eureka mignon specialita espresso grinder review

BUT THANKFULLY they came out with the exclusive Eureka Notte Grinder.

This is a unique grind adjustment system in that it’s the lower burrs which are adjusted, which allows for maintenance without losing grind settings. So now we’ve talked about the various versions of Eureka Mignon: I’ve used the Mignon Specialita, so I suppose I should call this the “Eureka Mignon Specialita Review”, but then again, as you can see from what I’ve shared so far, these various models share many features, so I think it’s fair enough to just refer to this as a general Eureka Mignon review. This page works best with JavaScript. And produces very consistent coffee. Your email address will not be published. So if what you’re looking for is a single doser grinder, and if you can dig your hand a bit deeper into your pocket for the £500 required, then the Niche Zero may well be a better choice for you, as it’s intended as a single doser grinder, so it’s going to be better at this than any other grinder that is really intended as such.

Very well made.

BUT, there’s a bigger incentive to go with the Filtro Vs the Brew Pro, as the former is £189, and the latter is £389, so it’s a £100 jump between the two models.

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Overall, I am Very happy with the consistent grinds, less noisy operation, and ease of use. The higher ranges at Eureka have a wheel with more indications. The Eureka Mignon grinders are a very well known & popular range of entry level coffee grinders. There’s a very similar story when it comes to Eureka Filtro Vs Brew Pro, they’re both specifically made for filter/pourover, but the Brew Pro has the 55mm burrs, vs 50mm with the Filtro, and the Brew Pro also has the LCD.

The burrs of the Eureka Mignon are 50 mm and are easily replaceable for a price of about 30 $. Supposedly noisier than the other Mignons but still very quiet compared to other grinders I've had. The more retention your grinder has, the more coffee you’re going to have to waste by purging coffee through the grinder each time you adjust the grind size, and each time you use the grinder for the first time after a period of time. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features.

Silenzio has 50mm burrs & doesn’t have the LCD.

While operating, it makes some noise, but it’s not the loudest coffee grinder I’ve ever heard. It’s difficult to describe a grind sound, but the specialita has a lighter grind sound, more like a hiss than a roar, if that makes sense?

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Despite this possibility, in use I tend to hold the filter holder in hand. The Mignon grinders have very small retention, in fact during the Clive Coffee retention comparison experiment they found that the Specialita only retained about 1.3g, which is among the lowest of all those they tested. This is a very good point for the aesthetic side of the Eureka Mignon.

Filtro is specifically geared up for filter, as the name would suggest.

But I do love the look and specs of the Specialita, and they do seem to have a good track record.

This is really what you’re looking for when grinding for espresso, nice fluffy grinds without clumping – and this is what I experienced with the Mignon Specialita, lovely fluffy clump free grounds.

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. $679.00 Life is like a box of chocolates, so join my Brew Time list, subscribe to my YouTube Channel,  follow me on Twitter & Instagram, follow the coffeeblog FaceBook page, and that’s all I have to say about that. The difference can vary from about 0.2 grams. However the setting is a bit difficult, because the wheel remains inaccurate.

It doesn’t have a hopper, it’s meant for single dosing so it simply has a clear hinged lid.

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The procedure is simple and is quick to execute. For the first shot of the day, and any time you’re about to grind for a shot not directly following another shot (in other words you don’t need to keep purging each time in between shots if you’re pulling a few, unless you’re adjusting the grind) you should purge enough coffee through the grinder, to get the retained amount out, to ensure that all of the ground coffee in your portafilter is freshly ground. The Eureka Mignon grinders are a very well known & popular range of entry level coffee grinders. Eureka’s patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System, with infinite adjustments points. Solid.

I was looking for a discreet, pretty coffee grinder, with low coffee retention at an affordable price. Quiet in operation.

With the LCD, you have two programmable timed dose options, as well as continuous, and I just found this really convenient to use when I was using the Specialita.

Both sizes of filter holders catch on the coffee grinder during operation.

I was very impressed by the ACS Minima too, see my ACS Minima Review. Hi James, This isn’t a scientific study, more like here-say ;-), but I thought it was worth mentioning. Many thanks.

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