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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Ram-It will not impact on you. Shall i go to Bank of Bandra to receive the cash for the cheque or shall i just take it to my SBI bank branch and the amount will be credited to my account??

two days ago, I was received an HDFC A/C payee local cheque in my previous company.
what was the rule if the account number I entered was wrongly but the number is very similar(near) to my boss account but 2 digits were missing. please help. We sell chemicals to another party. My record in my account statement should still say the payment is to the name of A. But there is note on cheque ” Valid Up to 50 Lacs at non home branch. Hi sir, My name in the BANK A/C is LAKSHMI.S, but I have received a cheque of A/C PAYEE ONLY in the name of LAXMI.S.

In India, a cheque is part of the active financial system which makes it an important tool to send/receive money without any physical transfer of cash. I have an a/c payee check of drawee: andhra bank Bangalore brach, I have my saving account in SBI in another city… should I have to travel there or I can deposit it in my account from any SBI branch in bangalore itself ??? Thank you sir And one more thing Can I ask you these types of questions related finance,banking,insurance? If cheque is from the same brance, or if the party is knw to the manager also it may not have difficulty. What is the amount limit for non-crossed cheques?
However, if we look at the list of cheque return reasons in google, then it throws out 92 reasons. But on a cheque, it is written “valid upto 10 lakhs at non home branch”. Whoever present the cheque in bank, he will get the cash.

Hi its me s.hussain I would like to know that i got a chk frm our compny ..i hv deposoted to the bank sbi Bt after one week they dnt relase the money ..whn i contact the bank they told me i m not getting ur chk ..there is no record ….they sugessting me that contact ur compny and tell them to issue a new cheque So is it possble compny will issue a new chk ??

This type of cheque needs to comprise the words ‘account payee’ or ‘account payee only’. The amount would credited to the account or would I get it in cash? Can I deposit the above Account payee cheque in the same branch of Nepal where I have my account?

There are 2 types of crossing which can instruct the bank to act accordingly with the amount of the cheque.

Tax-I am not sure what you are trying to say.

Sir I have a Salary cheque Name:naveen Mishra but in Bank A/c Name only Naveen Same bank.. Hello Sir, I got a income tax refund check more than Rs 50000/-.

Sir another cheque is there where above signature it is written not more than 25000 but the amount i want is 24100.

As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. be deposited in the account of say M/s Roshan Transport. Hi, You are already have a Credit Report with us. If you not have account, then ask the issuer of cheque to write a new one without account payee option.

Do they call and check? ALSO READ : CTS 2010 Cheques : Now Use Your Old Cheque Book Till 31st March 2013 Uncrossed / Open Cheque. The four different types of crossing are: This describes a general crossing, which was the forerunner of the ‘A/C Payee Only’ crossing. Users can purchase an eBook on diskette or CD, but the most popular method of getting an eBook is to purchase a downloadable file of the eBook (or other reading material) from a Web site (such as Barnes and Noble) to be read from the user's computer or reading device. The legislation means that a cheque which bears the ‘A/C Payee Only’ crossing can only be paid into an account in the name of the person who has received the cheque (i.e.

Dear Sagar, Don’t worry. Sir I m in big problem, my friend give me a cheque of 50000 from his bank of baroda account n I submitted that cheque in my SBI account I was fill deposit slip completely but I was forgot to fill my name on cheque after two day it was just click on my mind. Cheques that are not crossed still exist but they are no longer commonplace because of their lack of security. I think something fishy in this case. Only when you write Account Payee then only it get credited to Ramesh account. sir, I recieved a cheque in which the drawer is Axis Bank and pay is written as ” PNB Pampore, A/c M/s Bhat Enterprises”. Usually it takes 3-4 days. Sir can i deposit an account payee cheque in patna, bihar received in delhi, for clearance. Hello Sir, I have given a cancelled cheque to withdraw pf but i have not written “cancelled” on it. Cheque crossed with ‘Not Negotiable’ mark, Cheque Bounce: New provisions Sec 143 A & 148 inserted under NI Acts, What is a forged instrument? Sir plz give me some advise what should I do…. I am a Nepali Citizen and there is no facility of opening an account in India for Nepalese. how can I get the cheque back, I dropped my cheque in my friend’s account but that cheque doesn’t cleared I need my cheque back from where can I get my cheque back.

Unfortunately, by mistake, my father wrote the same account number on the slip which was mentioned on the cheque.

good work. Your OTP resend limit exceeded.

Special Crossing: This crossing provides another layer of security against fraud in that the special crossing requires the cheque to be paid not simply to any banker but to the named banker.

Second one is what kind of crossing is a/c payee cheque – general cross, special cross , or restrictive crossing ? plz tell me how much time it will take to clear.

Saddam-I think they missed the cheque. i have received cheque from my boss . BY CROSSING I MEAN TO UNDERSTAND THAT ONLY RAMESH WILL GET THE MONEY FROM THE CHEQUE. Will there be any problem in clearing of the cheque ?

Raj-It is crossed cheque and he endorsed behind the cheque also means this cheque can be given to others also.

Wish RBI would give incentives to Banking customers for using Internet & Mobile Banking.

If so then I don’t think it bounce. Yash-If the cheque in not account payee, then you can do so by signing at backside of cheque. I have received a cash cheque of Rs.10000/- written on SBT cheque; however my account is in Punjab National Bank. These cheques may be cashed at any bank and the payment of these cheques can be obtained at the counter of the bank or transferred to the bank account of the bearer. sir i deposited axis bank cheque in sbi branch of pune which is not my home branch i forgot to sign behind the cheque so what i need to do.

Can I deposit a/c payee cheque to joint bank account?

Sir,I received Axis bank cheque Rs 22304/_from max life Insurance,I drop in SBI drop box on Tuesday. Crossed Cheque. What is the effect of this crossing? Thanking you.

Sir I want to give a cheque to my uncle Nd how can he transfer the amount in his account. on back side of cheque and drop it in cheque box ?? My name is written on the cheque. What is the difference between holder and holder in due course? London E1W 1YN Therefore, in simple words, you may say that a person who holds the bank account and who sign on cheque is called the drawer. Abhishek-Yes, instead of writing your name on Payee name, write as SELF and withdraw. Can you please help me out on this. Now on my records it shows that the amount is credited to Mr Y, which I think because he endorsed the cheque.

And my question is can i write the payee name by myself or i wait for my friends return.

Kard-1) In my view you can’t encash immediately as it is different bank cheque. But check decimal values for the same. Is there any situation where a crossed cheque can be paid into the account of someone other than the named payee or recipient? Drawer is Deutsche bank. Dear Sir, I have received an a/c payee cheque on my name.. Is it necessary that I have to sign on the back side of the cheque as well as on deposit voucher.? Ash-I am not sure of what went wrong. will it be credited in my account?

i kept in office only.but now that is not found. People also write “& co.” in between the lines.

I Presented the cheque to J&K Bank, NB Branch and the amount the credited into my account. They said the account holder had to come in person. Ratnam-Write a cheque in your name and as an account payee. REMEMBER I HAVE NOT WRITTEN A/C PAYEE ON IT.

This means the payee is not authorized to encash the cheque directly in the bank or any other credited institution but can credit the amount to his bank account. The same can be encashed by your father.

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