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Ladies and gentlemen, remember the name Lauren LaVera. Find Damien Leone movies, filmography, bio, co stars, photos, news and tweets. Sometimes I would just take a step back and look at everybody on set, see how tired they all looked and how hard they were working and I was just thrilled thinking we’re all making something very special together.

Though TERRIFIER (2016) wasn’t the first time we’d set eyes on Art, it was an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. As someone who’s done extensive voice work, how challenging was it to attack that role, and how much of Art’s personality came from you as opposed to the page? James Forrest Salary, LL: Definitely terror. Can I have a few minutes to think it out?” and they said “No, just go ahead and do it off the top of your head, we want to see what you come up with.” So I just came up with this scene where I snuck up behind the guy very cartoonishly, knocked him out, then cut off his head, tasted the blood from the head, didn’t like the taste of the blood so I salted it. (Laughs). Art enters the real world and murders the children for a terrified Sarah to find.[4]. NN: You touched on the set, and every picture has behind the scenes tales worth telling, so give us a hilarious or even poignant moment from your time filming TERRIFIER. DHT: (Long exhale followed by a laugh) I think he’s probably at the very top if not right under Pennywise. Nightmare Nostalgia caught up with the 40-year old actor for a telephone interview to discuss what makes Art so unique, filming that scene, the sequel’s challenge and hope to up the ante (keep the word Empire in mind), that Art (like the Joker) needs his Batman, and just where Thornton believes his prankster ranks among the pantheon of horror clowns. Unfortunately given the budget of most smaller independent horror films, compromising on this particular aspect of production is a hard reality. We met this person at a recent convention and we were like “Oh, this person might work.” We’ll see how things are negotiated and stuff like that, but if we can get this person that might help us get more money (laughs). I truly believe that the second one will be better in every aspect. So, when I found out I had that audition I didn’t have a lot of time to watch the film before my first audition and then I received the callback. It’s great because we’re adding more story to it this time, because that was one of the things that people had problems with, that there was very little story, it was basically just one big, huge cat-and-mouse game. Stuff like IGN, Vanity Fair, Hollywood Reporter, none of them have said bupkis about us.

The eagerly awaited sequel to director, An Indiegogo campaign has been launched by, Terrifier was one of the earliest successes of Dread Presents, the horror distribution arm of our parent company, Just last week, as part of our most recentDread X column where Terrifier‘s, The terrifying Art The Clown is back in teaser trailer for Terrifier 2, Terrifier 2 Teaser Trailer Reveals Art the Clown's Next Killing Spree, Watch: Art The Clown Returns In First Terrifier 2 Trailer, New Terrifier 2 Photos Reveal The Film’s Angelic Heroine, First Look At Art The Clown In Terrifier 2 Will Give You Nightmares, Martial Arts Action Star Paul Mormando Chases Fears with Visit to Terrifier 2 Set. DHT: It’s starting to slowly sink in. I figured it would be foolish to stray too far from what made the short work so well. If I hadn’t known how to properly fall, how to properly take a hit I could have seriously been hurt or I could have seriously hurt somebody. What was lacking in story for the other characters, for the final girls and just for everybody else involved, the difference and what people should really look for in the second one is that it’s very much story-driven around the character of Sienna, around her little brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam), around her mom and also around her friends, her friends play a huge part, and there’s also some other really wonderful characters that I think people will fall in love with. We were like, “You know what, yeah, we think we have something cool but we’re being realistic.”, One of our producers came in one night, it was his first time seeing me in makeup, and he just stopped “That’s really cool.

Dude, I think I’m going to be this generation’s Freddy Krueger.” And he’s like “Oh wow, you’re right.” When we were kids, that’s when Freddy and Jason and Mike Myers were big, and these kids don’t have that right now, and I’m like “Oh wow, maybe that’s what we’re going to be.” That was a weird thing, so basically how Freddy and Jason and all those guys were the new Wolf Man and Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster, that’s kind of what Art might be, a new generation of horror starting, I hope. I’m floored by the horror community because they’re like you said very passionate, but really wonderful people because they just want fun and want good entertainment and I really truly believe that we’re going to deliver that.

LL: (Laughs) What he really brings to the character, his whole experience, he’s a comedian first and foremost. Songs About Shenandoah Valley, Since the days of Michael Powell’s innovative Peeping Tom, we have seen filmmakers come to justify the coinage of the slasher sub-genre and contribute a wealth of ideas within it. It gives you an idea of Sienna’s more dreamy-esque fantasy, she’s very into fantasy and stuff like that, but she also has an edge to her. I also write biographies for my characters, so I’ll make the smallest decisions of what’s my character’s favorite color to broader concepts like what’s their sexual orientation or something like that.

Press Esc to cancel. You gotta add seasoning, ya know? (Laughs) This script has got me so excited, the things that we’re going to be doing. I was like “Dude, you’ve got the gun!” And he said “You’re probably the nicest guy, but no, no I can’t get near you, man.” (Laughs) And I was like “I will let you do you.” Of course all of his buddies are just raggin’ on him “Oh, you can shake hands.” And I don’t know if they were joking or not, but they said “Hey, if you need any bodies we’ve got one down at the precinct right now you can use.” And we were like “Ohhh, no we’re fine. He told me that Sienna is the Batman to Art’s Joker, so I don’t think I really understood the role I was taking on until he said that to me. NN: You also have background in martial arts and dance, so how helpful were those skill sets in what had to have been a grueling and physically demanding shoot? He stands apart from other slasher greats in several aspects. Dave is a different story, I could never be afraid of Dave, but as soon as he gets into character, as soon as he manipulates his body, as soon as he manipulates his face it’s much easier to be afraid of him. We would only let her hang upside down for 30 seconds at a time, we had this apparatus that was built to swing her back up so she wouldn’t have to lay upside down for that long. (Laughs) It kills me that I can’t tell people about some of the kill scenes that we have because they’re going to be so much fun to film. They showed a head being smashed in but that was about it, everything else just showed the stab and then cut away, it’s like “Ahhh!” Especially when you say that the villain disembowels people, then show it don’t tell. {{#media.focal_point}}. I haven’t really gotten anything too strange yet. The slasher sub-genre seems to have struck gold with Terrifier’s nightmarish Art the Clown. DHT: It’s in the very, very, very, very beginning stage (laughs), because we haven’t even started filming the second one yet. Each entry remains so much fun, but personally, the original remains one of the foremost horror highlights in many years. He reads his scripts like 500 times or something like that, and I didn’t read (chuckles) as much as that but I read it over and over and over again to see if I could pick up little things. I mean, we didn’t really get any real press coverage from mainstream media–we still haven’t–it’s basically from all the horror websites that have been saying stuff about us. Nbc, Parks And Rec Special, That experience was absolutely beneficial in the long run with this type of role. It’s been absolutely fantastic, we didn’t imagine any of this was going to happen, we just thought we had a fun little film that we liked. @damien_leone took this photo of them after their incredible audition together. Damien Leone, 36 Staten Island, NY.

So, yeah, that’s how I booked it (chuckles). Absolutely.

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