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We are aligned with purpose driven work where we can give and provide support to those that are in need and we involve our children in our philanthropic work also which they love. She lives in Florida with her wife and three children. This was the BEST Marie TV interview I’ve ever seen. It didn’t stop there, it led me into the forests of Ecuador where I entered into a peyote ceremony and metamorphosed into a jaguar. My mom, had a brain surgery (tummor) when I was 6, who almost took her away from us. I even partially lost my (physical) voice as I was making my trek across Texas and it only returned soon after I set foot on this property I bought. Shortform: The World's Best Book Summaries, Shortform Blog: Free Guides and Excerpts of Books, A New Earth Book Summary, by Eckhart Tolle. However, she knew that when someone else’s opinions are involved, they could cause you to lose sight of what is important. As a Japanese woman, I feel inspired by Chinese female business leaders. I can’t think of a word to describe how liberating that would be. I see myself as a model to my children, show them sometimes mom hurts, but then she gets up and follows her dreams and heart, they will too sometimes fall but can get up and follow their dreams, they now know it’s possible, they have a full map and can decide for themselves where they want to go, there is no wrong way, maybe just longer. To not be scared of those darker sides of myself. I have held myself back and kept myself small and quiet for fear of revealing my true self to others in case they don’t like who I am. Yesterday, I was working on a week 1 B-School assignment. . I can still feel those sensations and that knowing in my body today. MUCH LOVE. Where I’m surrounded by honest and loving friends that accept me exactly as I am. KELLIE! I got pregnant with an idea that became the biggest creative project of my life and its pivotal point. Amazzzing! Thank you Marie, Thank you Glennon Doyle :* :*. You see, Glennon met and fell in love with her now-wife, Abby Wambach, at a speaking event. She even took back her job as a kindergarden teacher so she waas able to have her income, to send us to schools, to open up our lives to what she never could acces. So she married Craig and became a good mother and Christian woman. I’m an editor and an author and I have been blown out of the water by the unexpected responses I’ve seen to authors’ books and even some of my own. ? We’re grateful to have you in our community, and we’re cheering you on as you take your next untamed steps. If she lied, it would damage their trust in everything else that she had ever told them. When Doyle’s oldest daughter, Tish, wanted to try out for a soccer team, he was worried. It’s touching. 21:15 — How polar bears helped Glennon accept her big feelings. The cheetah in me sings, yells, whispers, howls, and roars. If not as a manifestation of stupidity and naivety, then as weakness and whimper … We forbid ourselves to be kind, even when we want it. To conform to fit the norm, to do what was expected. Why? That’s just me but I’m listening to others and I do have things to say I just need more time to share them. This episode was brilliant! I am reading the transcript while I breastfed my little one, and so many many many lines/phrases hit hard on me…that I got to screen shot, underline/circle and share to my mama friends as I read through the transcript. Thank you for being here. It cracked open my heart and began my journey back to wholeness, acceptance and love. What a spectacular and deeply inspiring conversation from two BADASS women. Thank you for the work you’ve done personally and the work you do with others to embrace and free the inner child. My most beautiful story is to find friends, women friends, that I can have sleepovers with and talk about serious stuff like the both of you just did. I don’t know. Would she deny her heart? (Im a bschooler alumni) I finally became a b shcooler I’ve been patiently working & consistently remaining open and thankful, yet the intentional deliberate desire is here now to kick this final hurdle/cyclical pattern to the curb which has kept me coming in 2nd for much of my life. I just spent all morning listening to this book on Audible – holly FUCKING amazing! I tell others not to wait for the perfect land, people, or situation. The one that has not limitations or paralysing fears. The real deal THAT! I am my own woman. stop being YOU and stay quiet, small, shunned. I believe in marriage but we should always be able to support ourselves if our spouse leaves deliberately or leaves us by dying. Amazing amazing amazing. In addition, I’d love to be a “professional philanthropist” of sorts. It stopped when I quit my relation ship and picked up my artistic activities again next to my daily job. Because we all deserve to live our beautiful dream life! So here’s the story. