iowa state sororities ranked

As an example, Auburn has a fantastic school for Greeks and the entire state of Hawaii doesn’t — but Auburn didn’t make this list because Alabama blew … Our criteria sought to not only place value on the potential academic and career benefits, but on the prestige that comes with membership. We all know an Alpha Chi, right?! Everyone at the venue? Kappa: Women of all walks of life find lifelong sisterhood in UI sororities across campus. 85 percent of the Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity and 76 percent of Congress. 2.) With that in mind, we pulled together months of meticulously collected data–jk, we ranked the sororities based on the order they came to mind when we tried to list them from memory! What Chi-Os lack in leadership and lupine instincts, they make up for in spirit and alcohol tolerance! Yes, we went there! is solely responsible for this site but makes no guarantee about the accuracy or completeness of the information herein. The time? These ladies are just like their cousins, Alpha Chi Omega, except they’re not Alphas. We can’t know for sure why there’s a correlation between Greek presence on a campus and its’ members GPAs, but we suspect it has to do with prestige and competition — or simply that engagement is good for academics, like with we do with college football. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Zippia, Inc. Skeptics think it’s all just a bowtied elitist ploy to get wasted in expensive houses and exclude the have-nots. Sorry, we can't find that. 4.) Odysseus; Dean of Students Office; Home; How to join. 3.) In fact, literally every school on this list did just that. … The setting? There’s something so satisfying about that perfectly repetitive name, not to mention the perfectly repetitive faces and Instagrams of all the Tri Delt ladies! We ranked the schools within each state by those criteria, and then we ranked the best-in-state against one another. There is wide variety, culturally, from one sorority to another. Well, it probably is, but even then despite their reputation for being wild partiers and socialites, fraternity brothers and sisters surprisingly tend to outperform the undergraduate body as a whole. Donnelly’s Pub. The most delicious sorority, this one makes it solidly in the top six for its pastry-evoking name! © 2005-2020 Team Rankings, LLC. As Alumni, Greeks give approximately 75 percent of all money donated to universities. Please try a different city or state. Greek life is a cornerstone of University of Iowa campus culture. Iowa State Cyclones team page with results, picks, power rankings, odds and stats.

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