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Cette Série est créée par Carlos Villegas RosalesActeurs : Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola, Diego SoldanoPays : US Genres :DrameDurée :45minAnnée de production : 2016. La Doña has a conversation with Mónica and lies to her about her origins. Felipe confirms that Mónica is the Doña’s daughter. A hooded Gabino attacks Mónica but it doesn’t go according to plan. Saúl does all he can to prove that Emiliano is guilty. Valeria testifies in Braulio’s trial. Rafael admits he was in the Monkeys. Mónica feels uncomfortable in Altagracia’s presence. Watch El regreso (Season 2, Episode 1) of La Doña or get episode details on Worlds collide and lives shatter when Altagracia, a powerful and elegant businesswoman, plots a twisted revenge while falling in love. Braulio remains in charge of torturing and extracting information from Miguel Preciado. Mónica stops Emiliano from raping Isabela. Ximena appears at the Doña’s house. Later, the lawyer is arrested and refuses to testify, so Felipe, Saúl, and Leticia set up a media campaign. Synopsis : La Doña est une histoire de vengeance et d’ambition, de séduction et de trahison, qui tourne autour d’une femme offensée du nom d’Altagracia Sandoval, victime de violence avec un triste passé. Emiliano is filmed taking drugs and Saúl sees it. The Doña takes vengeance on Miguel Preciado. Gabino kidnaps Mónica and Adolfo to fake a crime. Saúl is in shock. Saúl defends Altagracia blindly against Jaime’s accusations. Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola. Rafael and Regina confront the alleged businessman. Gabino’s obsession with Mónica becomes stifling. Saúl declares war on Altagracia. Gabino offers for Mónica to run away with him. Rafael puts in a special order with Gabino. Valeria is fired. Mónica questions Saúl in the hospital, and he takes the opportunity to find out if she saw anything. Pour ce faire, Altagracia usera de l’aide de Braulio Padilla et de Matamoros, ses hommes de mains les plus proches. Braulio confesses and Altagracia looks for Saúl, with evidence in her hands. Saúl asks Mónica not to go. The patriarch looks for the Doña but Braulio steps in and fights him. The Doña finds out that Mónica was abandoned by her mother at birth. Altagracia finds Lázaro and demands to know the truth. Felipe wakes up with a gun in his hand and an unpleasant surprise. Saúl confronts Braulio and they threaten each other with death. Altagracia challenges Saúl to show up at the hacienda. Altagracia a été violée pour laisser sa s?ur échapper à un groupe de malfrats appelés “les Monkeys”. Rafael tries to tell Regina the truth. Diego receives the video of Rafael’s murder. Episode 91 45m. Lázaro finds out the truth about Mónica. Diego is willing to bring Lydia back. 91. Rafael shoots at Francisco in order to save Altagracia. Emiliano has an accident after Isabela leaves him. Daniel tells Altagracia that he wants to turn himself in but she forbids it. Mónica wants to know the truth about her father’s health. Mónica and Saúl look for the murderer. Emiliano redeems himself. Altagracia seduces Braulio. Altagracia admits to Rafael that she has been fighting the Monkeys. The Doña visits Felipe in prison. Altagracia threatens Gabino. Mónica calls Lázaro and comforts him. Mónica manages to talk to Saúl, who helps her gather evidence before the ruling is passed. Saúl questions Altagracia about Mónica’s disappearance. 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Altagracia supervises the eviction of the neighborhood. Regina tries to inform Altagracia but is not able to. Mónica goes in search of Altagracia intent on exacting justice. Rafael lies to Saúl about the reasons for the kidnapping. Yesenia unwittingly lets slip that Altagracia was a victim of the Monkeys. Rafael reaches an important conclusion. Yesenia visits the Doña and tells her that her daughter died. Saúl tries to get Mónica out of the punishment cell. Braulio drugs Lydia and calls Diego to surprise him in bed with her. Leticia, having fallen prey to desperation, takes drastic measures. Altagracia and Saúl kiss for the first time. La Doña investigates Mónica. Leticia sends out Felipe’s video montage. Miguel Preciado recognizes one of his accomplices. Valeria leaves Braulio in order to protect Diego. The scandal against Daniel blows up. Lopecito celebrates with Valeria and Diego will be a father. Daniel tries to dissuade Francisco. Yesenia refuses to testify in favor of the Doña. Karen arrests Braulio. Mónica and Saúl confess that they need each other. Felipe calls Regina and tells her to tune in to his press conference. Lorsqu'elle et sa sœur Regina étaient adolescentes, leurs parents et son petit ami ont été assassinés. Saul confronts his ex and proves Emiliano’s fear at the trial. Margarita tells Saúl about la Doña’s threats. Saul tells Ximena his true feelings. Mónica gets her hopes up about Saúl. Valeria mistreats