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Montevideo North Dakota - Beulah Addis Ababa Recife Year Built: 2002; Years Operated: 3; Asking Price: $35,000; Designed and built by: CC Productions; Size: 500 Square Feet 15′ x 33′ Lighting: 33 Spotlights in each triangle; This unique one of a kind attraction has a web design in the stonework. Yekaterinburg Mirror Maze (Zrcadlové bludiště Petřín) A favourite spot for children and adults alike. Sao Tome Matamoros Hebron Jamaica Malabo Website Design by. Mirror Maze. UTC+5:45 Fortaleza It's an experience like no other! UTC Magadan UTC-12 Niamey Berlin $9.05 per person plus tax Groups rates available, please call 952.854.5345 for details. Tarawa Rothera Nome Nassau Ashgabat Kampala South Georgia Sarajevo Copyright © 2019 Monterey Family Fun Adventure. Porto-Novo Samarkand Aqtau Adak UTC-9 Regina the world. Whitehorse Cairo North Dakota - New Salem Harare Argentina - Jujuy Nasty & Broken Mirrors Go do the mirror maze at The Island in Pigeon Forge instead. UTC-11:30 UTC+8 Atikokan Warsaw Minsk Santarem Amsterdam Conakry Bermuda Copenhagen Lisbon By surrounding your pathways with mirrors you see infinite reflections, impossible corridors and mind-bending light effects. Ulaanbaatar Butterfly Wonderland, America's largest butterfly pavilion. Davis Araguaina Eucla Guernsey Sakhalin Casey Canary Irkutsk Mbabane Anguilla Port of Spain Dar es Salaam Campo Grande Kuching Eirunepe Rarotonga Jakarta St Helena Mirror Maze. Apia Melbourne Fiji UTC-10 Punta Arenas Rome UTC-6 Barnaul St Johns Syowa Dubai El Aaiun Sao Paulo Ljubljana UTC+3:30 Ceuta Chagos Almaty Adelaide North Dakota - Center Nuuk Maldives Kirov Chita This maze doesn’t try to confuse the people ... M W Brown Azores Indiana - Petersburg Vilnius Gaborone UTC+1:30 Makassar Istanbul Stockholm Anadyr Moncton From the outside, this building resembles a small castle, but inside, instead of a labyrinth with mysterious stone hallways, you’ll find one made of mirrors. Moscow Bangkok By surrounding your pathways with mirrors you see infinite reflections, impossible corridors and mind-bending light effects. Vatican Luxembourg Marigot UTC-10:30 Freetown Comoro Tripoli Mauritius Argentina - Catamarca Kaliningrad Kentucky - Monticello UTC+7 Saipan Paramaribo Ust-Nera Prague Argentina - Rio Gallegos Bahia Timezone: America/Los Angeles Nouakchott Caracas Zaporozhye Tomsk Madeira Kerguelen Guam Chatham UTC-1 Oslo Boise Rankin Inlet Brussels Montserrat Bougainville UTC+3 Yakutat San Marino Banjul Galapagos Ulyanovsk Argentina - Tucuman Get up close and personal with thousands of butterflies from around Kosrae Jayapura Riga Glace Bay Sofia Vancouver Bring your family and … Gambier Reviews There are no reviews yet. Martinique Lagos Libreville Children Under 3 must be accompanied by an adult. UTC-11 Muscat Mogadishu Andorra Chihuahua 5D Extreme Attraction by Matrix Technology. At 2,500 square feet, it is one of the largest mirror mazes in the world, with endless hallways, infinite reflections, and a new twist and turn waiting around every corner. Sitka Goose Bay Hermosillo Phnom Penh Experience amazement as you navigate your way through this fun-filled, life-size maze of mirrors and glass.

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