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View Michael W. Lai’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Additionally, the help of Hofstra students, faculty and the Center for Entrepreneurship has played a key role in helping Lai launch the app. Most recently, Lai and Kim were named to Rhode Island Inno’s “Under 25” list. Although Lai changed the design of his original application, he did not give up on his dream of providing mental health resources to all people. “Maintaining positive mental health in the midst of a pandemic can be challenging,” said Angela Greco, a sophomore philosophy major. “Both my co-founder and I were aspiring physicians and one particular area we were always interested in was mental illness and the psychiatric aspects of medicine.”. John Guthman, executive director of the Hofstra Student Health and Counseling Center, expressed his opinion on how the app will benefit users. Hofstra alum , Michael Lai, reflects on how his developments have brought people closer together by a click of an app. “And so, I think it’s great that this app may facilitate opportunities for people to communicate.”. They have used this grant to fund their Cress Cares initiative, which focuses on providing mental health support to people around the globe. “We’re also ... able to work with community partners in Liberia as well as in Nairobi to deliver mental health educational resources to women affected by sexual and gender-based violence and to adolescents,” Lai said. Through the Cress application, health care workers are personally matched and put into group chats with others who are facing similar circumstances. The focus on peer support comes from research Lai and his team have done. Using the knowledge he’s gained through his personal experiences, Michael is well equipped to guide the next generation of students through the competitive BS/MD application process. However, as Lai and his team gathered research and spoke to several different advisors, they realized how easily their app could be used to provide support to a broad spectrum of mental health disorders. “We’ve seen not only a willingness for students to bring themselves in and seek support but also a willingness for students to encourage others to come in and get support and even escorting them and facilitating, in a number of ways, students’ connection to counseling.”. “With the advent of COVID-19, health care workers were really thrown into the middle of an unforeseen crisis in which hospitals were inundated with patients,” Lai said. Most of the app development team is located at Brown University but there are also interns at Hofstra who work on the marketing, outreach and financial aspects. Michael W. has 7 jobs listed on their profile. “Having an app to communicate with, in a time when interpersonal communication is so limited, would have been such a great way to still ensure emotions were recognized and managed,” said Heather Sanders, a sophomore secondary education and Spanish double major. A virtual companion driven by artificial intelligence crafts personalized wellness regiments based on a user’s unique lifestyle and interests. March 19, 2020 By GREGORY ZELLER // Michael Lai Named to Fall 2018 Dean's List at Hofstra University Michael Lai of Westbury, NY excelled during the Fall 2018 semester, achieving a GPA of at least 3.5 to earn a spot on the Dean's List February, 08 2019 - Verified by Hofstra University Michael Lai Named to Spring 2018 Dean's List at Hofstra … When Hofstra graduate Michael Lai first came up with the idea to develop an app to help people with mental health in his sophomore year at the University, he never would have imagined the impact his development would have in a world where social interaction is limited. When Hofstra graduate Michael Lai first came up with the idea to develop an app to help people with mental health in his sophomore year at the University, he never would have imagined the impact his development would have in a world where social interaction is limited. Students say they would be open to using an app where they can share their feelings about mental health. He attended Jericho High School in Jericho New York. Please note that only current Hofstra students can become part of our staff writing team. “I feel like it would [be] beneficial, if it’s anonymous, because you’re just getting it out there without people knowing who you are,” said sophomore marketing major Nicolette Camardi. “Students have had to find new ways of engaging in recreational and leisure activities, students have had to adjust to new learning styles as we’ve adjusted to video-remote platforms for courses, and students have had to manage the anxiety and uncertainty of different environments and the potential exposure to this COVID-19 virus.”, Hofstra students said adjusting to online classes, having limited social interactions and adhering to new health and safety protocols have had a negative impact on their mental health, “During the pandemic, I had a hard time concentrating on my classes and I had other family issues that I was dealing with, which really led me to being sad and [feeling] extra stress,” said Annie Wong, a sophomore pre-med psychology major. Please note that only current Hofstra students can become part of our staff writing team. “At CRESS what we always say is: ‘Everyone deserves support,’ and that’s what we’re really trying to accomplish.”. Michael Lai is on Facebook. To do this, the app asks the user to journal daily and answer personalized questions about their lifestyle. “I think one of the more rewarding trends is the destigmatization of mental health support over the years,” Guthman said. Lai hopes that when his app launches it will provide those suffering with mental health disorders with a support system of people who are having similar experiences.

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