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The last obstacle is on the left side so you just need to stay on the right side to clear it. The pedestal to the left will launch a chest containing a Small Key while the other pedestal will launch a chest containing Ice Arrow x5. [10] Since more monsters have begun appearing around the Woods, Link will have to talk to Coro to obtain the Small Key that will open up the cave's gate that leads to North Faron Woods.[11]. The Middle Kin Hinox lurks in the Uten Marsh. This will hold the ramp in place so you can use stasis on the other seesaw, allowing you to reach the monk and complete the shrine. With the slingshot, Link is able to continue on to the deeper part of the forest known as Deep Woods, and later the Skyview Temple. There’s a small puzzle that you need to clear the shrine. It takes its name from the province that it is a part of, which in itself is named after the Water Dragon. Link first enters Faron Woods looking for Talo, who ran off chasing a Monkey. Upon reaching the location, you’ll find three pedestals and an altar. Ah, hello again. Next, use magnesis again on that chest and bring it to the next room. Step on plate 3, then move the chest to plate 1 to raise plate 3 at the same height as the next ledge. This is found directly far south of Hateno Village, in the eastern tip of Mount Dunsel overlooking the Necluda Sea. Remove chest on plate 4 and place it on 3. Once you have the photos of all three fragments, report back to Garini and show him the images for him to decipher the clue to reveal the shrine. After Link does so, Faron is healed and reveals the entrance to the fourth dungeon, the Ancient Cistern behind the Floria Waterfall, where Farore's Sacred Flame is found. [12] The entrance to the Sacred Grove is located near Trill's Shop, where Link must stand on a ledge and jump through various Tree roots with the help of Midna. It is possible to completely skip the key of this shrine. Completing this task will make the shrine rise from the ground. It is there that Link meets a Kikwi hermit named Yerbal. Don't hurt me, koo-weep! However, after Twilight invaded the Woods, purple fog shrouded a part of the northern section, and this fog will damage Link if he touches it. After defeating these hinoxes, grab the orbs they drop and place them on the pedestals where the tablet is located. Defeat it to clear the shrine. The Serpent’s Jaws riddle solution – Farosh’s Scale – Shae Katha Shrine. Step on the platform then put the barrel down. Carry a barrel first then step on the platform once it’s near. Since you already completed the shrine quest, you just need to head inside the shrine, collect the Great Thunderblade from the chest along the way and the spirit orb from the monk. Finally, jump down and use the first chest again as a counter-weight by placing it on the end of the seesaw beside the blocks. Loot the Ancient Core from it. [14] It also contains a shop that seems to be owned by Coro and run by his pet myna bird, Trill. The Game Awards 2014 (Full Show) - YouTube, https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Faron_Woods?oldid=836484, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Link's Crossbow Training Pages Lacking Name References, Hyrule Warriors Pages Lacking Name References. Details are found below. The upper canopies of the Trees are densely populated with Deku Babas, and, in Twilight, with Twilit Babas. It’s on a cliff overlooking the village. Link must obtain the Lantern while chasing Talo and the Monkey in order to make it through the cave that leads to North Faron Woods.

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