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Carl and Russell and I bred primarily to this cross of the cock I gave them and their hens as our main line of Lacys from that time on. I started my roundhead in 1915 by breeding a Hope roundhead cock (loaned me by Judge E. W. Long of Jasper, Ala) on a roundhead hen bought from Burnwell Shelton of Mississippi. The result was that I had only a few old Lacy hens from my uncle’s yard to carry on with. $150.00 Plus Shipping #1. Uncle Ernest thought the world of Carl. Fighting abilities: I never knew exactly what that “ash” of non-roundhead blood was, but got the impression from what I later heard (not from Shelton) & the general confirmation of the 2 stags Gunter & I raised that, that “ash” of blood was red-quill.

( Log Out /  I have copies of several of… ), From a Copy of Judge Lacy’s Letter as given to me by Carl Saia. Having no brood cock left from my uncle’s yard, I wrote Mr. J. T. Shepler of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and asked if he would sell me a cock to breed to these hens. However, I went to Duke University to get an advance degree in forestry and did not get any of the stags fought. Apr 11, 2020 - Gamefowl, Day Old Chicks, & Hatching Eggs Sabong Gamefarm Herman Pinnon Gamecock yellow legged pea comb hatch madigin claret regular greay roundhead albany ginn grey toppy rat graves leiper. Most are defensive fighters where they always wait their opponent to attack first before they initiate to engage in the fight. When I returned from World War II, I found a tale of woe with my chickens. I will list some of the cockers who have acquired and carried on with these Lacys later in this account. I would have answered your letter sooner but for the fact that I have not been well and have had to have some teeth removed lately which upset me. Uncle Ernest and I were the only members of our family who cared for game chickens. I found a family in the “colored” quarters of town who agreed to keep a pen of chickens for me. Most will have white in their tail feathers.

Create New Account. I will not definitely make up my mind or decide which trio to send you until I hear from you again. It was brought by a steamer ship from England in the year 1864. He especially loved Lacys and Henry Wortham Hulseys. About the same time Bair obtained from Alva Campbell, of Ky., a little pea-combed roundhead black hen. Hatching Eggs and Day Old Chicks. I have been breeding games since 1911 and have tried out several different strains, but reached the conclusion some 7 or 8 years ago that the Roundheads are the best. Most of the Lacys I have had and have let friends have for many years carry his blood. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. As above stated I bred the white legged stag which I got to the five pullets above referred to. In fact, an aunt (Uncle Ernest’s sister) who did not approve of cockfighting said when her only grandchild was born, Oh, I hope he won’t like game chickens. The Lacy Roundhead is very good to cross with heavy-strain fowls like Green Legs or Yellow Leg Hatches, Albany’s, Greys like the Regular Greys, Joe Goode Greys, and Law Greys. That plus the fact that the nest was out in the weeds and it was the time of year when hens were raising chicks of varying ages and stealing their nests rather than laying together, led me to assume that the eggs were all from this.
Gamefowl; Gamefowl for Sale; Lacy Roundhead Stag (A1) Lacy Roundhead Stag (A1) Gamefowl for Sale Lacy Roundhead Out of stock. This smart cautious fighting tactics originated from Oriental lines where the Boston Roundheads came from. For Information on availability or to order please give us a call Bruce Jones 573-881-4024 Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm CST, Prices :Young Trios   $750 & UpMature Trios   $1200 & UpBrood Cocks   $625 & UpBrood Hens   $400 & UpYoung Stags   $300 & UpYoung Pullet   $250 & Up. I am always glad to hear from one who has good roundheads and who knows how to breed them, there are many breeders but few good ones according to my observation. Uncle Ernest died unexpectedly of a heart attack in November 1942, while visiting a yard of his chickens with his close friend and cocking partner, Manley Daniel. Log In. I can’t make this out) have made such a good record that quite a number of parties claim he was raised by them – Ledbetter bought him at a fight new B’ham for $5.00 from a party named King. They were basically of Allen and Shelton bloodlines. I might say that the Bair brown-red stock came from around this way: Bair bought from Shelton back in 1913 or 1914 a roundhead cock that eventually won seven fights. Before leaving for overseas, I got a week-end pass and made arrangements for a fine old man who kept chickens for my uncle to keep two or three selected trios of broodfowl for me and to maintain another yard on a walk nearby where some of Uncle Ernest’s best fowl were kept. Lion Creek brood pens include Certified Banded Swift Creek Bruner RH, Dan Gray RH, Johnnie Jumper Radios, Johnnie Jumper Albany, Swift Creek Pure Greys, Rat Graves Leipers and Little Creek Hatch. One old brood cock had died and another was sterile. Not only were they outstanding battle fowl, but with everything they were bred to, first class fowl were produced. Bair bred this cock called “Cackling Sam” on the little black hen, and from that cross obtained some sensational cocks. We exchanged brood fowl so frequently that our Lacys have been essentially the same bloodlines since the mid-1950’s. She was a neat, round bodied, buff colored hen with somewhat short but smooth feathering. He was known as “Cackling Sam”. About this time I let Mr. Thos.
This cock that Hope sent Judge Long, had a small amount of Redquill blood so Judge Long told me though he showed no signs of it. From that mating I got some high-class fighting, desperately game stags and pullets. They went to Manley Daniel, who as mentioned was Uncle Ernest’s friend and cocking partner and had had the best of the Lacys, and from Manley they got a trio of Lacys. Around 2005 I got the George Wood Lacy blood. They were basically of Allen and Shelton bloodlines. NONE SOLD FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSES. Free shipping. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I got some fine cocks and stags from that mating – the best I had ever had up to that time, – I now have two of the hens that I raised from the “two-toe” cock in 1927. Bacon Warhorse For sale Lacy Roundhead. I think the most enjoyable years when I was showing my cocks regularly were in the 50's through the 70's.

