fake eureka carts packaging

They did it out of greed, and like scamming people and do not care about hurting peoples lungs. Dank Vapes® isn’t interested in selling carts. LOL don’t know why I’m bothering to share this, but whatevs. empire city online casino Very popular THC oil cartridges all over the United States. Don’t see where it did much as far as a high. Our reviewers continue to use them and post information regarding THC vapes, but we make no claims as to their safety. They only come in disposable versions w 4 different flavors only!!!!! Can you post a link to these? Has anyone tried them? the quality is junk, you can taste its not THC and the high is decent but head aches are soon after.. My guy was ripping me off for sure cuz he was gettin those boxes in bulk. Good point the disposables. I know someone who goes down to Chicago weekly to pick up new stuff and sells it for 40, Anybody out there know about culture carts?? Say there actually is the bad shit in it that’s giving all the people lung issues, I’m not smoking as much as them right? At this point, it is safe to say there are little to none of these old TKO cartridges in circulation. Because the fakes make people sick. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a. this week stating that 193 cases of severe lung illness have been identified in 22 states, linking many of them to cannabis vapes, although the report notes that no specific THC product has been identified as the cause. They have 6000 followers on Instagram…East Coast tko has over 40,000, and that’s WITH getting deleted every few months. Good thing I only paid $20 streetprice. They even provide a Certificate of Analysis to prove their products are clean. Could you link to that store we would like to check it out further and verify. It smells like a fake vape I have got from the same guy before. https://dabconnection.com/culture/lions-breath/. Get WeedwiseCalifornia’s Bureau of Cannabis Control recently kicked off a public education program called “Get #Weedwise” to inform consumers of the potential health impacts of ingesting untested cannabis. But good to know I wasnt crazy thinking something was up with them lol. I can’t find anything on it Yo can you put pictures of the bottom threads for the of the real cartridge for me my guy. Our rule is, if you didn’t get it from a licensed dispensary, it’s usually fake. I prefer the TKO compared to others that are around. Every batch mentioned above comments are fake! It has a total of 86.53% THC and a total of 89.50% cannabinoids. Please send us a message . I would love to be able to score these for $20 each however the only connects that I got are between 30 to $40 each. So the only real TKO sells disposable vapes and is in CA. It does not even use the same logo as the original TKO extracts. “I think they’re legit,” she says. And i am a flwoer smoker but carts are good for public. The problem is if we test any of the fakes, it is just testing whatever plug’s oil that is, so it would not be that accurate. The main takeaway? All fakes just packaging. I’m not complaining as of yet. Update July 27, 2019: Some have claimed that TKO is an East Coast brand in our comments section and this might be true. It has a bar code and government warning. What’s a vaper to do? I got sour tangie since I’m already familiar with it and it definitely tastes and feels like it. Pray real live in medical legal State. The real TKO vape cartridges use premium terpenes and are blended in cold-ethanol distillate, and they come in the form of simple slim black disposable pens, specifically CCELL disposable pens. While they are still legal. Lol 30$ a gram isn’t a bad price on oil that works like medicine. I now have a black market TKO with no issues but immediately disposed of my Dank product as it’s flavored and tasted like detergent or some sort. This sub is strictly for harm reduction. So this look like none of the fake eureka carts I’ve seen. you can taste the flavor very good & can you get high w one-two hits. Then all contact ceased to exist! My plug was up front about it. According to our reviewer they are comparably strong to some black market carts and some of the weaker regular THC carts like Kings Garden. Thanks for commenting! Been to urgent care and ER, all tests negative, but causes flu like symptoms ( fever, chills, aches, no appetite) Heart rate stuck at 120bpm, resp rate 22 (avg 16).

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