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You will pass Stanford Hospital and Stanford Medical School buildings on your right. “Museums offer communal experiences and exhibitions have physical ways of telling stories that can’t be captured online.” Highlights included earning all 15 points available in the alternative transportation credit, plus a bonus point due to its regional significance, earning 14 points in the energy efficiency credit demonstrating documented energy consumption 37% better than the national median of comparable buildings, and earning all 5 available points for the performance of indoor plumbing fixtures. Our team for the Beijing Olympics couldn't have been more. E-mail: Really, it keeps you grounded, keeps you humble. We started dating in 1993, when she came back to California. Fax: (650) 725-9720 I have to be very honest that I never thought it would become what it did. 外部の興味を追求する」としてYahoo!での約17年のキャリアに終止符を打った。同時にYahoo! Jerry: I am most proud of the fact that we both chose to help give back to our community. Our aunt drove us to the suburbs near Pasadena, and I remember the blue skies—we didn't get too many blue skies in Taiwan in those days—and the California sun. The Jerry Yang & Akiko Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building (Y2E2), Center for Integrated Facility Engineering. David and I went to Kyoto one spring quarter in 1992, and I met Akiko while she was doing research in Kyoto University’s economics department and taking some time to get to know her roots. It was a rough transition, so I was thrilled when Stanford accepted me for my sophomore year. Questions regarding alumni relations or networking opportunities should be addressed to the Engineering Alumni Relations department. E-mail: Follow road across Palm Drive. There is a lot of me that identifies with Chinese culture, but I feel my value system, both the way I view ethics and the way I do business, is uniquely American. All press related inquiries should be directed to the External Relations department. Akiko Yamazaki, board chair of San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum Akiko Yamazaki talks about the future of the Asian Art Museum, fighting anti-Asian racism with art and her love of horses. It was a very busy time, and we always joked it was like raising a kid, probably worse. You can imagine what a shock it is to go from a country like Costa Rica to New York. Jerry Yang & Akiko Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building 473 Via Ortega, Room 265, MC 4020 Copyright Complaints   Trademark Notice, Y2E2: New building sets new sustainability standards for Stanford, Mary Ann, ’83, and Bryan Lee Bentrott, ’83 (Parents ’06, ’10), Holly Haley Knapp, ’80 (Parent ’11); Haley Knapp, ’11; and Tyler Knapp, Kristina, ’91, JD ’98, and George Phipps, MBA ’91, Molly and Jay Precourt, ’59, MS ’60 (Parents ’96). “What better place than Stanford for, that, with its excellence in engineering, law, Earth sciences and biology.”, Yang added: “When The Stanford Challenge defined the environment and sustainability, as a major fundraising initiative, it really hit home for Akiko and me.”, Born in Taiwan and raised in the Bay Area, Yang earned bachelor’s and master’s. The Stanford searchable map shows the building as Y2E2. I would speak Japanese all day, Spanish during my after-school activities, and Japanese again at home. My father died when I was two, so my maternal grandmother played a big part in raising us. Significant sustainability features of the 166,000 square-foot building include: To learn more about Y2E2, please download the Environment + Energy fact sheet and please visit the interactive Y2E2 building dashboard. The groom and vet were Mexican Americans, the farrier was French American, and the physiotherapist was an all-American boy from a gold mining town near Sacramento.

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