dog injured squirrel

You might be hurt. She won't let me touch her to look at it, although I have tried to apply antiseptic. Here’s how I coped with the guilt and grief I felt and still feel. I just foud him hurt today. I am in Central America..We have no vet that is familiar with small wild animals anywhere near us. Will I be extra vigilant about this in the future? I put him in the car, he was out of it. But…it does fade.

Yes there are plenty of squirrels and rats in the world but I care for every living creature I don’t just pick and choose! I know, squirrels are so cute and cuddly looking! That’s very difficult, and it’ll take time to process the grief. I turn on light, wake up husband, get a rag to wrap squirrel in…once we probed to be sure it was dead!! I’ve been giving water with a syringe but he won’t eat bread or nuts. Well a couple of days ago he actually caught one.

My advice is to just accept and forgive your dog.

I point out squirrels for her to chase but this time she caught it.

At the dog park, she leaves 99% of the dogs in dust when she runs. Every day they came to her front door so she could feed them nuts n give them water.

What should I do now? I am used to my cat bringing mice to the door step but this was somehow worse for me.

Squirrel! This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. She is unable to move her two front paws, can barley move her head to look around. Up two nights. She’ll be even more excited to chase them now, and she may be confused if you scold her for doing it.

Place the baby in a protective container with a soft, clean cloth. Yuck on the animal food chain! For decades, these pickups had been performed by the Humane Society. After I saw my dog kill a squirrel – and my other little wee toy poodle drag that poor squirrel to where I was standing – I thought I’d never be able to touch them again. Gentle information I have got …. Hind legs are still working perfect (able to leap) Her eyes seemed red and puffy last night, but swelling went waay down this morning.

:( It was awful and I felt so terrible. My dog killed a squirrel yesterday and I can’t it out of my head.I feel so sad. I ran as fast as I could screaming at her to drop it, which she clearly didn’t want to do. My dogs and I spend hours wandering the paths through the rain forest, listening to the owls hoot, examining scat and wondering where the deer are. Call 311, not Humane Society Back to video. There was an error, please provide a valid email address. Thank you Lynd, I really appreciate your thoughts on dogs and squirrels! If you want to make sure your dog never kills another squirrel, get a Dog Collar Bell and Pet Tracker for Trail Walks. Do you think it’s too young to be on its own?

If he would have fallen from another 5 ft higher today, he could have really been hurt again….I don’t think he is ready to go back out, but I just don’t know..Thanks for any help you can give me and ASAP if possible…Harlan Busch.

It just happened to me at 1:40 am CST…am almost asleep next to snoring husband…23 lb rescue, age 4, cocker/golden lab mix (and wow her canines are big! The reality is that dogs kill squirrels. A few months ago I came across a big dead rat on the sidewalk. For two hours he moved a little.
Place it in the box or cage where you're keeping the baby squirrel. Away from the flies. I didn’t tell my dog she was a good girl. It seems big enough to be fairly self sufficient but I can’t tell.

He is an extremely gentle dog and has seldom paid much attention to squirrels. I have male squirrel 6 &1/2 months old sometimes some thing worg with his little hand & leg fingers, he is not keeping leg or hand at that time can enyone explain to me what should i do, I have an injured squirrel that’s a little feisty any time I open his cage to feed him he tries to jump out even though his hind legs are not abble to move at all he drags his back legs I’m wondering if he might be paralyzed if so how can I help him nobody will help him and their are no wildlife rehabilitation centers around help plz he’s a sweet boy and he hides under his blanket a lot he’s eating and drinking water fine just wanting to make him as comfortable as possible. I’m a little paranoid that it was diseased or something. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

They are instinctive creatures, like we are. Barely alive.

My dog has had many encounters with these chirping critters. It helped soothe my heart some. Dogs are part of the jungle mentality – which includes Mother Nature. Because the veterinaries in my area will not treat squirrels which is a shame. I saw a dog kill a squirrel in a public park today and i find it irresponsible that people allow their pets to do this!

I do have a cat carrier. All that to say – I’m really sorry you had to not only see your dog kill a squirrel, but you had to put the squirrel out of its suffering.

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