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asset class within the “Alternative Investment” and “Real Asset” space by eliminating risks and creating transparency for private and institutional investors. If the offer is accepted, either a wire transfer or a check is sent. So we’re evolving into a company that provides solutions, both to the general public and the trade when they’ve got jewelry as an asset. That just didn’t exist. I traveled around the world and I bought at auctions; I bought in London, in St. Moritz, in Geneva. You had on one end pawn shops, which most clients wouldn’t go to. He became a diamond cutter at age 18. Where do you see opportunities to grow? If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Despite the trunks of jewelry and diamonds he has, Chris Del Gatto’s family is his greatest treasure. If I were to own a brand under the CIRCA group, it would be an established brand that really has a skill set, a heritage and a history of doing something special in the production of jewelry and the design. If it’s two percent, it’s still a big number. As Co-Founder of I Do Now I Don’t, Mara Opperman’s innate marketing and public relations savvy have helped make the innovative online company a household name. luxury market growth, specifically in the secondary marketplace, and has over 20 years of experience in the diamond and fine jewelry field. Two kids, Molly Robb and Leila Robb, are Veronica’s daughters from her earlier relationship with George Robb and live with Del Gatto and Webb. Chris Del Gatto, Chairman and CEO of DelGatto Diamond Finance Fund - FINTECH TV. The company offered its clients an elegant service through which they could sell their old or unwanted diamonds and jewelry. Now, when we talk to major brands, we go to them and say, “Hey, we know you have excess inventory. With our wholesale businesses, they’re also very new. 2015: Managing Director of De Bosscher Consulting bvba, Strategic & Financial Consultancy for the Diamond Industry, Managing Director.

2012: Member of the SDiX International Advisory Board, Singapore. We had our first office here in New York City, and we started to advertise to the general public. We write checks for jewelry, and we pay higher prices than anyone else out there. Now we see our customers coming back, and that core business is really coming back to almost where it was pre-recession. I wasn’t looking to attack the cash-for-gold market, the people who were selling broken chains to pay their rent because they lost their job, but people who had resources, not necessarily wealthy people, although that’s certainly an important part of the customer base, but just regular people who had jewelry they no longer wanted. ET: So you’re buying all this jewelry; who do you sell it to? Chris Del Gatto is a pioneer for luxury market growth, specifically in the secondary marketplace, and has over 20 years of experience in the diamond and fine jewelry field. Obviously I had a very good diamond education, so that was never a problem, but buying estate jewelry was a learning experience. Most recently, we launched a division called CIRCA Capital, in which we’re giving collateralized loans to the industry only. I would think when the economy fell apart people would be lining up.” But actually CIRCA dealt with clients who, when the economy fell apart, didn’t need their jewelry to pay their mortgage, they just stopped spending. Webb is an American model, actress, writer, and television personality, who became the first African-American to bag a major cosmetics contract. I was able to see that there was no liquid market for jewelry; no jewelry stock market, so to speak.”. The fact of the matter is this is a crucial service that needs to be provided by specialists. We were launching in Europe before the recession hit, and I was about to hire a CEO, and our first office was going to be in Paris. We sell to many of the major off-price retailers—typically not jewelry retailers, but the off-price retailers that can swallow a lot of product quietly, that specialize in delivering what usually are name-branded watches and jewelry at discount prices. So we’ll be in Geneva, Paris, Milan, etc. The wholesale divisions basically do the same thing with the trade that we do for the general public. Also Read: Everything You Need to Know About Zara Larsson’s Boyfriend, FACT CHECK: Kwik Trip Launches “Kwik Strip” Gentlemen’s Clubs, FACT CHECK: Burisma Admitted to Paying Bribe to Joe Biden.

So I studied to become a gemologist and worked as an appraiser in the diamond district here in New York on 47th Street for about a year. At some point I could see us owning a fashion company, because it’s very much synergistic with a lot of what we do. My other passion, true passion, is polo. So the experience should be a good one because it’s often an emotional process for people to sell something that they’ve had maybe for many years, or is representative of a spouse who’s no longer with them or a past relationship.

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