emergency room reflection paper as a student nurse

Also, electronic documentation is better for the environment. Analyze the peculiarities of care for dying patients. What can you say about patient-centered care? Nursing in a New Language 154 Reading ER: A Nurse’s Experiences in the Emergency Room It's a busy Saturday night at the Kelsey General emergency room (ER). Find out the reasons for substance abuse among nurses and ways of its prevention. Reflective Nursing Essay | Leadership in A&E. Nursing/Medical Surgical 222. Nursing staff often become the subject of physical violence and bullying in the workplace. Granted that emergency room physician jobs are stressful, due to the fact that they, Emergency room physicians are on the front lines in a crisis, caring for everyone from trauma victims to sick kids. When a nurse is moving quickly he or she may be more prone to making a careless mistake. In every hospital, the emergency, ward, intensive care units, and hospice care centers have different responsibilities. I had expected to learn further about the main connection between PHC and an acute care setting such as A&E, assuming that it would be due to poor PHC management and issues with accessibility. How does the researcher identify the study approach? Nurses were often frustrated because after they assessed a patient a junior doctor went through the same steps they had gone through, usually coming to the same diagnosis and treatment plan. Company Registration No: 4964706. HLH 550: Research Methods Also, this is very useful for the emergency room, when a doctor needs urgent advice from a specialist. When sudden illness or acute injury strikes, patients turn to hospital emergency rooms for immediate medical assistance. Emergency room nurses are unlike another nurse because they are always moving and have to react and think quickly. The emergency nurse differs from the med-surg nurse in that he or she has had specialized education, training, experience, and expertise in assessing and identifying patents' health care problems in crisis situations. He then sent me around the corner to have my vitals taken and registration paper work signed. When everything will satisfy you on this stage, you will be asked to reserve money for this order. There is an increase in violence toward Registered Nurses in the emergency rooms. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? Student Focus - Reflection - With experience comes confidence. As nursing expands and make new leaps and bounds there will always be setbacks. An issue than arises with moving patients quickly through the emergency room is medical mistakes. 642 Words3 Pages. Discuss one of the roles of a nurse: caregiver, advocate, critical thinker, teacher, communicator, manager, researcher, etc. For our first trip to the hospital I will be going to the emergency room otherwise known as the E.R. The Healthcare Commission’s (HCC, now the Care Quality Commission) review on urgent care in England, found that more than 50% of patients have problems calling their GP surgery, and a quarter of patients found GP hours were not convenient, and avoided going (HCC, 2008). Learning Team Operations Management Plan First of all, the first patient the doctor went to see was a female patient that was in a car accident. Electronic records give doctors a wide range of benefits: better organization of documents, the possibility of fast exchange of medical records, and easy accessibility. According to the ENP, patients report issues making GP appointments and that A&E is quicker than seeing their GP, as the main reasons for presenting with PHC matters. Premium Premium My trip to the emergency room happens very often since I have heart disease, and I feel I’m not ever looked at properly. This was mirrored by the consultation: history taking, examination, assessment, plan of care and documentation was that of seeing a medical doctor. While I was aware of the advanced and autonomous role of a NP, enabling diagnosing, prescribing and referring, I was taken back that NPs, certainly in this Department, have shifted from the nursing side of healthcare, and are now affiliated with medicine. 2062 Words 7 Pages. Also, in certain hospitals the trauma team (surgeons, anesthesiologists, and specialized physicians) may be on standby to aid in an emergency situation in which the patient requires more complex care. Emotional intelligence is a complex term. With this tool patients and doctors can communicate with each other with video calls. The review found that many people are not aware of healthcare services other than their own GP and A&E, or they might be unsure of using them. Numbers seen can vary, and around 150 patients had already been seen that day. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. All rights reserved. This is not only faster than attending A&E, but a more appropriate use of resources. The role of an emergency room nurse can be demanding and may require a nurse to use many different nursing skills at certain times to take care of a variety of patients. Ethical dilemmas often arise in nursing practice: strategies for pain management, end-of-life issues, conflicts with doctors and family members, etc. Then you can move to the recommended literature and browse the internet. The actions of the nurse and medical personnel usually are aimed at minimizing the distress of a dying patient and helping relatives with the emotions connected with losing a close relation. I am also considering becoming a nurse practitioner in the future. Emergency rooms are known for their long waits and lack of competent staff. The Alma Ata declaration arose following a joint World Health Organisation-UNICEF international conference, with a vision for healthcare for all people worldwide, with PHC at the heart (World Health Organisation, 2010).

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