hilary jones drummer

GTFOH! So I don’t know at this point where her music career is, but with THAT racist rant, she has practically KILLED her future music aspirations, and NO music equipment manufacturer would in their right mind would want to be associated with her at this point, as again the music/drumming community is a multicultural community. “American Nightmare”?? She is entitled to her opinions and to make them public. I hope she loses every endorsement and never works again!!!! She mastered an instrument and art form that is inseparably tethered to the black struggle and while standing on the shoulders of the non-white giants she learned the lexicon of rhythm from, she dishonours them with her intolerant, hate-based diatribes. There are literally rebuttal if you actually look. The fact that you are sympathizing with her tells me all that I need to know about you. While the music community at large is protesting social injustice and police brutality, DW Drums artist Hilary Jones unleashes a racist rant. The world she lives in don’t really care for her. These so called progressives demonize threaten and physically attack those they call racist or just old and white and do not see the fascism in the own behavior . Awful Racism and Racist is Major and Biggest Cancer ill of the World Society and in no way shape or form should be tolerated period!!!! DW stated they do not align themselves with such hate. And we all throw out sour milk. #blacklivesmatter. PLEASE CHECK YOURSELF, Everyone knows that feminism is not anti male, and everyone knows that animal rights is not anti human and Gay rights is not anti heterosexual, so those of you that say the “Black lives matter” movement is anti white what you are actually telling me is that you have became comfortable and accepting of an unequal society and are not even prepared to consider that there is a huge problem with racism and inequality in our society. People in power who abuse the system absolutely are a big part of the problem. Thats why she will now pay dearly for it. I was going to share this with my musical associates on FB , but let her 15 mins be over and return to obscurity where her and her ideas belong. That’s funny,… hey anyone care to hazard a guest at what group of people has benefited the most through the years from affirmative action?? So many thoughts right now. Blinded by hate, fear and ignorance has never seemed a more apt description this sad person. You’ve had tremendous advantages in this country…” She goes on to mention Affirmative Action and the lowering of standards to accommodate “those of you who couldn’t measure up…”. Black people should thank their stars? You know nothing of the truth of anyone else’s life and you don’t care. You know, if I had been ripped from my homeland (YES, IT WAS A LONG TIME AGO… BUT really NOT SO LONG) and sold like a piece pottery, I’d be anti-saxon too. Be clear in that! WHITE people raped them. “you were never a slave. If you tried to say that in public, you wouldn’t get far. NO RACE kills more people than the WHITE RACE! If your opinion is racist, then fuck your opinion. Originally from Baltimore Maryland -- a community with a deep history of cultural diversity-- she has carved out a … ( HYPOCRITES!). Lol. And lake there of one. How many white men serve little to ZERO jail time? Jones begins her racist rant by saying “you were never a slave. I havе to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I’m sure these companies knew her view. Big Thanks to her kind for getting us to see if we are united we can move mountains!!!! I’ve heard this same line from neanderthals like you (sorry, no offense Neanderthals!) She told the truth and but the truth is racist… black fucking bastards will get the push back they’ve been wanting soon enough. I think i saw her early 00’s with Lee Ritenour.She did a great job as drummer wth with Melvin Davies on bass.Great pocket! Klansmen have the right to their opinion, but they are as ignorant as Hilary. The assertion that Black People kill more Whites than the other way around is absolute nonsense. I totally agree with you. Is that a thing? And let’s hope the events of this week will set a more civil tone in America, from one end to the other. I am relieved to know DW has done the right thing. Intelligent comment! Just asking for a friend. HOWEVER, DW also has a right to say “We don’t wish to be affiliated or associated in any way with people who publicly announce their bigotry and ignorance”. And to my white allies and friends, thank you for being open to learn, standing with us, and engaging with the hard process of confronting white privilege – it isn’t an easy task. However, people in chronic poverty are often more susceptible to criminal activity for numerous reasons, which are not necessarily rooted in any personal moral failure. But as others have said, there are consequences and that is what she is experiencing now. As if there was ever a reconcilable equity of this in this world let alone this Country. To my non-black POC allies and friends, we see your struggles too, so thank you for using your voice to lift ours in our time of need.

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