energizer rechargeable battery charger flashing red

Then I waited more than 10-11Hrs. I searched for solution on my red light never going off either on my new Ray o Vac recharge value charger, which happens to be similar to same problem we ran into last time, except then it inconsistently charged. )At 30 minutes, you should absolutely, positively, at least point a desk fan across the cells while they're charging. i traded the 1300s for 4 2300s. Needed this for new inspection job tomorrow. I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that one so I can’t help you. I have a few battery-powered devices that use three batteries, so it’s always a challenge to find a way to charge that odd battery. I plug the charger in, turn it on and the red charge light will turn on then after 2 seconds the green light starts blinking too. and it works great! It probably is a few hundred mA, which is why your ‘powerful’ light goes through the battery so fast. Are you so influenced by “premium,” packaging that you can’t resist good marketing? 4 AA NiMH 1300 mAh batteries Hope my comment is printed at this late date just found this page 8 Dec 2019, Why does my charger only blink red ??? Fearing this was a bad thing, I looked up the data sheet and sure enough, blinking=bad.Aren't these supposed to be good for thousands of cycles? @John That looks like a very nice charger! Anyone know. Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand Review, TerraMaster F2-422 10GbE 2-bay Professional NAS review, Save valuable space on your desk with the Samsung 32″ Space Monitor. Try plugging it directly into a wall outlet. I just went through the same thing. If it claims to be 5000mah, it is a lie. The 11-hour timer is strictly a back-up safety feature in the event the charger doesn’t turn off once the batteries are fully charged. I bought the charger and 4 additional batteries. The other charger the red and green lights were reversed. I will give it one more chance tonight, this will be the second one going back in a week, if I have to take it back. Can be recharged up to 1000 times with a seriously good charger that carefully detects peaks and doesn't cook the cells. ), Damn you Lightbringer! When I charge it, light will turn green. This charger is designed to accommodate 4 AA or 4 AAA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. Or it lights up the entire backyard. But how will I know? I put these batteries into xbox ? I still have mine, use it… eh, fairly regularly out back… and it’s still alive. I let this charger ON for more than 14 hours to charge my two AA 1300 mAh Energizer Rechargeable batteries but it never charged them and I guess it won’t. Yeah, those bottom end chargers can have all sorts of issues. BUT everytime I recharge the battery, ( It has a 5000 MAH Lithium Ion one), I got 2 batteries with 2 flashlights, it is very powerful, but the light of course it eats up power FAST. One feature I really love is the hole that goes straight through the charger. Good stuff, reasonably priced. It still works but I thought it time I look for something newer. hi all, i have a std type back up older charger for aa/aaa batteries. A 110V-only charger makes no sense when you are traveling. Mine are 1300 mAh. (Three hours is more the norm, most 1-hour chargers are still going to significantly cut the number of useful cycles; for thirty minutes, a hundred cycles sounds about right, perhaps even optimistic. The Energizer Recharge® Value Charger offers a great value in rechargeable battery chargers. https://www.amazon.com/Sofirn-Flashlight-Rechargeable-Waterproof-Emergen... (Nice deal, I just ordered me another one, haha. 3. For the charger I would recommend a XTAR MC1 USB charger, so you don’t have to wait for shipping from China. I AM SO ANGRY TO HAVE BEEN SOLD TRASH!!! ENERGISER battery charger is useless hopeless waste of money. My charger turned green after first use- now it stays red?? It sounds like you’re upset that you didn’t read the package. My final advice is pay the extra four bucks and get a Duracell brand. The store already said if this one does not work I can bring it back and they are calling the manufacturer and not carrying it anymore. I’m not too sure if this is NORMAL for this charger or not. I'm used to NiCd's which didn't last nearly as long...30 minute chargers get batteries pretty damned hot.Reviews:http://www.imaging-resource.com/ACCS/BATTS/BATTS.HTM. When my NEW ENERGIZER (model CHPRO) failed to recharge 2 AA batteries of the same Brand as this Charger RED Light Plus Bleeper, i removed both the batteries and place them in the std backup charger, so far so good, after 3 hours on charge i removed them, and placed them correctly back into the NEW ENERGIZER charger, went on the happily charge them up with the correct level without problem. The one Lightbringer posted is one of them. SO, ENERGIZER (… er.. ENERGYPPER) — ARE YOUR Im so confuse about reading the comments above because the green light is there light when i recharge it my energizer NiMP. Let’s take a look. Thanks for the link. (includes AC adapter as well as car adapter, and usually sold with a set of decent NiMH rechargeable batteries. HOW USELESS? Slam 20-30V across it for a few seconds. Charger light remains red after 16+ hours of supposedly ‘charging’ 4 energizer batteries. Well What Can I Say……Mmmmmm, The Charger is VERY fussy, i have Lots of Brands in both AA, And AAA sizes, had bought the Charger Model CHPRO-UK so the Because now you really don’t know who is fooling you the most: the battery or the charger. Only glows red and never shuts off. That doesn’t mean the batteries will explode or catch fire, but it can negatively impact the overall life of the batteries. I was getting ready for bed and thought I should check the charger, and I found that the batteries were pretty warm to the touch, as was the charger. No one says you have to cook it to death. It turns out one of the batteries loses its charge immediately while the other three seem to be fine. Worked pretty well.But recently the charger is flashing a red LED when it is supposed to be solid.

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