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Talk about heart…burn…see what I dydd there? Why did Gulthias travel to the Sunless Citadel? Although we can rest easy in the knowledge that the menace posed by this beast is no more (or so we hope), Ashardalon remains a  cause of wonder and speculation.”.
Bel; Dispater Father of Strife; Mammon the King of Greed; Fierna; Belial; Tymphal; Levistus; Community. Victor’s lips continued to move but no sound was produced. No wonder the guy lives in a small, undead heart-hut – even Ryan Gosling would have no game with those on. Realizing his allies could not protect him from such a large number of attackers, Amon began fleeing back toward the stone ruins casting sleep on groups of twig blights as he went. This tree grew in secret for an unknown amount of time, hidden by a massive illusion that hid the death of the forest around it from any onlookers. Thorn Blights are a new creation of the Gulthias Tree, first appearing in the year 2120 at Ascension Academy, and later at the site of other attacks. The Bodhi Tree of Bodh Gaya is believed to be the Ficus religiosa under which Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. The Golden Plain was ruled by a human king who dwelt in a many-towered fortress.

He may have been searching for an artifact he believed would summon Ashardalon. He dispatched his knights to kill Ashardalon and they slew Ashardalon’s mate, provoking the dragon’s great fury. JavaScript is currently disabled. Inside grow 30 foot trees covered with crystal leaves which ring like bells when rustled. The Finishers then departed the Wizard of Wines toward Yester Hill for a third time. 1d6 bludgeoning - versatile (1d8) Made from the branch of a Gulthias tree (see the blights entry of the Monster Manual), a Gulthias staff is a spongy, black length of wood. “Ashardalon is an entity of power, possessed of a maturity that few dragons ever achieve. In Magic Incarnum, the Pentifex Order has it out for Ashardalon’s followers. The tree bore two kinds of fruit: a red apple with healing properties and an blanche one filled with deadly poison. As Ashardalon says himself, Dydd destroyed his heart mortally and mystically. So much to think about! This dark extra-planar agent, I believe, came from Ravenloft. You can even prestige as a Disciple of Ashardalon (Draconomicon).

Please support D&D writers and artists by purchasing content on DriveThruRPG, and picking up Tales from The Yawning Portal and the Wrath of Ashardalon board game. For example: “The children of Tiamat look about the size of a two story bungalow.”. From his vantage point away from the copse, he could see at least a dozen druids and wildmen ascending Yester Hill and converging upon them. But he could hide no longer. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he was from the bloodline of the Children of Ashardalon in Heart of Nightfang Spire? Perhaps, Durgeddin forged Dydd’s sword as well – ?

There! Meanwhile, Ashardalon was chill’n in the Bastion of Unborn Souls. Or maybe he thought the magic – which preserved an undead Elf forever condemned to spend his unlife as a troll – held some sort of necrotic power. Many builders of magic items have worked to recreate his chosen implement, basing their efforts on tales and myths, while others use such stories for new staffs of their own design.”. They attributed this return of the 'true Rin' to Ymra, and began converting other students such as Melanie and Esmae, and later Stark. Gulthias was killed in the Twilight Grove beneath the citadel. Half-dragon monstrosities called the Children of Ashardalon enjoyed substantial power in the Spire due to their (supposed) descent from the great dragon. Still, he persists. :p. Where was Ashardalon when Gulthias became undead, took a vacation to the Citadel, came home and bought sick shades? The once Golden Plain was now reduced to ruin forever to be called the Ashen Plain (SS, 11). The dark masters of Ravenloft also taught him how to transform into a tree were he ever killed in the future. Ymra held many grievances with the Vampire, who he saw weaseling his way into the Cross-Allied Forces and putting them further under the thumb of the Council. This sentient ring contains the consciousness of the vampire Gulthias. Gulthias sensed a “residual potency” in Ashardalon’s heart and followed the dragon into death by dabbling in dark rituals (HNS, 14). Now, I must spend all my time at the Center, lest my heart fail completely. His feasting created the “soul sickness,” a multi-universal wide cataclysm where bodies are thrust into existence without souls. Now, The Demogorgon, made famous by Stranger Things, has a personality issue. The vampire tree was perfect. In an effort to retrieve the stake, Narf-Narf transformed into a giant badger and began digging under the tree; eventually tearing into its roots with his powerful claws. Why don’t the gods intervene??

A pack of Twig Blights during the Siege of Concordia. The article was really useful for that. Smells like Maple Syrup with a hint of walnut. A prestige class is dedicated to Ashardalon. Things get really interesting. By order of Durgeddin the Black, we have created a secret dwarven redoubt. The villagers planted the fruit’s seeds in the hopes of growing it for themselves. Gulthias then made a journey to the Sunless Citadel, a fortress built in honor of Ashardalon by an Elvish faction of the Cult of the Dragon (SC, 11). Thorn Blights resemble a larger more 'armored' Twig Blight, standing closer to six feet tall with barky armor covered in spikes.

