corsair c70 psu shroud

That would work perfectly actually. It kind of feels like most PSU finishes. I'll see what kind of aluminum I can get. With that in mind, I took more measurements (take multiple measurements for accuracy) and went about making another cardboard mock up. Well I want to make a PSU shroud, but don't know how to get the finish I want. And that makes the C70 a very interesting chassis. As far as a matte finish goes, you might could use plasti dip as mentioned elsewhere, but another option is just spray paint after grit blasting. If you want a Matte finish Look up Vinyl car wraps. This guide to acrylic is also something you'd want to read up on and would be helpful in building a DIY shroud. and while i was at it i noticed my gtx 1080ti was pretty heavy so i also added a nice bracket to keep it straight. Edit: Don't skimp on the paint! Cable routing tie-downs and built-in clamps keep your system tidy. 99% Upvoted. A local shop should be able to make a duct out of metal that's already primed. This was made from a single piece of bent aluminium which I later paint matte black with a … You may unsubscribe at any moment. Bending acrylic will just lead to problems and there is no point in acrylic if you want to paint/cover it so its white. iCUE-controlled PSUs Premium Efficiency PSUs. save. Matte White. hide. After that it was time to rough it up with sandpaper so that the paint will take to it better. funny thing is the main metal shell was from an old gateway pc running windows 98. Crystal 570X PSU Shroud Cover Plate Now Available Cases Crystal 570X PSU Shroud Cover Plate Now Available - The Corsair User Forums The Corsair User Forums > Corsair Product Discussion > Cases Long Version: Will cover all of the bottom compartment, from back to front of the case. Crystal 570X PSU Shroud Cover. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website, Corsair Carbide Spec-Alpha Psu Shroud (Short), Fractal Design Define R4 Psu Shroud (Short), Be quiet Pure Base 600 Psu Shroud (Short), Corsair Carbide Spec-Alpha Psu Shroud (Long), Be quiet Pure Base 600 Psu Shroud (Short) Color Logo, Fractal Design Define R4 Psu Shroud (Short) Color Logo, Cooler Master CM 690 II Psu Shroud (Short), Fractal Design Define R4 Psu Shroud (Long), Bitfenix Aurora Psu Shroud (Short) Color Logo, Cooler Master CM 690 II Psu Shroud (Short) Color Logo, Corsair Crystal 460x Psu Shroud (Full lenght). You can use these PC PSU Cable Clamps in your Antec, Corsair, PC Motherboard Plate & PSU Cable Clamps, 6 Pack. sku: CC-8900136. |, VENGEANCE® C70 Mid-Tower Gaming Case — Military Green, Vengeance Series C70 Quick Start Guide (8 MB), Military Build Code Name: Sea Bee Ground Unit 10. €42.90. thought i would post this here. so my questions are: What material to use? About Us; Our Newest Products; Customer Service. I want the finish to match my white Corsair C70 case, which has a finish that is kind of hard to describe. You can get it in tons of colors (including Matte White). And its cheap less than 20 bucks could get you the amount of vinyl to cover a PSU shroud, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Corsair Crystal 460x Psu Shroud (Full lenght) €49.90. Wanted a PSU shroud for my Corsair C70, so I built one out of sheet metal. Not about getting that particular finish, maybe stop by Home Depot or a local paint shop and ask for a solution. You could possibly find some matte acrylic so it's not glossy, or consider using carbon fiber coating over the acrylic once it's molded (this is commonly done) or alternatively sand the acrylic with consecutively finer grits of sandpaper to eliminate the gloss.

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