fundamentals of nursing exam 1

It refers to the preparation of the bed with a new set of linens, 38. Percussion What is the best method used to assess the client’s temperature?AHeat sensitive tape BOralCRadialDAxillaryQuestion 22A client complains of difficulty of swallowing, when the nurse try to administer capsule medication. Percussion Pain B. Once you are finished, click the button below. 2. Using the principles of standard precautions, the nurse would wear gloves in what nursing interventions? Syndrome Your answers are highlighted below. Maintenance of a sufficient intake of air, Which of the following cluster of data belong to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The appearance of the patient's nails may provide information about systemic illnesses and yield information about their self care abilities or behaviors: Condition of what areas greatly impacts patient's ability for self-care? Other techniques of therapeutic communication are: What physical and emotional factors must a nurse assess through communication? D. Tachycardia  2000 Which of the following cluster of data belong to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is the statement of how a patient's status will change once interventions have been successfully instituted, Define the PLANNING stage of the nursing process. The nurse takes the client’s vital sign hereafter. 43. A walk-in client enters into the clinic with a chief complaint of abdominal pain and diarrhea. The best position for examining the rectum is: A new graduate nurse will make the best clinical decisions by applying the components of the nursing critical thinking model and which of the following? Which of the following is the most important purpose of handwashing. The person who encodes and delivers the message. State the client’s name aloud and have the client repeat it Question 1Which of the following is the most important purpose of handwashingATo avoid touching the client with a dirty handBTo promote hand circulationCTo prevent the transfer of microorganismDTo provide comfort Question 2Which of the following technique involves the sense of sight?AAuscultation BPalpationCPercussionDInspectionQuestion 3The nurse is ordered to administer ampicillin capsule TIP p.o. 20000 Which of the following is the abbreviation of drops? Oral Which of the following is included in Orem’s theory? Which of the following nursing diagnoses is correctly written? If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. When assessing skin, what alterations in condition are you looking? Which of the following measures the nurse should do?ACheck the availability of a liquid preparationBBreak the capsule and give the content with an applesauceCDissolve the capsule in a glass of waterDCrash the capsule and place it under the tongue Question 36Which of the following cluster of data belong to Maslow’s hierarchy of needsAAll of the above BLove and belongingCSelf actualizationDPhysiologic needsQuestion 37The nurse must verify the client’s identity before administration of medication. 8000 Develops a plan that prescribes strategies and alternatives to attain expected outcomes. 22. These are the means of conveying the message through visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Normally, your patient's skin should be dry with only a slight amount of moisture. CDp.DGtts.Question 19A client who is unconscious needs frequent mouth care. The nurse asked the client to read the Snellen chart. CO can fake out the pulse oximeter because blood will be saturated with CO, not O₂, but oximeter thinks that it is O₂. Keep all equipment out of view

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