hardest hollow knight boss

Anyone with decent object tracking skills and a general knowledge of platformers should get out of this one unscathed. Dung Defender in the Royal Waterways, in a secret room below the large pump next to the Dung Defender's arena.

What really makes him so difficult however, is his second phase, which involves him jumping around the arena constantly, before lunging at you and spinning, providing about a second in which you can attack without getting hurt back. Overall Difficulty: NO GOD! Bosses are unique enemies in Hollow Knight with typically higher health or deal more damage than the standard creatures in the same area. Fun boss to fight but not that hard to beat.

I'd put NMK above PV, after some practice, I could beet PV consistantly, but I'm still always on my toes against NMK. It is hard for all the wrong reasons, dreaded on each playthrough, and has a stupid name. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies, link to These Are the Best Ways to Get Ammo in Fallout 4, link to How Magic Works in Dark Souls III. At the end of it, the main character is rewarded for their bravery with a Mask Shard, making the Brooding Mawlek worth taking on.

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If you can defeat Nue, you know you have the skills to get them to the end of the game. NOOOO! Stupid to have to go through the entire pantheon of hallownest when you inevitably die, sure it was pretty annoying to go through the hollow knight to get to radiance, but spending 40 minutes to get to a fight, just to redo it a hundred times is insane. Very fast, tanky and double damage makes for a hard boss but is fun. The only real reason why this guy (or guys in the arena) is t6his high on the list is because he is more or less a test of your spacial awareness and ability to dodge, which can be the most difficult part of platforms for some players. All we can say is that it's a shame that a boss with such a cool design is optional. Dream Bosses are significantly more challenging than their living counterparts, with much faster and more complex attack patterns, along with much greater health. This will remove one of the Watcher Knights from the fight and give you a bit more of a fair chance. The Top Ten . Stay vigilant and these amazing bosses will bow to your nail eventually! You might have noticed that I didn’t include your first fight with Zote on this list because it could hardly even be considered a boss fight when almost every base enemy in the game is more difficult.

If I had not already fought some of the harder bosses on this list I would have to imagine that he would definitely have been in my top ten.

A really hard but incredibly fun boss battle. Haven't though personally but looks very difficult. To knock two of them out and see two more reanimate can be very demoralizing, forcing some players to give up entirely. But making those two fights come back to back would be insanely challenging, even for someone who is actually good at this game. There is a chandelier that you can drop above the boss fight arena which can be accessed from the elevator shaft you used to come up to the current floor.

Like the Crystal Guardian but madder, faster, more laser attacks, and more damage. It can be enough to turn the player off, making them want to put down the controller and walk away from the game. Part of the difficulty of this fight is in the creepy factor of both the music and the “voice” that you seem to hear throughout the fight. Anyone who has beaten Hollow Knight and its DLC packs will know that the harder incarnation of Grimm is much higher on this list, but that doesn’t mean Grimm is a slacker.

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