gillies range bus crash 1987

I can’t explain. Laughed a lot! In for 20 mins (shitting ourselves) Recess then Steven L, Sean D & me .. not really scary – I felt like laughing- [laughter is my default stress response…] wanted to be asked more Q’s $31 for it! Go back to Thursday’s entry in my previous post if you want to know a bit more about them.] I went to her place then we left for the pancake house. [I had just lost the only real best friend I’d ever had. Was O.K. Have tried to get as much info as possible. assign. Was quite good. Also partly international. Too bad – he’s coming ‘fore school 2morrow to get his prezzy. There’s so many things. He thinks Moni would’ve been perfect for him. In fact, from the word go, I never felt an ounce of animosity toward him (and of all those I knew, neither did anyone else). (told her about that & she seemed OK) so we hung round for ages, till Sandra P came & Chris, Mark & I got a lift to Greenslopes & Pease → walked so far then→, →stopped & talked .. about the accident a lot. exam Tues. & english assign. I was in Sandra’s room, with FM4CCR on her clock radio (Mark set it up for me!!) I wasn’t in the Courier Mail today, maybe tomorrow. Decision? If I can learn the theory tonite & try to revise more prac. YUKKY. . Good-o! That parts the easy stuff. I wanted to, anyway but wanted her opinion. [Sounds like a rhetorical question to me: I’m fairly sure I knew deep down that visiting the site would bring ‘stuff’ up… even if I wasn’t exactly able to define what…]. Given how much the DG of Queensland Health is p... Nearly a year has gone by in a blink. Was good, but the time went so quickly ..only 2 little kisses, But some affectionate moments, when we just looked at each other. Got to Fi’s by taxi .. too tired to watch the videos. It’s a bloody mess. Am tired… have had an unreal weekend!! Knowing this man would live with the deaths of eight children hanging over him for the rest of his life… that burden would be insufferable alone. Mark..!!! What does the death of Johno’s mean for Cairns? Hundreds of mourners have gathered for a memorial service in Cairns, to remember the eight students killed after the bus they were travelling in crashed on the Gilles Range, 30 years ago. I fucking got the message. Friday 18/9/87 [that’s twice now, Elissa] I asked how +ve or -ve & he said Both ways. He said he’d ring me back .. by 6:00 I thought I’d ring him, it was getting late. (I worked on the front reception desk from 1984 until 2001)It was the first time that I experienced real ED team work in action and it was amazing to see how smoothly it came together. Pissed off, I am pissed off. And it’s got nothing to do with the fact that I failed my maths, for sure .. it’s to do with mark. It’s not fair. . “While there’s been huge improvements in safety since then, it’s always in the back of my mind and it definitely still influences my driving speed on the range,” he said. Supply a postal address, if you require a hard copy receipt. ALL WE EVER TALK ABOUT NOW IS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE FORMAL That’s all. Anyway, I woke around 7:00 – went to the loo (in the mirror I saw >gasp< a big hickie – to the right of my neck this time, but still big!) close. At least, I’m sure that mum would not have approved of that ‘impertinence’…] Mark didn’t ring me back, so I rang him at 6:00. It’s getting me down; he’s not shitty or angry with me, I know, but he barely talks to me. I want to party this weekend!! NERVOUS- tomorrow!! Missing Mark terribly already. Categories 1987, My Diary • Tags ... malfunctioning vehicle up the Gillies Range to begin with, his driving skills would never have been questioned.] No answer “OK” I said & sat next to him. BASIC! And I’m not at all ready for this math exam(s) I really should’ve tried harder to catch up. * Talking is to help us remember so we can cope. First, at inquest, we heard the addresses. Even though we kissed & mucked around normally, I have this horrible, horrible feeling there’s something wrong.

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