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I decided to follow my dream of being a cartoonist. Too bad! She is awesome. I feel a desire to embrace my true, authentic self fully and become whole again. Thank you to you both and to all who will read a snippet of my story below. One of the things that Glennon shared was that “there is no such thing as one way liberation.” When one of us finds our wild and liberation, that ripples out to others — including you and the work you’re doing. Through my book, I make connections and get a scholarship for my education as a performing artist. The most common glennon doyle material is ceramic. Doyle describes herself as thinking about how the cheetah had been trapped and trained into a routine that had left her “unaware that if she remembered her wildness – just for a moment – she could tear those zookeepers to shreds” (xv). Thank you for the extreme passion that you ladies have and for sharing such a beautiful heartfelt segment. Just watched a video with the author and you asked for us to send you ‘the most beautiful story of my life’ it actually is what I am living now and have always have-no fear for the Truth! My mother tried to protect me, to remind me this truth ~ if you want to be different, you have to be okay with not being accepted. Everyone tried to keep me in my marriage. I want to play BIG. Aiga, After a year of dancing, competing, learning, succeeding, and being intimate and vulnerable with each other, we decided to pursue a relationship off of the dance floor. Didn’t realize it could be that hard but I am learning to have patience (with myself mainly) and celebrate every victory, post, video that I am sharing and that makes me happy and feeling inspired. I am safe to say no to the cages disguised as opportunities. Thank you Glennon and Marie! They will grow and learn, and become the real people they were born to be. come back to love again, Bereft of forest hide and seek I would like to know that men are “tamed” in their own way by society, but I do beleive have been less manipulated than women. Go through it stay polite argh !!! So glad this episode inspired you and helped you gain clarity. I am so glad you had her on. They may not agree. The life of my wildest dreams. This has to be one of THE best conversations I have ever heard. We’re so grateful you’re here and speaking up and helping other women do the same. We get controlled by false childhood assumptions. Thank you Most excellent….. This episode had me in tears at moments because I know I have made myself small at times and not leaned into my truth. Let that wild out, Janelle! Isn’t that assignment eye-opening?!   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. I found myself. Sofia, P.S. Not in integrity – I have that – but in their expectations of who I am supposed to be. The truest story of my life would be feeling like I have worth, like I deserve to take up space in this world. At Part One’s conclusion, she describes an encounter that opened doors for her by allowing freedom to enter her life. This is truly something special. To use the analogy of the Cheetah…we were all told the story of the Ego, that we had have one, you cannot function without one. That was deep! It is time for me to create my own WILD out here among the trees. I felt i had to choose between. My “untamed” is not being such a people-pleaser, but freeing up my mind and time to be creative, grateful, happy, and present. I can tell that just envisioning this truly beautiful way of living your life is just the beginning of this already unfolding for you. Doyle decided to leave her husband even though she was in love with another man. It’s okay to want more! Cheers! So glad that I did it though:). That words don’t cut me to my core, that other peoples problems don’t weigh heavy on my shoulders, that I can show my girls that you can be anything you damn well want to be if you reach out and take it. Hell yes! I had a lot of big feelings as kid, and over the past few months I’m uncovering how I was taught that they were not acceptable. I imagine giving my children the courage to be themselves and not wanting to shrink into a mold that their peers might place on them. I feel the fire in her heart that society has tried to put out. I am safe when I am alone. That is the most truest and beautiful story about myself. I’m so tired of feeling contracted. I trust what my body is telling me to do. I can relate to so much of this. To BE wild and EMBRACE wild and LOVE my wild kids and my wild husband and my very wild life on 30 acres in the mountains! And, WOWza!, what an example of freedom and integrity. The journey since then has been very difficult, painful, humiliating, exhausting and often lonely. That’s it. We’re more loving.

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