lowe's termite shield

Tamlyn® can also produce most of these products in aluminum color matched to the most popular fiber cemnt siding colors. Any new skirting must be shielded and if you use the space for storage keep the items stacked off the ground and away from any wall or pier. Provide for faster, more economical and secure method for anchoring wood framing to masonry or concrete. Please contact us with any comments or questions at 800-334-1676 or through our online info request page. You can see a termite tunnel that was stopped by a termite shield, This shield was bent for the new skirting, the termites went right over the shield, Termites used the new skirting and the wood to ground contact to by pass the shield, No shield on the skirting and a bent pier shield allowed termite access, Termites went right up this pipe under the foam insulation to get to the home, Hanging insulation offers a perfect bridge for termites, Sign up to receive my blog posts via e-mail and get a FREE copy of my newest e-book, The black widow makes a terrible wife and a bad parent, One Tip Every 'Snowbird' Should Know (Plastic Wrap Your Toilet). It's asphalt-free, so it won't stain foundations. Dallas, TX 75238 Termite Shield: A shield, usually of non-corrodible metal, placed in or on a foundation wall or other mass of masonry or around pipes to prevent passage of termites. The Stud Plate Ties fasten the bottom plate or the top plate (double plate) to the studs. Corporate Headquarters / Plant Once inside they can chew on wires, eat food and spread disease like Salmonella or Lyme Disease. x 6 in. 13623 Pike Road Provides protection on tops of columns or blocks by visible channels. The copper … I don’t see many termite shields in my travels and of those houses that do have them, the chances of having termite damage go way down. Tamlyn® has a great selection of connectors and straps for improving the hurricane/seismic durability and code compliance of a building. Versatile pan has many possible contractor/home uses, including termite shield, pier cap, vaporizer pan, pot holder, oil drain pan, AC condensation drip pan in attic or to hold runoff while stripping furniture. This 3 oz. Now these poor folks need a repair man, the termite guy and perhaps a banker to get a loan to pay for all the work. Notched corner for safety. The idea was that these shields would block the termite from tunneling up from the ground. Weep holes on masonry wall construction, while necessary to vent moisture, are an open door to a home or building for pests. Termite shields protect homes built on block supports. I told you the lists were short but did I also mention simple? Termites only need about 1/64th of an inch to get in and if a corroded spot does occur or a nail popped through somewhere get it fixed as soon as you can. The termites will just tunnel around and over them. Just because you have termite shields in place don’t be complacent and think that you can never have an infestation. USA Toll Free 888-416-9676 Good for the Gulf States and other places where termites are prevalent. It … Quality and consistency of products, ease of use, safe and manageable packaging are the hallmarks of Tamlyn® conventional metal flashings for the framing, masonry, and roofing industries. Tamlyn® offers a substantial line of the principal styles of basic joist hangers. Stafford, TX 77477 In recent years companies have come out with modern shields for plumbing pipes in the slab made of durable plastic but little change has been made to the good old fashioned foundation shield itself. Our reference tool makes it easy to identify the correct Tamlyn® item comparable to other brands. USA Toll Free 800-334-1676 Do have the house inspected once per year for termites and make sure your inspector knows to look over the shield for any breaks. Mostly I see this in the form of non shielded skirting but quite often it is stacked storage up under the home. Termite Shield doesn't totally eliminate termite infestation, but forces them to build easily visible channels. The Tamlyn® flashings are made from highest quality steel and are available in a variety of gauges and colors to meet any market demand.

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