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Hmm, I'm glad someone is keeping track of this stuff! Glad you like the ideas from this video :). The Quest Giver: First of all, the boxed text is great! In my game she’s a member of the Harpers and a contact of my player character who is secretly a spy for this noble faction of Faerun. Haha I've notice the trend too, we'll see what happens next :). Before our first session I gave each of my players a quest hook based on their character’s secrets or motivations! Like, why pick a starting town if your party will be leaving it immediately? >> Need assistance with your MCDM store order or your Kickstarter pledge/preorder? Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is the new D&D 5e campaign book, and I’ve compiled all the important info from D&D Live 2020 previews and multiple D&D Beyond interviews to share in this one post! Stuff sometimes gets put where it shouldn't, Was sick of not having a pdf, so I made one myself. For anyone wanting it, it's on now. The fighter had heard about the Termalaine mine needing to be cleared out, the ranger had been asked to hunt down a chwinga as in the Nature Spirits starting quest, and the sorcerer who is secretly blessed by the Frostmaiden AND a member of the Harpers had been tasked with investigating the murders from the Cold-Hearted Killer quest! Thats why the first 2 quests force them to visit other towns, and why the entire chapter is meant to find quests in each of the 10 towns that appeal to them! I can't see it. I assume this means that playable Goliaths are being reprinted in this book? I appreciate your research. I’ll check it out! It’s nice to have what we know all aggregated in one place and well organized. In the most simple way of saying it, I thank you. Our second starting quest, Nature Spirits, also prompts the party to explore various locales in Ten Towns, but I think this one does make a decent quest for level 1 characters in their starting town with a few changes! Good Mead, Lonelywood, and Termalaine are all between a lake and a patch of forest, but Good Mead stands out for its recently murdered town speaker, its incredible beekeeping success during the Everlasting Rime, and its postponed mead trade which the characters must restart by retrieving casks of ale from a love-sick giant. Here's hoping the next adventure is set in Cania. You are the hero reddit doesnt deserve I will spread your name far and wide from the highest peaks of the Spine of the World, to the lowest caverns of the Caves of Hunger; from the lonely town of Dugan's Hole to the grand walled off town of Bryn Shander tales will be told of you and your great deeds. Set amongst the Ten-Towns of Icewind Dale — a region of the Forgotten Realms best known as the abode of a hero of a series of books by R.A Salvatore, Bruenor Battlehammer — this adventure for levels 1 through 12 is heavy on atmosphere. And tomorrow's video isn't technically about RotF, but it should still be useful! I definitely feel like just surviving getting from place to place is severely overlooked and ignored in 5e. Basics. But who is Hlin Trollbane really? Simply, once they are spotted, if the first character to act does anything other than immediately attack or try to grab the chwinga, have it become fixated with them for ten days before bestowing a charm before departing. Decent starting guide indeed. So you could use the evil albino tiefling Avarice to provide a connection to the Black Sword cult in Caer Dineval, or Vellynne Harpell who becomes an important ally during the chardalyn dragon’s destruction of Ten Towns, or Dzaan like I did, who is written to have hired some adventurers for help finding the city, and so when my characters eventually travel to Easthaven to bring him the chwinga, they’ll immediately see him being burned at the stake for eliminating his other employees, only to later meet his simulacrum and cause hilarious confusion among my players! Icewind Dale: Secrets of the Frostmaiden - What’s a few secrets between friends? If he dies, the druid spirit is written to be destroyed, but I would give it the chance to possess one of your characters with a DC 13 Charisma saving throw based on the ghost’s possession feature, and rather than have his cool weapons be destroyed, I would let them be wielded by a character with the Midwinter’s Child secret or just be cursed! And most of these clues are technically red herrings because they point to Torrga herself being THE murderer! But unfortunately I feel you lose a bit of that with your suggestions. It’s on but not in pdf form. The Quest Giver: Most importantly, the quest giver Dannika Graysteel is described as a young spellcaster trying to find a way to alter the climate in Icewind Dale by studying chwingas, but Dannika should totally be replaced with one of the Arcane Brotherhood wizards to introduce them early on in the campaign. The strider-esque Hlin Trollbane is described as a retired dwarven bounty hunter investigating the murders out of boredom and a sense of moral decency because not even the council of speakers can be bothered to do so, and she’s willing to tell the party all she knows about her prime suspect, Sephek Kaltro. Easthaven is a uniquely prosperous town, under the circumstances, where pick-pocketing is hilariously a legal activity! And rather than myself choosing which quest to launch our campaign with, I left it up to my players! Icewind Dale is the frostbitten end of the world. I have watched your video on running D&D for one player and have decided to try and adopt some things from there into this campaign such as a DMNPC. Aasimar are printed in DMG (prototype), VGtM, and EGtW, and was mentioned in the SCAG and WGtE. Cold-Hearted Killer should not be your starter quest! Finally, she offers 100 gp if they “deal with him, preferably without involving the authorities.” Which is super shady, but the weirdest part is that you’re supposed to randomly determine the location of Torg’s traveling company, and roll again if it is in the starting town. By the end of the campaign, it can track pretty well all the accomplishments and strange things they discovered It may make challenging them with the survival mechanics challenging unless Wizards either finds a work around or designs the systems well. But she could be a friend or family member of one of the victims, or a private investigator hired by a town speaker who doesn’t want the other council members to know they’re investigating it, she could be a would-be victim who narrowly escaped Sephek, or simply an old enemy of the trading company Sephek works for. Then play out the Thieves in the Wind section as written, where Elva stomps out of her snow-covered cottage on the outskirts of town, warning them about the so-called trickster spirits. In this supplement, you will find new background secrets to be used in your game But of course, our first session turned into an almost deadly, completely improvised hunt for a killer awakened polar bear instead of any of the three seeded quests! There are also a few spells that came out of need (need because of the adventure). Many kudos to you, sir! So I suggest beginning this quest at two murders with the only connection being the icy daggers to the heart. Let them learn from townsfolk about Torrga’s protection racket and other disappearances that can be linked to her company, because as written, she is in fact also a murderer! The speaker is useless to the party and even discourages them from searching for the lost boys who you will learn have been taken by intelligent extortionist winter wolves serving an awakened mammoth! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm really glad to hear you've been getting value out of the series! That being said, I agree 100% on making the murder mystery an actual mystery! The group I am running this for is pretty small (Me as DM and 2 PCs). I noticed that you seemed to push back against this, wondering why you would pick a starting town just to leave again; I say that seems to be the entire point (as written) of the chapter. And the best way to make Sephek your villain for arc 1 of your campaign: give this lieutenant of Auril three forms, just like his master, to signal the greater dangers to be faced by your party!

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