Lopecito. Both mother and daughter vie for Saúl’s affections. Lázaro is complicit in Yesenia’s lies. Regina confronts Altagracia but Altagracia has a warning. Altagracia wins over everyone in the Foundation. Braulio walks free. Adolfo agrees to join forces with Altagracia. Saúl confronts Braulio. Altagracia agrees to meet Braulio. Altagracia confesses her most painful secret to Saúl. Altagracia is annoyed that Mónica didn’t come to the construction company. Felipe discovers that Altagracia used his position to get the land and wants payment for his humiliations. Braulio finds out the truth about Mónica and has to take extreme measures. Gabino fights with Adolfo. VoirFilms présente la série La Doña Saison 2 en Streaming VOSTFR et VFCette Série est créée par Carlos Villegas RosalesActeurs : Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola, Diego SoldanoPays : US G Altagracia seals a pact with Céspedes, a soldier feared by his subordinates who in the past shot César, her ex. She feigns indifference, but the intruder manages to get through her armor. Altagracia and Ximena fight. Altagracia tries to entice Daniel to speak. Saúl is suspicious about Altagracia’s intentions. Saúl is jealous. Altagracia is the victim of a kidnapping attempt. Saúl asks Valeria to be his ally. Rafael changes his testimony. Daniel asks Mónica to run the foundation. Ximena suspects that her boyfriend is hiding something, and he admits that he was with the Doña. The Doña performs a ritual to make Regina and Isabela come back to the mansion. Based on the Newbery-winning children's books, this animated film follows a young boy who runs away to an island to rescue and befriend a baby dragon. Le sort les lie quand elles tombent amoureuses du même homme, Saúl Aguirre, un avocat de la défense des femmes battues et de leurs causes. Braulio kidnaps Yesenia and sends Mónica a photo warning her that she is in danger. Altagracia confesses to Daniel that he is still alive because it suits her, he then refuses to betray Rafael. Adolfo has a proposition for Mónica. In this faith-based docuseries, Bishop Ezekiel Williams builds an inspiring, nontraditional gospel choir with the help of superstar nephew Pharrell. Mónica looks for Altagracia and refuses the money for Lázaro’s treatment. Mónica takes Regina and Isabela in. After being given a prestigious job in Madrid and a suitcase full of money, Ximena leaves the country. He’s angry, and makes sure the Doña knows it. Altagracia asks her shaman to heal Saúl and unite them forever. Altagracia makes an unpleasant discovery. Lydia wakes up and accuses Braulio of drugging her. The Doña and Rafael try to sully Felipe’s reputation. Under threat, she demands the names of his accomplices. Elle a donné naissance à une fille, Mónica Hernández, qu’elle ne pouvait pas élever comme étant la mémoire vivante de sa pire expérience. Two decades after the Wanninkhof-Carabantes murders in Spain, this documentary reviews the case from judicial, political and sociological perspectives. The residents harass the Doña and Saul asks them to respect his wife. Yesenia and Lázaro make up. Altagracia puts her secrets in Saúl’s hands. Elle n’accorde pas d’importance à son conjoint, Felipe Valenzuela. Saúl denounces Braulio. Saúl sees everything. Altagracia pressures Valeria. Emiliano runs over Lydia and flees with Isabela, but Saúl gets the license plate number. Trois mondes se réuniront dans un affrontement de la raison, du ressentiment et de l’amour.Altagracia représente les centaines de milliers de femmes mexicaines qui ont été victimes de la violence des hommes sans visage, protégés par l’impunité. As news of the land expropriation spread, a furious Saúl tells Altagracia that her plan to make him fall in love with her worked. Altagracia offers to pay for Lázaro’s treatment. Altagracia uses her ingenuity to get what she wants. Karen investigates why Emiliano hated Rafael. Saúl is prisoner to Lucio, Altagracia’s shaman. In this hip-hop competition, judges Niska, Shay and SCH search their hometowns of Paris, Brussels and Marseille for the next breakout talent. Braulio and Rafael prepare to attack. Ximena pays the Doña a surprise visit. Daniel confesses to Mónica that he abused Altagracia and she rejects him in disgust. Altagracia finds herself in a compromising situation. Altagracia stops Gabino from attacking Mónica. Yesenia kisses Lázaro, but he feels that she did so out because of ulterior motives. Braulio dreams about Altagracia and she asks him about Jaime. Saúl accuses the Doña of not having a heart. Rafael swears to kill Mónica in revenge. Altagracia threatens Braulio. Altagracia wants to know how Jaime died. Saúl visits Mónica in jail and promises to get her out of there and advise her about the trial. Altagracia accuses Rafael of slitting her mother’s throat. Mónica has a response for Adolfo. Karen and Jorge make a terrible discovery.

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