hms shropshire crew list

B.C.S. At 0854/27, HMS Norfolk joined in, but the target was not clearly visible and she opened fire without obtaining a range. C.M. No.2 subflight, made up of two Swordfish, lost touch with no.1 subflight in the clouds, climed to 9000 feet, then dived on a bearing obtained by radar and then attacked from the starboard beam, again under heavy and intense fire. L.B. This force then proceeded west of Timor and to a position to the south of Java where they fuelled from oilers on April 1st. Commander Rushbrooke, the former British Naval Liaison Officer at Dakar was at Dakar in the merchant vessel Argyll during the attacks which was moored only 3 cables away from the Richelieu on her port beam. 13th        Consequent on decryption of ENIGMA traffic deployed for the, interception of German commerce raider ATLANTIS known to. A.W.S. The force took departure for the target in subflights in line astern at 2040/26. 2) B.C.S. R.A. Cherry, RNR) joined the convoy on 31 May and remained with it until dissolved on 4 June 1941. Meanwhile the newly formed ‘Force H’ and ‘Force K’ were busy on the other side of the South Atlantic. B.C.S. For the daily positions of HMS Dorsetshire from 30 July to 11 August 1940 see the map below. 3 Feb 1940Around 0800 hours (zone +2), HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. (50). B.C.S. In June 1941 Shropshire withdrew from the Indian Ocean and returned to England for refit which was not completed until March 1942. R.F.J. Bunyan, RANR(S)). Bristowe had given orders to attack at full speed. Martin, RN). W.E. HMS Exeter arrived at Freetown on 1 September 1939. Hill, OBE, RN), HMS Glengyle (A/Capt.(Retd.) B.C.S. On that day, 13 December 1939, was fought the action between the British South America Division and the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee, known as the Battle of the River Plate. R.L.S. period also. [2] These generated 80,000 shaft horsepower, which was fed to the ship's four 11-foot (3.4 m) diameter propellers. J. Mathieu), F.C. The troopships then parted company with HMS Dunedin as escort. HMS Norfolk sighted them through the rain at a range of only 8 nautical miles. When the raider report reached the Admiralty on 17 November they immediately cancelled the exchange of areas between ‘Force G’ an ‘Force H’. Mare, RIN). A.W.S. In January 1947 she became Squadron representative in Japanese waters, returning to Sydney in March 1947 in preparation for paying off, her days as an active warship ended. The Commander-in-Chief estimated that if the enemy was proceeding northwards to the North Atlantic she would cross the Freetown-Pernambuco line between 9 and 10 December. [3] She remained in the Mediterranean (apart from returning to the United Kingdom for refits) until the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, at which point the cruiser was reassigned to the South Atlantic for trade protection patrols. (46), 21 Sep 1941While trying to land on HMS Eagle (Capt. The ships got stuck together and only came loose around 0520 hours. de Meric, RN) and HMS Mooltan (Capt.(Retd.) HMS Cumberland, These ships had departed Capetown on 21 April and HMS Dorsetshire had been ordered to overtake them. C.F. Martin, RN) and HMS Cornwall (Capt. 1st           Joined military convoy WS12 in Clyde as Ocean Escort for passage in Atlantic. The Commodore thought that this publicity might draw the enemy raider to the area and he therefore took his entire force back towards Rio de Janeiro and sent HMS Hotspur ahead to make contact with the convoy, while keeping his other ships in support. A.W.S. The next day (5 June) supply vessel Egerland (10040 GRT, built 1940) was intercepted by HMS London and HMS Brilliant in approximate position 07°00'N, 31°00'W. Men were seen jumping overboard at this time and the Captain of the King George V later remarked had he known it he would have ceased fire. It had originally been intended that HMS Dorsetshire would replace HMS Exeter (Capt. I.G. May                       Rejoined Force F. 3rd          Deployed with HM Aircraft Carrier INDOMITABLE. This proved to be the last duty of these two destroyers with the South America Division. Admiral Sommerville therefore planned to concentrate the Eastern Fleet on the late afternoon / early evening of 31 March 1942 in position 04°40’N, 81°00’E. B.C.S. F.H.R. During the afternoon of the 20th the British Liaison Officer at Dakar reported that according to the French Admiral at Dakar the French Government had refused the German armistice terms and would continue the fight in France. Stewart, RN), after refueling at Freetown, was to join HMS Dorsetshire off Dakar. Agar, VC, DSO, RN) and HMS Emerald (Capt. J. Mathieu) and the British aircraft carrier HMS Hermes. Holden, RN) and intercepted by HMS Nelson (Capt. At 1914/7 the Acting Rear-Admiral detached HMS Dorsetshire and HMAS Australia to take up their patrol lines, while HMS Hermes and HMS Milford in company proceeded towards the west end of the latter’s patrol line. A.W.S. 14th        Sailed from Tromso after discussions and took passage to Kirkenes. By now the question of fuel was becoming acute. Tower, DSC, RN) and the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious (Capt. The Captain of the Cumberland assumed the raider report would have been intercepted by other ships and passed on to the C-in-C, South Atlantic. P.C.W. Force H was sailed around 0200/24 from Gibraltar to protect this important convoy on the passage southwards. Also the battleships HMS Resolution (Capt. On 19 September 1938 she became the flagship of Rear Admiral JDH Cunningham CB MVO RN, and wore his flag until 25 May 1939. B.C.S. Stubbs, RCN) and HMCS Saguenay (Lt. P.E. The Admiralty then issued orders that Dakar was to be watched by an 8” cruiser within sight of the French port by dayand within three miles by night. By night the ships were to remain in company in open order. C.H.L. This page contains all the names of crew members that have been found so far. The Commodore however recognised that her next objective might be the valuable shipping off the east coast of South America. [3], Shropshire left the United Kingdom in August, as part of the escort for a convoy to Gibraltar. A.W.S. These dispositions however never materialised being superseded on 5 October 1939 by a more general policy (the institution of hunting groups) which cancelled them. The next morning the Admiral Graf Spee sank the British merchant Tairoa (7983 GRT, built 1920) in position 19°40’S, 04°02’E. HMS Cumberland had meanwhile arranged a twelve-hour convoy system from Santos. There was no screen available for HMS Victorious. Bristowe gave the order ‘over’ to dash cover amongst the merchant ships. 