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This is the short storyline about the Erkenci Kus series. I don’t think that anyone wasn’t following the show or at least have someone in their family member who’s watching it. Erkenci Kus – Erkenci Kus is one of the best Turkish TV series. After watching 3 to 4 episodes a day, yes, I literally didn’t want to do anything else. It hit me halfway there that I’m hooked to this life more than I thought. “mainEntity”: [
Erkenci Kus is the best series you ever watch. Erkenci Kus series has the other international followers also as they cast a very charming hero for the main role. And I found out that I don’t like Turkish movies as much as series. Furthermore, Dilsan Selek the stylist for Demet, Öznur Serçeler and most of the cast did a remarkable job for us viewers to easily understand each personality from what they are wearing before they start to act. This drama has some nominations also. This series one of the best series as it has 7.3 ratings on the IMDB and the Google there are 96% of peoples likes this series. I’m now continuing it, rewatching Erkenci Kus, and was watching the new series My Home but it stopped at ep. {
As now only season 1 is released but the directors of Erkenci Kus planning to shoot the second season also as the first season gets the most successful reviews. We felt the familiarity in their culture, and we felt safe to discover more. Love Has No Words (Aşk Laftan Anlamaz), a portion of love you don't need IRL and might kill you, but would love to watch, thank me later.The Queen Of The Night (Gecenin Kraliçesi), and Falcon Crest if you need a little action between all the romance scenes for refreshing. I am photographer in my new Turkish drama Daydreamer (Erkenci Kus). You can’t close in the middle of the episode because there’s always a catch. Sign up for stories, trends, beauty, travel guides and food recipes, delivered to your email inbox weekly. After writing this post, Erkenci Kus got canceled because they elongate it, and did a second season which was, in my opinion (and the audience), not necessary for the story. Erkenci Kus series is now available for Netflix and MX player also. and I have only watched Turkish series for the past 5 months. When I dragged my sister into the Turkish hole, she introduced me to Kiralik Ask! I and my colleagues left all of this new exciting stage behind and only talked in our free time about one thing. Also do you know about turkflicks? “@type”: “Answer”,
I love this series so much..Im a huge fan of Erkenci Kus, Dirillis Etrugrul, Kurulis Osman, Lovd Again and Love Bird. Turkey series became my beautiful scape. ”,
This series can play the role of a very nice and young boy who is more interested in nature and his main focus is on sports and photography. Like, most of the nouns of the Arabic language and Turkish are the same. Your email address will not be published. Everyone one in the cast is playing their part as if it’s their real life. From that moment, Turkish series entered our lives and our news in a way that I couldn’t handle. Each episode is 120 minutes long, aired weekly. It’s been long since I answered this question and the answer seemed almost irrelevant now so I am rewriting. If not you should! In the IMDB most of the viewers also posted the positive comments of the Erkenci Kus drama. Erkenci Kus series’ first episode is released on the 26th of June in 2018 and the very last episode of this series is released on 6th August 2019. {
On Instagram, you will also get the short videos of this series and you can get the Turkish community to join and get the latest update of the Turkish TV series. Watch Erkenci Kus season 1 full episodes. Forbidden Love was originally long. Hi! Yes! We were hooked to the drama and the romance in this series which is something we as Egyptians love to indulge in.

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