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His need to skewer well-intentioned athletes and their endeavours is seemingly addictive, incurable and speaks to a very significant character deficit. I’d like to know how this turns out. I shudder to think how large the type will be when he actually signs long term. “It’s a shame and overdue because both were significant to the success of the Canadian Football League and for reasons I’ve never ascertained, have been pushed aside on an annual basis,” he writes. (I’m patti dawn swansson, and I approve this message). the disturbing reality of Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice telling me to run out and purchase a Dodge Ram pickup truck. D’oh! That classic chick flick arrived on the big screen in May 1991. Who will you boo next? Yet the talking heads on the TSN panel and in the broadcast booth created a Cult of Johnny. , what’s up with that sports front this morning? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This is noteworthy because it usually isn’t until the first-round of the Stanley Cup playoffs when the Leafs get the ol’ kiss off. Delightful, charming and all those other good things we like in our athletes, Brooke earned two LPGA titles, including the Canadian Open, something no home-grown woman had done in 45 years. Any man who strikes a women need not apply. “We’ll do whatever it takes to sign Duchene long term,” says Chevy. It was from the late, great Vic Peters, his bride Deb, and their kids, Elisabeth, Kassie and Daley. or she’s guilty of extremely bad timing. I mean, seven of 16 “experts” at Sportsnet picked the McDavids to win the West. It’s really quite simple: Ignore Drake. Delightful, charming and all those other good things we like in our athletes, Brooke earned two LPGA titles, including the Canadian Open, something no home-grown woman had done in 45 years. But the NHL’s leading freshman? Openly gay. featuring JLo and Shakira: Lots of big hair, legs, gyrating groins and lip-syncing. Well, that “shitty” team reached the Stanley Cup final. A lot of the lumps likely do, too. Deluxe receiver Derel Walker would have looked boffo in blue-and-gold, but he chose double blue and the Republic of Tranna over River City. She’s the High Priestess of the Hardwood, but somehow manages to fly under the radar of most mainstream media. Beyond disgusting. I’d like to say I’ve got confidence in Walters and his scouts to flesh out a high-end pass-catcher, but I don’t. And, hey, what about that large broth of a lad Logan Stanley? It’s not news. Mr. Smarm was a creepy irritant on Hockey Central at Noon, although I haven’t seen him taking up space on the gum-flapper this season. GOAL: Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals went into party-animal mode with Lord Stanley, dragging him hither and yon while acting like drunken curlers. clubs not named Jets, Bombers or Goldeyes. Young Eddie’s got all the good stuff, and Cameron’s trip in the wayback machine makes for a fun read. Any guy who leaves Connor McDavid off his all-star ballot is no expert, and Poulin’s no expert. Some suit at Postmedia decided that the Winnipeg Sun would best be served at a Winnipeg-centric event by a guy (Murray McCormick) from Regina. You’ve already said quite enough. And, finally, this is the 50th anniversary season for the Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League, and I’d say that calls for some sort of special feature piece in either or both of the Winnipeg dailies. Congratulations to Mike & Dawn McEwen on the birth of their new baby girl today! . Maybe this year I won’t have to take my clothes off for Sports Illustrated just to pay the bills.”. No exceptions. “Everything goes under the radar when you play in Winnipeg,” says Jets captain Blake Wheeler. Our curlers have ruled the world of women’s curling just twice in the past 10 years. If you weren’t even on the breast when Paul Henderson slid a puck under Vladislav Tretiak in 1972, you have no business comparing Bianca’s achievement to that moment. And Cassie Campbell-Pascall is given free rein to preach falsehoods about the National Women’s Hockey League, which is never a good idea. The thing you have to remember, kids, is that these people are not experts. for the Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League, and I’d say that calls for some sort of special feature piece in either or both of the Winnipeg dailies. D’oh! So pucker up and smooch his backside, boys.”.

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