harrison county tx jail commissary

Make the Money Order out to the inmate's name and put their Inmate ID# in memo section of the Money Order. Always send a Money Order from the US Post Office, a reputable bank or Western Union. Families need to contact Harrison County TX Jail for inmate’s Offender ID which will be required to create inmate’s offender’s account. Taking this into consideration when deciding how much to deposit will ensure the inmate gets the amount you wanted him to have after things are deducted. The bail amount is typically 10-15% of the bond amount set by the court. Phone Calls Inmates are allowed phone calls, and there are various private companies involved that provide a service for the Harrison County Jail in Marshall, Texas. The Harris County Sheriff's Office, founded in 1837, is the largest sheriff's office in Texas and the third largest in the United States. Some inmates, specifically those who are targeted for being weak or are in jail for rape or child molestation, are forced to relinquish their commissary to avoid regular beatings from other inmates. Deposit fees varies and so does the time, contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office & Jail Administration for the inmate’s ID number. Records/reports regarding inmates, offenders, arrests, and most wanted and other related information can be obtained from the Harrison County Clerk’s Office. Friends and families can deposit money on books in the inmate’s account with their Credit and Debit cards, you need to provide your details along with inmate’s facility details, contact Harrison County TX Jail for inmate’s details. In all of Harrison County, this is the only county jail serving the entire county. Marshall City, Texas is home to the Harrison County Jail. Many jails debit (charge) an inmate's commissary accounts for medical visits, any medications including over-the-counter pain reliever, jail stay fees, restitution, etc. Always send a Money Order from the US Post Office, a reputable bank or Western Union. The food may not be of the highest quality, but the commissary food is generally much less nutritious. Funds can be transferred through online or by visiting the nearest MoneyGram agent or just Contact Pigeonly for more information on this and to find our more methods to send funds in inmate's account.. Harrison County TX Jail have/has canteen service(s) for inmates where they can purchase products through their inmate commissary account which is funded by their friends and families or the products are earned by them through wages. Civil & Warrants – 903-923-4002 However, there is quite a long list of material/content that is prohibited at the Harrison County Jail. The account is set up to give access to buy items and to pay various medical services and jail fee. How to Put Money on an Inmate Account in the Harrison County Jail & Sheriff. If an inmate is being targeted, most jails will intervene and have the victim placed in protective custody, away from the general population. Call Harrison County Jail & Sheriff at (903) 923-4000 to confirm the address to send the money order to and how they want it made out. Each correctional facility has its own rules on visitation, commissary, and mail. What can an Inmate Purchase through Commissary? After the transaction is done the amount credits to an inmate’s account, Harris County Sheriff's Office & Jail Administration might charge an online fee for the deposit contact the facility for the amount. The inmates are allowed to buy commissary items during their incarceration, the amount spend will be deducted from their inmate account and may vary depending on your facility's departmnet of correction rules . Some jails have self-serve kiosks in the lobbies that accept cash, debit or credit cards. Jails typically have limits on how much money an inmate can have on the books at any one time. The funds can be deposited into inmate’s commissary account via mail, kiosk, by calling our executives or through the Internet. They also have limits on how much you can deposit for an inmate at a time. Upon deposit the funds will be transferred to the inmate’s account within 24 hours, you can also check with Harrison County TX Jail after depositing the funds.

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