limited comment display due to the users privacy settings

I have people commenting on things they have seen on their newsfeed and want to know if my privacy will be violated on the newsfeed even if these are kept off my public timeline. If you are getting emails from the app, you will have to use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. We haven’t tested this in all scenarios and you never know when Facebook may make a change that impacts the privacy of previously shared photos. I can read maybe 25 of the comments on shares, the people with public profiles, but anything set to private just doesn’t show up. Please assist. thanks, Home | About | Meet the Team | Contact UsMedia Kit | Newsletter SponsorshipsNewsletter ArchiveTerms of Use | Privacy & Cookie Policy. I was under the impression that since it was a “private” group the things shared there don’t show up as having been shared. UPDATE 4/28/15: We have a completely new and updated guide to Facebook Privacy Settings. #StaySafeStayHome advice hub for families, Get tips on keeping kids safe on Social Media, See tech guide for age-appropriate devices, View online safety age guides to learn about online risks. [astonished woman with laptop image via Shutterstock], From elizabeth rodgers on May 13, 2013 :: 5:27 pm. From don on September 19, 2013 :: 6:39 pm. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. But it does mean that Facebook is not your private diary, and what you do on the website gets collected and catalogued. I always have and they’ve never shown on my public profile before. I’m speaking of those I make on pages of non-mutual friends. Overview. It’s not quite as obvious as changing your timeline settings, but apps often gain a lot of access to your information, and they can do things you might not want them to: collect data about your location, post on your timeline and more. While some people may not have an issue with it, if you aren’t happy with this feature then you can turn it off. Her love for Android made her develop the first app for Kashmir. In order to hide stories, follow the steps: Step 1: Launch Instagram Settings and tap on Story Controls. That said, Facebook is a great way to stay in touch and share small and big moments with family, friends and assorted other connections. Can you clarify what it is she is trying to block? Sometimes, even after clearing the search history, previous search queries are still visible. That's right: If it's a picture of your kids, that is public. Description. Another question is why do some have a picture of all their friends and next to them it looks like a symbol add friend.

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