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Leave the potato slices in place for at least 4 hours before looking under them. I have a drainage ditch field next door to my house where noseeums gnats and other insects are very prevalent . You’ll often come across fungus gnats next to your doors, windows, or other areas of entry. But I have to do something with the adults.I don’t have any yellow index cards so I need to know if it has to be yellow or will white index cards work? Note that the gnats that are adults are harmless. These are not fruit flies. Once you have seen just how bad the problem is, replace the potato slices every day or two to catch and dispose of as many larvae as you can, and consider adding additional control measures. Simply brew a quart of strong tea, let it cool, and add it to your 1-gallon watering can. It is through the fungus gnat larvae the pest wreak havoc. Cinnamon powder isn’t just a tasty spice, it can be used to rid plant soil of harmful fungus gnats. They can be found in both outdoor plants and houseplants. They especially like to live in drains. Problem solved. You can use them on both outdoor plants and houseplants. The most popular and effective one is a bacterium microbe known as bacillus thuringiensis, AKA Bt. For new bags, pour all the soil into another container and mix. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this article. I did a search on the subject matter and found most people will consent with your blog. I have a small potted highbrush blueberry plant and the soil is full of these worms and every now and then the flies are in the soil and on top of it. Just like regular vinegar, you can do the same technique with ACV. How does this sound? That’s a high complement to pay a research nerd like me! They come in a sealed container to preserve their efficacy are usually found online or in specialty nurseries. Good article… needs someone to proof read. Or, try using a “plant spa” style pot, that is meant to be watered by pouring water into a tray under the pot, then the water soaks into the lower layers of soil where the plant roots can find it. Currently an active researcher in the pest control industry for the past 8 years- with a focus on using natural and organic methods to eliminate pest problems. The adult fungus gnats choose moist soil for egg laying. Hi Dawn I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide, The BT,letting the soil dry out,sticky traps and non of these worked still infested with those dreadful fungus knats. Always use natural or organic methodology to get rid of fungus gnats when possible. Use as directed by the breeder. Right now I’m trying the trap paper, potato slices, and an apple cider vinegar trap on each side of the pot. Can I use hydrogen peroxide on my pots with veggie seedlings more than once a week? Thank you so much! This disease can cause damping-off and kill small seedlings. Sarah. You can do this by testing it on a single leaf and waiting 2 days. But I also included a section for commercial pesticides, just in case. You may have to remove any pests that you see in the dirt. Are they same as gantrol or knock-out-gnats? It about 4 stories above the ground, and it is a very wet and damp area. The larvae are the destructive part of the fungus gnat life cycle, as with most other larval pests like worms and caterpillars. Dish soap has always been an effective and easy home remedy for not only fungus gnats, but also dog food pests, acer pests, Christmas tree bugs, and even snails. It might be that you have a vector in your house that is reinfesting the plants, such as a drain pipe or another infested plant. Microbe-Lift® BMC kills developing mosquitoes before they become breeding, biting adults. to another level. Another effective treatment of killing adult fungus gnats is by sprinkling weak chamomile tea on the plants. It is a liquid product, so it has no adverse effect on the aesthetics of ponds and water features. Late winter and early spring is when most gardeners start seedlings indoors and get the gardening season underway. great stuff,but how much do i use in each 5gal plant pot if mix it in with the soil? Cinnamaldehyde is present in both types of cinnamon and it kills fungi in your soil, however cassia tends to attract ants. Effective against damping off, cinnamon powder destroys the fungus on which the larvae feed. Adding a sand layer to the topsoil can prevent fungus gnats. Or lightly pour it around the outside? The dish soap drowns the gnats and kills them over time. Simply sprinkle enough cinnamon to form a visible layer across the top of your potting media, and repeat every few weeks, if needed. Dryer sheets have been said to repel fungus gnats, but the main problem is that it’s hard to get the scent all over the soil. God Bless you for sharing this info. What about covering the top of the soil with chicken grit and watering from the bottom? Fungus gnats search out moist soil in which to lay their eggs. Will I still be able to eat the tomatoes after the HP treatment? There are 6 noticeable limbs with an extended abdomen. Thanks so much for the advice. These worm-like creatures first enter the larvae and then release a bacterium which proves to be quite lethal. So helpful to find all these remedies in one place onece again ty. Both adult and larvae gnats aren’t known to harm humans. The sticky traps that I do just keep feeding the flies rather then trap them. You can buy food-grade DE at most department stores. I’ve tried nematodes and Stratiolaelaps scimitus (=Hypoaspis miles) SKU: 1154002-G (twice and the second time they sent me 4 times the dose by mistake… used it all!). I was looking for a method that would not bring harm to them in the process. Larvae are translucent gray to white worms, about 1/4 inch long, with shiny black heads. Anyone know? Why are there gnats in my bag of potting soil? Where to find beneficial nematodes online. Is there any way to break this cycle around my deck area so this kids and family can enjoy our outdoors? DE should work well to help eliminate millipedes. Does hydrogen peroxide kill earthworms too? But other sites, including this scientific study, appear to suggest that coumarin is the more effective fungicide and Cassia has more coumarin in it than Ceylon, suggesting that Cassia is the better fungus inhibitor and killer. There are fly killing devices that can help control free-flying gnats. Great article! You made my day! I just went through a month or so of fungus gnats here in Korea. Where to find beneficial nematodes online. I have gnats too but no plants. Also you will want to use more than one control because potatoes only work at one stage of their life cycle. I won;t open it for a month at least!! Mix the DE into the soil completely. Each Hypoaspis eats about 3 prey per day on average, so depending on how many you order, the time it takes will vary. Not until the plant has no more roots to chew on. Hello Dawn: I am a senior citizen member of my local Horticultural Society in Blind River Ontario. This should be something you do with anything that you plan to add to your yard- just like. The specific strains of Bt, H-14 or israelensis effectively kill fungus gnat larvae.

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