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Power of first estimation was P1(KW) can be read from the graph read by (Fn-F0)×N from, Where              Fn = Load indicator pos, F0 = 1.22 (mean), pos of load indicate pos corresponding to FO P/P idle stroke, Effective Power    N =     P1×—————-×————- KW, r = Specific gravity of FO at engine inlet temp, r`= 8.18.7 kg/m3  FO used during trial (at engine inlet temperature), Hu`= 42.50MJ/Kg (lower cal. Ans:  Capacity should be at least 40% of fire pumps but not less than 25m. Would love your thoughts, please comment. vii) if above are not successful, not extinguished, stop engine, engage turning gear, mask T/C air filter, use fixed CO2 / steam to extinguish. If you need any last minute slots please contact us on our phone number. (5) discharge through approved equipment for E/R bilges and (6) to shore reception facilities (sludge). Ans:    Connects the bottom of the furnace to the boiler shell plating. All SOLAS, MARPOL and Loadline Convention Certificate including certificates issued under the International gas (IGC) and chemical tanker (BC) codes aand BCH Code for older tankers can be done at one go. Q:    With regard to capacity state the regulation for emergency fire p/p. iv) Compression pressure can be checked from above, to have an idea about liner wear/piston rings. Ans:  Bilge injection valve is used for in case of serious flooding in the machinery space. check by weighting, or radio active level indicator or ultrasonic gauging. How the boiler Gas side is cleaned during operation? Q:    Why positive displacement pumps require relief valves? e.g. Bangladesh has ratified 13 conventions including those on SOLAS, Loadline, Tonnage,  STCW 78/95, COLREG, STP, INMARSAT, FAL. by David M Mac Neil: Mates orals MCA chief Mates orals feedback. Q:    With respect to M/E , what is emergency control? c) A breathing apparatus or ii. To. Q:    what is the function of coalesce filter ? 1. While testing engine/vessel ahead and astern movements, only propeller pitches are adjusted to get desired movements. On the way of innovation- the Most Energy Efficient Car! Ans:  On completion of assessment , permission granted by Master in consulting with chief engineer to carry out flooding: Ans:  1) relief v/v on manifold, rupture dick for cylinders, 11) interlock for fan, pump and  purifiers stop. NB: acquires permission from each candidate before posting any feedbacks, © copyright owned by collision, MCA orals exam report for deck officers. 1. Pattern of Emergency signal is indicated on Muster list, Fire Tube Type: Due to simple design of the tubes effective heat transfer takes place, but periodical cleaning/maintenance is slightly difficult. Engine  clutch/declutch mechanism can be utilized as appropriate. vi) check funnel, scav drain, scav temp if satisfactorily return to normal with appropriate rpm. Q:     With regard to CO2 total flooding state the regulation? Ans: with the pumping action, pumping rate is same but if the delivery is obstructed the pressure will be built up gradually, which will damage line, casing etc. MCA Oral Examination Syllabus for Chief Engineer Officer, less than 9,000 kW, less than 3,000 GT, unlimited area, STCW Reg III/3 In addition to the above limited chief engineer (less than 500 GT and less than 3000 kW) syllabus. Soot blowing is effective , used with medium – high pressure boiler. 111) audio-visual alarm while operating lever box is opened. Guards, covers, doors etc securely tightened, While shutting off the power, inform duty officer/engineer of the watch. Minimum 15 mA AC or DC current is enough to cause an electric shock. Chapter 9 deals with ISM and Chapter 12 with bulk carrier safety. Hence control air access to the diaphragm controlled piston valve to drain oil to bilge oil tank. I signed up for access to the e-learning system as much of my study was to be done on board – my initial anxiety about the extent of the syllabus and the depth of knowledge required was put at ease by the structured, broken down online sessions. Thanks in advance. 2. Ans: Black smoke indicate incorrect /incomplete combustion. ? by Philip Graham: 2nd mate orals MCA 2nd mate orals feedback. Following are the most frequently asked questions for class 2 … v) Check the capacity of the circuit breaker. How it works? Electrical, electronic and control engineering, Controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board, knowledge of the Codes associated with the carriage of dangerous goods, a working knowledge of merchant shipping Health and Safety at Work Regulations, Maintain Safety and Security of the Vessel, Crew and Passengers. Q:     What precaution should be taken while entering a enclosed space? Special survey program for Tankers,more than 10 years of age. MCA Oral Revision Books. While maintenance being done, remove fuse etc. Ans: Tandem type compressor are the other type commonly used. identify the problem, preferably start other generator which was not in service and restore power. International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1960 and 1974. International Convention on Load Lines (LL) 1966. What is flag administration and what is its role ? IOPP is International Oil Pollution Prevention certificate. Gas side cleaning is easier, sometimes fixed water spray design is used for cleaning. The course will be based on constructional details and working principles of marine systems and equipment, the safe and efficient operation of plant, the correct use of equipment provided for the safety of the ship and the protection of the environment, and the legal and management responsibilities of a certificated engineer officer. It also means that all certificates for cargo ships will have a 5-year maximum validity (previously Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate wa valid for a maximum of tow years, while cargo ship Safety Radio Certificate was valid for only one year), however Passenger Ship SEC will be valid for one year only. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. This document refers to the various classes, packing, marking and segregation of dangerous goods and marine pollutants carried in packaged form. Engine need not to stop for ahead/astern moves. The International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (International Safety Management (ISM) Code). Heat expands the liquid and. Name one of the major ILO Convention dealing with seaman ? MCA UK Management level exam Questions Bank – 6 Academics Question papers set for all 6 subjects. Need to find out fault. Learn how your comment data is processed. To be familiar with operation recommended by the manufacturer, specially while during operation with defective components. i) Check the ridge on top, remove by grinding if any, iii) Check lubricators, condition of retaining Cylinder LO. Q. Which chapter deals with ISM & which one with safety of bulk carrier ? See Actuall dates below or Click here. 8 Thoughts on “ MEO Class 2 Question Papers ” VK Sharma on March 28, 2016 at 1:33 pm said: Excellent help by all the study material and question papers. 0044-1415542248                                       EMAIL. MCA Oral Preparation Courses. Tutorials will be delivered as formal lectures and/or demonstrations as appropriate, supplemented by group discussion, question and answer sessions and directed study. Q:     What precaution should be taken before decarbonizing a M/E unit? Consider it is a common problem for all, hence it can be of followings: Ans:    – take power card (in-phase diagram), Calculate area of the diagram by using planimeter, check length of diagram, Calculate the mean height of diagram, which is n = area (mm²)/ length(mm), Now the MEP= h (mean height, mm) x spring scale (bar/mm), i.e  MEP found in bar   or, MEP is (barx10²) kN/m². Blue smoke indicates       burning of LO with the combustion. Starting air distributor inlet valve shut, Fuel, cooling etc relevant valves in appropriate position, Engine should be tested from ECR first to ensure safe operation.

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