how to reduce prop slip

Propeller – Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Each time a screw makes a complete turn, it has completed a “pitch.” Pitch is the distance the screw traveled during one complete turn. The 7/10 radius rotational speed in MPH can be calculated as follows: Blade tip speed can be calculated using the following equation: Forward speed is shown by an arrow in the direction of travel. i tried out a mirage 3 blade (not a plus) and could only get about 62-63 at 5400. What boat do you have? Four and five blade props have taken the place of many three blade props because they offer more grip at higher engine heights, better boat control, and more lift. Sounds like you are hitting a rev limiter at 6300? Knifing will reduce slip and some RPM. The boat has reacted quite differently than any boat previously owned. It is NOT the distance from the leading edge of the blade where it meets the hub to any part of the trailing edge. In all 3 cituations the throttle went only to … 8500 lbs total weight (boat+engine+gear+fuel+people on board…), Mercury Verado 300xxl V8 max. One of the most common questions is about prop slip. I have a manual 10″ plate and twin Talons. Lift can be divided into a thrust component in the direction of travel and a torque component in the opposite direction of prop rotation. What type of prop are you running? A prop of 21 pitch will move the hull forward 21 inches if there is zero slip in one revolution. You are spot with pitch, there is generally a two inch pitch difference between the Racing Bravo family and the Fury family. What hasn't been mentioned is proper trim. The professionals at Livorsi use this algorithm to determine prop slip: For instance, let’s say a boat is traveling at 61.3 mph at 4300 RPM. I then went with a 19 thinking it was done at a differnt time and differnt guy doing final prep. My personal opinion would be to try a small hub Trophy Plus 19 pitch. It sounds like you have your rig dialed in perfectly, low slip on a tritoon is a great thing, I wouldn’t change a thing! 'Gear ratio' defines the number of drive shaft revolutions per propeller revolution. The Fury 4 is faster, about 68 mph was my best, but still over my RPM range at about 6300. KAP. If you are unsure of the correct part for your specific boat, they will make recommendations for parts, as well as styling, as gauges are available in different colors. Calculating Rotational Speed, Blade Tip Speed and Slip. Electromagnetic waves section 3 radio communication answer key. I’m hearing keep the pitch same and try the high five. Will I have holsehot issues going that big? Yes it is possible, especially since the Fury props run tall in pitch. What percentage of slip should you have? Good luck! Wings carry the weight of the plane by providing lift; marine propeller blades provide thrust as they rotate through water. Totally differnt prop. And nice tip on the baseline, I will pass on the data FYI……….See ya, Mercury Enertia Eco im interested in this prop,im running a 26 tempest to 6100 at 74-75 mph on gps. Our propeller engineers study props at the 7/10 radius (70% of the distance from the center of the prop hub to the blade tip). With a positive angle of attack, even higher pressure below the wing creates still more lift. 2. I’ve been experimenting with my setup under different conditions and have some concerns. With previous aluminium props I had measured the slip and it was around 3.5% at higher than 5000 rpm’s. My goal is to have best fuel economy at cruising speed (23-28 mph), and top speed 39+ mph . If you go stainless, and decide to go with a Merc. Question…Will the Bravo set up work with the new 4stroke? My max speed (GPS) is 68mph. With how well the Tempest is hooking up, I would stay with that prop family and switch to a 17 pitch. Hi 2. If you take the rpm’s, gear ratio (1.75), and the max speed according to the prop slip calculator I am only at 2%. So , after reading prop school from 1-6, I am thinking about : hi I have a heavy gauge west coast aluminum boat with a 150 seapro with a 19p tempest plus prop. If you keep your aluminum prop you will have to have a local guy do the work.

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