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Pop! t - Ad Icons, Pop! Vinyls are becoming increasingly popular with retailers, so much that Funko has increased its financial incentives to retailers twofold. Interestingly, Father of Ultra was released under two different numbers. Let's Go Luna! This is usually the entire item; however; some have parts of color. [6][7][8][9][10], Each Pop! Disney is a Pop! Fandom; Gamepedia; D&D Beyond; Cortex RPG; Muthead; Futhead; Follow Us. m - The company has produced several different Nickelodeon products.!?oldid=14077. #01, #02, etc. Vinyl has an incremental number assigned to it based on the collection it is a part of, eg. based on the character from the Star Wars films A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Pop! Animation. Pop! 3-Packs/Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady, & King Endymion, Clash on the Supremacy (Pop! Pop! s - Funko Pop! Z In addition Funko produces licensed plush, bobbleheads, action figures, and licensed electronic items such as USB drives, lamps and headphones. Vinyl figures are categorized into categories or collections such as Pop! Battletoads Wiki. Number Pop! These are the various Pop!s that have been created by Funko. Atom Ant Bamm-Bamm Rubble Barney Rubble Benny the Ball Blue Falcon Boo Boo Brak Breezly Bruin Bubi Bear Daphne Blake Dick Dastardly Dynomutt Frankenstein Jr. Fred Flintstone Fred … Some concept art was also included. L is#218 in Pop! 1 History 2 Released 2.1 Pop! It has released Godzilla figures as part of its Pop!, Hikari, and SciFi Mystery Mini lines, along with a Pop! f - figures was in 2015, at a handful of toy fairs. Disney consists of characters from the various Disney media. Television The first appearance on an Ultraman line of Pop! Ultraman Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Disney consists of characters from the various Disney media. Tees 1.2 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 1.2.1 Pop! U - figures based on characters from the Ultraman Series. This is a very large category! ~. figures have been made with many licensees, including Hanna-Barbera. Four years later, Funko unveiled a basic Ultraman figure as well as a glow in the dark variant. Pens 1.1.3 Pop! They were first published since 2016. DIY - all white so you can paint them and add clay to make them look however you want. Classics, Pop! B - Movies, Pop! The collectible manufacturer Funko released a line of Funko Pop! Three of the figures were released under the Pop! Funko Pop! [14][15], Pop! h - [1][2] Pop! r - 8-Bit, Pop! 1 Vinyl figurines 2 Mystery Mini's 3 Funko POP! G - X - [12][13], Exclusive limited release Pop! More Funko Wiki. Television, Disney Pop!, Star Wars Pop!, Marvel Pop!, Pop! figures was in 2015, at a handful of toy fairs. Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines, Huckleberry Hound Tells Stories of Uncle Remus, Magilla Gorilla Tells Ogee the Story Alice in Wonderland, Pixie and Dixie with Mr. Jinks Tell the Story of Cinderella, Snagglepuss Tells the Story of Wizard of Oz, Wilma Flintstone Tells the Story of Bambi,!_figures?oldid=29923. Books, Pop! is a series of non-transforming super deformed figures by Funko based on Age of Extinction characters. L - g - e - H - Heroes and Game of Thrones Pop!. Vinyl figures with very little to no paint detail on it. figures that offer an alternative look. Hanna-Barbera Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. About; ... Funko Wiki is a … Asia 2.2 Pop! Exclusives are generally variants of existing Pop! & Pint Pack ● Coming Soon ● Deluxe ● Digital ● Moments ● Specialty Series ● World of Pop! Toys/Gallery/Funko | My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki | … 1 Pop! Darth Vader is a Funko Pop! [23] Again like Exclusives, Prototypes are retired by default. figures have been made with many licensees, including Hanna-Barbera. J - These remained available only at the aforementioned store until early 2020. [23], As the name suggests, prototypes are not always the final design. Funko Pop! covers many categories or collections across many genres. Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars and a lot of other Pop…

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