23rd        Relieved HM Cruiser NORFOLK as Ocean Escort for military. Davies, OBE, RNR), two tankers and a merchant ship. A.W.S. Iam at the begining of my search so any information that you have is it published on a web site Accordingly, at 1845/18, the armed merchant cruiser HMS Bulolo (A/Capt. de Belot), (59), 25 Mar 1942HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. Escort was provided by the heavy cruiser HMS Devonshire which joined the convoy early on 20 October after having patrolled south of Freetown since 16 October. Martin, RN) and HMS Shropshire (Capt. HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. On 21 November the Strasbourg, Algerie and the destroyers Le Terrible (Cdr. The Commander-in-Chief with HMS King George V was still a long way off, about 360 nautical miles to the eastward, and Rear-Admiral Wake-Walker on the bridge of HMS Norfolk had to make an important decision, was he to renew the action with the help of the Prince of Wales or was he to make it his business to ensure that the enemy could be intercepted and brought to action by the Commander-in-Chief. A.W.S. The Germans however state that no hit was scored but that the violent maneuvering of the ship to avoid the attack, together with the heavy firing by the Bismarck caused the leak in no.2 boiler room to open up. They sailed from Pernambuco on 1 November but on the 3rd HMS Havock was diverted to Freetown with engine trouble. Last two ships were under repair in Clyde. April 1941 – November 1942 configuration: November 1942 – April 1944 configuration: January 1945 – February 1946 configuration: HMS Shropshire was a Royal Navy (RN) heavy cruiser of the London sub-class of County class cruisers. (Navy Photos/Mark Teadham, At 2112/3 the Admiralty ordered HMS Dorsetshire to shadow the Richelieu if she sailed and proceeded northwards. Meanwhile HMS Rodney was zigzagging across the Bismarck’s line of advance at a range of about 4000 yards firing her main and secondary armaments. (19). They were soon followed by three more destroyers of the H-class coming from the Mediterranean; HMS Hardy (Capt. By they they would act as two units, the light cruisers were to operate together and HMS Exeter was to operate diverged to permit flank marking. HMS Renown (Capt. 17th        Detached from WS19L on arrival at Aden. HMS Norfolk guided them to the enemy which was 14 nautical miles on her starboard bow. B.C.S. B.A. Russell, RN) (15-17 August), HMS Witch (Lt.Cdr. Events during the Franco-German negotiations 17-25 June 1940 and politics. Two minutes later, at 0137/27, two torpedoes were fired and course was altered towards the Bismarck with the intention of attacking again from her starboard bow once the enemy had steadied on her new course. (Note: HM King Haakon was embarked in HMS NORFOLK for return to his, 29th        Took passage from Plymouth for Australia, July                         Deployed for transport of returning prisoners of war and. E. Hewitt, RD, RNR), were to proceed towards a new waiting position 05°00’N, 80°30’E. Still there was much uncertainty, and the rest of the day was apparently spent in waiting for news. At 1700/7 a special reconnaissance was carried out by the Squadron Commander with the senior observer in view of the attack that had to be carried out soon. J.H. B.G. At 0500/27 the Richelieu was seen approaching Dakar, but 25 minutes later she turned to seaward again and the Commander-in-Chief ordered a Walrus aircraft from HMS Albatros to shadow her. Martin, RN) departed Freetown to escort convoy WS 3B towards Suez. B.C.S. B.C.S. A.W.S. That day a reconnaissance aircraft of the South African Air Force reported a suspicious ship south of Cape Point at noon. During the night of 23 / 24 May 1941 HMS Norfolk and HMS Suffolk hung on to the enemy, The Norfolk on their port quarter, Suffolk on their starboard quarter. The enemy, moving at 19 knots slowed to 15, then to 10 and finally stopped dead in the water. She closed in again at 1005 hours, fired several salvoes from a range of only 3000 yards and then resumed her northerly course. It was understood that the French battleship had H.A. Martin, RN) departed Simonstown to rejoin convoy WS 3B at sea. T. Bisset, RN) arrived at Samborombón Bay in the River Plate area where they fuelled from RFA Olwen (Master B. Tunnard). HMS Ajax left the Plate area on 25 November 1939 and sent up a seaplane to reconnoitre Bahia Blanca. French naval authorities should be informed your forces are kept at a distance until this decision on account of their submarines. Vice Admiral Nishimura advanced towards Leyte through the Surigao Strait. (28), 5 Jan 1941HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. aircraft was commenced to cover the sector 345° to 030° to a depth of 180 nautical miles. The object of the torpedo bombing attack was to slow the enemy down. The entire convoy returned to Colombo on 25 February 1942. Meanwhile the British Naval Liaison Officer, Dakar’s signal had been followed by a report from the Naval Control Service Officer at Duala that an overwhelming spirit existed amongst the military and civilian population of the French Cameroons to continue fighting on the British side, but that they required lead, as the Governer was not a forceful character; but that morning the Governor of Nigeria informed the Commander-in-Chief that he considered steps to be taken to prevent a hostile move from Fernando Po (off the entrance to the Cameroon River). At noon she anchored off Manoka, in the Cameroon River, in the hope of restoring morale at Duala.

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