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Adam Gilbert/Big Beard Creative, 09/03/2019 In an era known as much for lawlessness and greed as progress and prosperity, Aspen’s early celebrities did a good job of illustrating this collision of the Victorian Era with the Gay 1890s high in the Colorado Rockies. Karl Wolfgang, 07/16/2020 Then he wrote and directed the 1993 movie Aspen Extreme, mostly on location in the valley, bought a home here, and lived in it for nearly a decade. I was a little less comfortable. Big-name surfers had also discovered skiing, and longboard star Joey Cabell opened the Chart House chain in Aspen to appeal to surf-culture sensibilities. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). Hunter S. Thompson departed, and Charlie Sheen arrived. By Katie Shapiro Photography by Craig Turpin 5/24/2017 at 11:14am Published in the Summer 2017 issue of Aspen Sojourner. “You better take care of me Lord, if you don't you're gonna have me on your hands.” ― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Each donation will be used exclusively for the development and creation of increased news coverage. The Eagles formally began their huge careers in Aspen with their second gig ever at the legendary Gallery. Kato Kaelin, OJ Simpson’s soon-to-be fleetingly famous factotum, spent a lot of time on friends’ couches here, in the early ’90s. Don Johnson owned a home in Little Woody Creek during his Miami Vice heyday, and it was there that presidential hopeful Gary Hart met Donna Rice, an occasion that helped scuttle his political career. The enlarged image has hung in various businesses around town and is a local favorite. We used to bestow it aspirationally, but it’s becoming more representational. All the while, Aspen was constantly generating and attracting famous ski racers. He was quoted in the book In the Spirit of Aspen saying, “This is still a Stetson and blue-jeans town. By Kennedy confidante and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s house in Wood Run at Snowmass was picketed by local antiwar demonstrators in 1969. He knew he had a gift,” Mooney said. Ironically, as Ted Conover notes in his book Whiteout in Aspen, W. H. Auden once observed that Goethe was, “So far as I know ... the first writer or artist to become a Public Celebrity.”, Star recording artist Burl Ives, who came to town frequently in the 1940s, sang ballads at the Paepcke-restored Wheeler Opera House that Lowell Thomas admired. Coupled with felony crime waves involving well-off local youths and multiple other high-profile Aspen criminal cases, it was just another sign of the sometimes dysfunctional times. The Eagles had a fast rise and then an implosion. During the same period, Aspen’s entire rock and roll and pop music scene became national caliber, powered by locals and major players with homes here. Famous Austrian skier Friedl Pfeifer helped start the Aspen Skiing Corporation, while Swiss racer Fred Iselin came from Sun Valley to head the Aspen ski school, bringing many of his Hollywood friends with him. As one of the biggest and most widely discussed scandals in town’s history, it created whole new levels of notoriety for the community. Sears owner Edgar Stern developed Starwood, just west of Aspen, still one of the premier enclaves for the rich and famous. The famous soprano and founder of the Harlem School of the Arts, Dorothy Maynor, was invited to Aspen to sing in 1949 and stayed with the Paepckes because, like Native Americans and Chinese half a century earlier, a woman of color wasn’t welcome in many parts of town. cache 4h 1m Architect Andre Ulrych not only joined the party, but supplied a most unusual inspiration for those dabbling in mind expansion through hallucinogenics. His fame and zeal for promoting Aspen in songs and on TV, while well-received by many business people, weren’t seen as beneficial by all locals, some of whom didn’t think he needed to be so actively selling a town that was starting to feel sold out. Hunter S. Thompson departed, and Charlie Sheen arrived. Tan-master and actor George Hamilton became a fixture skiing Aspen Mountain and sunning on the deck at Bonnie’s in the early ’70s. | Led by the local group Roaring Fork Show Up, demonstrators issued calls of “Black Lives Matter,” “white silence is violence,” “no justice, no peace,” and “defund the police.”, Chandler-Henry and Scherr in line for reelection to Eagle BOCC seats, Coloradans barely howling for gray wolf reintroduction, Aspen School District gets triple win at the polls starting with $94 million bond issue, Colorado measure to ban abortion after 22 weeks fails, Colorado hospitalizations hit highest level since April, Aspen School District to provide weekly COVID-19 tests for staff, students through December, A half-million Coloradans have already signed up for the state’s new coronavirus-tracking notification tool, Roaring Fork Show Up decries systemic racism, oppression Saturday in Aspen, Q & A with Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. Nicholson was friends with Hunter Thompson and brought Michael Douglas to Aspen straight off their success of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 1975. Continuing that line of stage performers and ushering in a new era of film stars, Broadway actress Lou Deane and her husband, Had, bought the T-Lazy-7 ranch on Maroon Creek in 1938. Frey also got involved in the local golf scene. 07/10/2020 Hedy Lamarr “held down a barstool for days,” wrote Sterling. The local ski heroes were Max, Billy, and Bud Marolt. Both had departed Tombstone, Arizona, following the gunfight at the O.K. Photography by While not the most practical or architecturally consistent house by any stretch, the Magic Mushroom House is undeniably beautiful, and many artists and celebrities stayed, played, and found illumination here, including Andy Warhol and Hugh Hefner. Halfway through the season, how would you assess the Broncos? Fortunately, the Paepckes were more enlightened. By So far in the new millennium in Aspen, fame stretches across the same broad spectrum it has for over a century. Singer Andy Williams, singer/actress Claudine Longet, and their kids began visiting the area in the early ’70s. Visual artists liked the clear light and liberal attitudes of Aspen. Along with John Denver, they had been two of the most embraced, vilified, and symbolic local celebrities for decades. Christo wrapped a phone in paper and a bow for the Culture-In and later famously draped a massive orange curtain across Rifle Gap, about fifty miles from Aspen. He began writing letters to the editors as well as the material for another dozen successful books. Local stars are still searching for precious medals all these years later, and Aspen’s celebrities continue to keep it as unreal as possible.

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