way – consider a budget and plan for savings, 9 of Diamonds: Represents an upcoming expense, such as repairs, bills, or a large purchase, 10 of Diamonds: This card is a great sign, as it represents a big financial success that is coming, Jack of Diamonds: Represents someone who will be the bearer of bad news, Queen of Diamonds: Represents a sophisticated woman who loves to party and gossip, King of Diamonds: Represents a powerful and successful businessman. Both styles of foreseeing the future are also reliant on the reader's ability to interpret the cards, rather than the cards themselves. Before beginning a reading, there are several points to note. The suit of clubs is generally a good sign in a cartomancy reading. They can evoke personal enrichment and prosperity. Ace of Spades: Represents a time of significant change – one thing will come to an end in order to make room for something new, 2 of Spades: Represents a difficult situation or decision that may cause a division between you and a loved one or friend, 3 of Spades: The three spades represent tears, which are a reaction to a stressful situation involving bad news, indecision, fear, or your job, 4 of Spades: Indicates that stability will soon return to your workplace or health – the troubling times are almost over, 5 of Spades: You will soon be moving on and leaving behind what you currently know, such as a new job, a relocation, or the end of your relationship, 6 of Spades: A warning that fate will soon strike and impact you, your work, or your finances, 7 of Spades: Represents the loss of a friend or another significant person in your life due to a disagreement or problem, 8 of Spades: Indicates that obstacles at work may soon put you at a crossroads where you will need to make an important decision, 9 of Spades: A sign that there will soon be a loss or ending in your life, possibly the death of someone close to you, 10 of Spades: Represents worry and grief that may be the result of health problems, fear, or bad news, Jack of Spades: Represents a negative person in your life who may betray you or hold you back, Queen of Spades: Represents a cruel woman who is extremely manipulative and malicious, King of Spades: Represents an authoritative man who may create trouble in a relationship.

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