Through the years Uncle Ernest, as I called him, wrote several times outlining how the Lacy Roundhead strain was established. As stated in my former letter to you, I have sought to bring about better plumage, but in most instances where I have tried that I have found that I would sacrifice good fighting qualities for plumage. Uncle Ernest had many friends who, I know now, would have been glad to let me have anything they owned. Categories. I put no new blood in my stock until 1927, when through Tom Judge, I secured from a party named Ledbetter, who lived near Birmingham a cock called “two-toe” which was placed at the head of one of my yards of roundhead hens.

Russell Sutherland was a young man in Haleyville who loved gamefowl and helped Uncle Ernest walk cocks in Winston County. Cocks are peacomb, and white legged. Mr. Lloyd Tomlinson, Yuba City, California. The wrong kind of inbreeding will ruin any strain of fowl, just as the wrong kind of crossing will ruin any strain of fowl.

They were basically of Allen and Shelton bloodlines.

Finally, I learned that when Russell Sutherland picked up the stags on the yard where the George Wood hens were bred to the brother of the Russell hen, he picked up the cock early and when he got the stags there was a baby stag left which was thought to be from the hens and their bull stag sons. © 2014 Sonny Poe Gamefowl Proudly created with, © 2014 Sonny Poe Gamefowl Proudly created with. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. E.W.

I really think this so called white legged strain has a slight infusion of Redquill blood in it — I say this because quite a few come a pumpkin or ginger red color, and when they are right young some of them come with moccasin colored feet and legs through later on they turn white. Community See All. Through the years Uncle Ernest, as I called him, wrote several times outlining how the Lacy Roundhead strain was established. I bred this Shepler Albany-Claret cock to the three old Lacy hens and raised several stags and pullets. 8930 E Brushy Way, Centralia, MO, US, 65240. In 1955, Russell Sutherland told me to come up to Haleyville, that he wanted to give me a trio of their Lacys. As said above, this hen, which I call the Russell hen, was the cornerstone of my breeding. My First Years of Breeding (1945-1952). I have no stock to sell. Mr. Wood lived in North Port Alabama and Judge Lacy was Mr. Wood's uncle. No International Shipping Available. These are the Lacy fowl that I breed today. Morgan Whitehackle. He would look you square in the eye, not mean and wanting to fight you, but not afraid. I also bred him to the last of the old hens from the mating of the cock I gave Carl and Russell and their hens. That was a picture of the old Finley cock, but it was not a picture of Mr. Long, but was a picture of one of Mr. Long’s tenants. 9 Months Old #3.

Change ). When Bair left this section of the country for oil fields in Texas he gave me a stag which carried that “Bair brown-red” blood, and all of my roundheads carry that blood, but they only have about 1/32 percentage of that blood, and none of my roundheads indicate that they have any brown-red blood in them at all.

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