Sure enough, goblins and kobolds came to roost in the citadel and vie for dominance (SS, 11). “Dydd’s people” eventually married each other and gave birth to a new generation of inhabitants in the region (SS, 2). Below I offer a possible history of events: Gulthias makes Nightfang Spire his temple, An Elvish dragon cult builds the Sunless Citadel, Dydd cuts Ashardalon’s heart from his chest, Gulthias brings the heart to Nightfang Spire, The Sunless Citadel is destroyed (Although it would be cool if Ashardalon fell on the Citadel when Dydd killed him), Gulthias becomes a vampire (Ravenloft connection here), Gulthias is staked to the ground in the Twilight Grove, Belak helps the Gulthias Tree create the Twig Blights and lures adventurers into the Grove, A party of adventures release Gulthias by destroying the tree, Gulthias returns to Nightfang Spire. As he pulled the axe from the tree, blood sprayed from the trunk as if it were an open wound; dousing the paladin. However after Blights began appearing in the countryside of Southern Valendor near Concordia and Ascension Academy it became apparent that a second Gulthias Tree must exist.

In other words, Gulthias deluded himself into believing that the heart retained some life, when in fact he was the one who gave it “life” by imbuing it with necrotic energy, while guided by some dark power (Ravenloft?). The more townsfolk this occurred to, the less the attacks happened, until they caught the townsfolk dragging one of their own to the woods, where they found the tree and a recruit burned it. In The Standing Stone we find a sword forged by Durgeddin, who was the muguffin of sorts in the second episode, The Forge of Fury (SS, 16). In his desperate bid to acquire the arcane knowledge required to escape Barovia, he was willing to do whatever it took. But after centuries (it’s always centuries), Ashardalon’s demon-heart began to fail and to stay alive Ashardalon traveled to the Positive Plane and broke into the Bastion of Unborn Souls. Caught in the delusion that his dragon-god would return, Gulthias made a pact with a dark power in exchange for vampiric unlife. We have the Gulthias tree, the tree of unborn souls, and a mystical sapling named Semphelon. Amazing consolidation of knowledge, bro. When Dark magic was used the sample reanimated fully.

Its evil makes beasts visibly uncomfortable while within 30 feet of it. Staff, simple weapon, melee weapon, rare (requires attunement) 4 lb. The blog Whispers in Twilight has one of the most interesting homebrews of the tree that I've come across.

The seeds sprouted Twig Blights bent on murdering anyone unlucky enough to find themselves lost in the surrounding forest. The board game, Wrath of Ashardalon, is released. Sap Blights sap works in a similar manner to the paralytic the Thorn Blight's spikes secrete, making the victim sluggish and numb. I should add that later on a party of adventurers come across a Duergar who claims to be a descendant of Ashardalon (Lord of the Iron Fortress). Ages ago, Ashardalon slew a cult of druids affiliated with the Church of the Elements, save for Dydd the Wise who manged to escape (SS, 2; BBS, 10).
Ashardalon tries to cheat death by causing a cosmic catastrophe. As for Toril, one can find “the Sunless Citadel…nestled in the foothills just south of Mount Hotenow, northwest of Thundertree near the city of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast in Faerun”. She is a fiend, but is an outcast among both demons and devils— she is half demon and half devil, spawn of a doubly unholy union. Trees are significant in many of the world's mythologies, and have been given deep and sacred meanings throughout the ages. These trees are incredibly rare, before the year 2120 it was thought that only one ever existed. When the party finally awoke the following morning, Konrad convinced them to join him in returning to Yester Hill to retrieving the spear. Ashardalon split the earth and threw the king’s fortress into its depths. The rest of the party moved in, with Narf-Narf summoning a defensive wind wall. Konrad led the charge but was grievously wounded in a hail of thorns. In addition, the Sunless Citadel has a scroll which reads, “…the remaining few. When Light magic was used the sample reanimated, but only for the duration of the spell. A temple to Pelor is found in The Sunless Citadel and The Speaker in Dreams;  a body of a paladin holds Pelor’s Golden Sunburst (SS, 24-25); and the corpse of a half-orc paladin bears the name Orrun-Pelor (BBS, 29). I am addicted to raw life force” (BBS, 30). Zemon summoned his warhorse only to discover it now appeared undead in nature; reeking of decay and with entrails dangling from its skeletal ribs. They made their way past several shambling zombies, to the unlit estate and made their way inside through an open door. “Ashardalon was a creature of great fury and power even before he achieved his legendary status or gathered a cult following. I had my players recently discover a ring in the heart of a Gulthias Tree. After all, “[h]is goal is the creation of a nation-state under his rule, a theocracy where all must give obeisance to a vanished, long-forgotten dragon named Ashardalon” (HNS, 28).

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