dokkan teq tier list

Brutal Beatdown is pretty common, albeit mostly outside of STR. Metamorphosis no longer has its associated glitch, but it’s more common than it used to be, showing up on SSR Fusion Android 13, Mutating Monster Oolong, SSR Savage Battle Instinct Super Buu, and SSR Proudest in the Universe Final Form Coora. Time for an Epic Showdown” to your advantage; Overflowing Resolve Goku is guaranteed to drop from the Z-Hard version of the first stage, and if you Z-Awaken him — a feat made easier by the fact that you can farm Gregory medals from Normal of the same stage — you’ll have a good shot to raise Determined Defender’s Super, and combined with his passive, deal some excellent damage. Note that this card is misnamed by the localization team of the game — he’s actually a “teen” Trunks, and thus can have his Super raised his other such units, or vice-versa. Genius of War doesn’t even have good links within his own type outside of Peerless Saiyan Raditz and Cruel Tactics  Nappa, who have the exact same problems as he does. Blazing Justice is a bit future-proofed, though, as she can Dokkan Awaken into SSR STR Great Saiyaman 2 — who incidentally gets a +1000 ATK passive for her allies and the excellent all-type +25% ATK leader skill — via the associated event. The results are solid, and if he’s got the right people on his team, his value rises considerably, taking theirs up with it. As it is, her links  are otherwise terrible, and her stats are quite poor, so it’s hard for her to contribute damage. Mediocre passive, poor stats, and poor links. On top of everything, he is one of the Friezas that can Dokkan Awaken into Golden Frieza when the Resurrection of F event returns, and while that gives him serious competition for who gets that honor on Frieza-focused teams, because you can only have one Golden Frieza on the same team, on INT teams it opens some possibilities, because you can use both the original Mecha Frieza  and the D-Awakened Golden Frieza from him on the same team, and while Golden Frieza will no longer have Bombardment, he’ll still have Universe’s Most Malevolent, Prodigies, and Revival, contributing huge damage and Ki. Serves a similar role to Mightiest of Monarchs King Cold because of his passive,  allowing you to stack damage mitigation, but he’s not nearly as valuable because his  leader skill, links, and link candidates are all significantly worse. He links decently within his type, with good options  like Aura Unleashed Tien and Power at the Eleventh Hour Chiaotzu, and across other types, but he’s so underwhelming, you’re not going to want to build a team around this fact. Her passive is good, and unconditional, but she doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of utility. He does fit well in a multi-type Saiyan team, and because his passive will come up most of the time, he’s not hurt too much by having no Ki support in such an environment. As a result, he can be one of the best candidates to D-Awaken, even if it’s just to support your TEQ team and/or STR teams. Both get better if he’s D-Awakened, so again, there’s little reason not to unless you just don’t have a need for him in that state, but *do* need him to link with a Max Roshi for some Ki, some ATK, and the Kamehameha link. If she can somehow land on a team that has an SR or better Bardock and Proud Royalty King Vegeta, she’ll have strong value. This makes her most valuable link partners Elder King Piccolo and Deep Blue Gaze General Blue, and the latter can help out in locking down the enemy team. Cold Judgment and Messenger From the Future are lame as usual, but The Vegeta Family is pretty common, and Reignited Fighting Spirit GT Vegeta has it. The Saiyan Among Us STR Goku has Z-Fighters, Burning Spirit STR Yamcha has that and Rival Duo, which is surprisingly solid, and Cyborg Tao has Crane School. Essentially Extreme Elite’s Pride Vegeta 1.1, Tireless Training trades that unit’s bulk for a bit more ATK. Another great F2P Card, Goku & Arale can dish out a lot of Damage due to their extra Ki and ATK Passive Skill Buffs. Don't just copy a description about its original role in the other list(s). What keeps him out of the tier below this is that he links with some good units; Prodigies is on Demonic Pride Piccolo and Reborn for Revenge Mecha Frieza, and he links with Proud Royalty King Vegeta through Saiyan Warrior Race and The Vegeta Family, and with Never-Ending Battle Vegeta and Last Minute Technique Super Saiyan Vegeta by the same means.

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