land rover series 3 dashboard layout

this means that the vent flaps are directed through larger vents in the top. Can anyone recommend any good sources for a SIII top dash pad? This engine was the E6 and it later went on to power versions of Leyland’s unloved wedge-shaped Princess range. LAND ROVER® and DEFENDER® are registered trade marks of Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

max. Top dash pads are a weak point as I'm sure you know, you'll be very lucky to find one without cracked vinyl. So they picked on a large and powerful locally built diesel engine and on a six cylinder petrol engine which they also intended to put in Leyland cars. Even harder to find in the US, but I'd start with trying to find a breaker with some Series Land Rovers and go from there! By I think I will be attempting to go back to putting an original dash and clock set-up into the SWB after much head scratching today. Size 7” X 2.5”   Powder coated in satin black. You can post now and register later. One the least well-known outside its native country is the South African Series IIIS, built by Leyland SA during the first half of the 1980’s and using two locally-built engines not available in Land Rovers anywhere else in the world. I'm surprised that this part has been out of production for this long. Earlier and later, they differ by the vent widths and the resultant screw spacing. theres 2 very slightly different shapes of dash top, one being the earlier one which can be identified by larger vent holes in the top. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Genuine Lucas 3 Position 10 amp Switch for Lights, Wipers & Heater. (centre mounted), There is no cowl around the steering column either and the wiring that would normally sit behind the clocks is hidden by a canvas bag.Its going to be a busy day or so sorting out what wire does what and goes where as none of the original switches have been used at all. The six cylinder model was a very different kettle of fish, however. Series IIIs are getting more popular as 'classics' now, but the fact that only very early ones (line mine ) are exempt from our UK road tax may well push people to earlier Land Rovers instead. Only two body types were available from the factory, one being a pick-up which could be had with all three engines, and the other a 12 seater station-wagon which only came with the new six-cylinder petrol engine (known as the R6) and the new diesel. Both saloon and Land Rover versions for the 2.6 litre six had twin SU HIF6 carburettors and the same 110bhp (82kW)@2800rpm and 148 lb./ft (202Nm) of torque at 2200rpm. Not a big deal but cosmetically annoying as I restore other parts of the truck. Just gives me something to look at as I,m trying to get it all together. Land Rover Series 3 was the most common of the Series vehicles built. By using our website you agree to our Cookie Policy.   You cannot paste images directly. From 1972, a six cylinder version of 2227cc was available in the Austin, Morris and Wolseley 2200 models. but if you can get hold of some vinyl and contact adhesive, i would have a go at covering it. just be careful not to make any creases. mine was perfect, untill i accidentally cracked the vinyl during my rebuilt. Following the example of the Australians, they imposed a 100% import tax on fully assembled new vehicles and banned the import of second-hand vehicles. This article appeared in the June 1994 LRO “Rare Rover” relating to some of our South African Land Rover heritage. By then the first locally assembled 110V8’s had become available and the last of the Series IIIS models lingered in dealers’ showrooms until 1986.”, (As circulated on the za-lro list by Gary Schroder on 18th September 1996), Recirculating ball worm and nut, 15.6:1 straight ahead, 23.8:1 full lock). The top pad is cracked and in other places the vinyl is ready to fall off. Would some kind soul please post a picture up of a standard series 3 dash/fascia please that I can use as a point of reference during my part collection marathon?

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