most fun maplestory class 2020

At around 1.5m range I could kill him within a bind solo, but that’s not really necessary as you can actually fight him at much lower starting at around 500-600k but be prepared to dodge a lot of shit and actually have to deal with mechanics. It enables you to teleport to any map where you’ve killed a sufficient amount of mobs/finish the relevant questline in the area. Her skills are full of movement and you’re basically traversing the map with all of them while killing monsters in style. 70-85 Ice Fangs, Ice Valley 2 (Accessible from El Nath by taking Danger Zone taxi), 85-100 Sahel 2, Magatia (Go through maple guide or 2 maps left of Magatia), 85-100 Desert of Serenity, Magaitia (Accessible from Sahel 2), 90-100 C-1, C-3: Roids, inside Magatia Laboratory. Besides incredible damage output and high mobility, Night Walker has a bind, which ensnares bosses for a period of time – an immensely useful ability to have during a boss fight. The best Hyper Stats for Hoyoung are, in order, Damage, IED, Boss Damage, Critical Damage, Critical Rate, and LUK. Red cubes are primarily used to reroll gear that is already legendary, however there are some people who prefer to use red cubes over black cubes to improve potential tier. Nevertheless, you’re probably going to have an easier time with one of the classes above. Best way to go about getting it to legendary potential is saving up about 100k honour exp you get from grinding, using 100 xp honour rerolls to get to unique tier, then using circulators from the cash shop to get a legendary tier IA. This class has a ton of mobility and options when it comes to getting around. Another excellent mobbing class in Maplestory is the Ice Lightning mage, a magician of the explorer branch. Overall, I believe Hoyoung is a good class but does require a bit of effort in learning how to properly utilize certain skills. Besides a unique playstyle with flashy skills, Aran does very well in both bossing and mobbing without much funding. You actually get a fkton of meso from leeching from 200-220 so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you cube smartly. Aran is another interesting pick for new players. All in all, either demon class is an exceptional choice for any new player in the game. Hoyoung, as of this article, is near the top of the DPM Charts, consider maining one or at least making one that can solo bosses! I had 1.9m clean as an NL and I can clear it in about 7 minutes and with 60-70% time left on the timer, however this is because Dark Flare clears the mobs at the bottom and I have insane burst from Shadow Walker/Last Resort/Spread Throw. Mechanic- The class you make if you’re super dedicated to farming, they can farm decent rates even at low stat, at least 500-580m/hour if you 2hko with rock n shock and can go up as high as ~650m/hour clean if you’re funded enough. Holygirrafe showed most of the maple world that bishops can be op by making a battle bishop and doing what most say you cant do. Available at level 140, starts through a quest from Grendel in Ellinia who will take you to Crimsonheart Castle. After you get your tyrant equips to 5 stars (good luck with that), each further enhancement has a chance to destroy your item and THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Blast Shield and Vitality Shield are the only two defensive skills they have. Also has the link skill benefit of 10% boss damage at level 2. You’re going to want to use a Burning Event to get your kanna to 150 with a decent set of Frozen gear, then level it to 160. Hellux- Recommended is 3-4m to solo but again varies based on class. i dont have the intention to put money in the game anytime soon and i would like to know which classes do you think i can start and not have that big of a problem with funding. However this one is extremely RNG based and I recommend saving it to the last, as I myself  spent 2b on circulators to get a %meso inner ability. 8: 6778: 24: maplestory classes 2019. To obtain desirable 2nd/3rd lines, lock the first line , and reroll your second/third lines using honour exp. For example, if I find a boost node that has Gust Charm, Quad Star and Assassin’s Mark I should disenchant it because it can’t be used to enhance any of my ideal node trios. Every class has pros and cons and once you know them you work around your weaknesses. Dawn Warrior. Furthermore, this tier list is not a direct reflection of how well a class does against all bosses because calculations are based on unobtainable perfect stationary conditions with nothing to dodge. (Not recommended if you have bad lag, has a recharge mechanic that lag can glitch out). If you plan to get to 235, make sure you do your Arcane dailies and continue leeching meso because it’s going to take decent gear/Arcane Force to clear Morass Solo Dungeons and Story Will in Esfera. Ark and illium are both extremely ping reliant, and cadena probably is but idk. Most of their damage comes from chaining skills together and using Cardinal Force and Ancient Force, which combined make for a fun playstyle. If you’re lucky enough to roll 2 20% meso lines on one of your accessories, you’re in luck  because then you only need 4 pieces in total to get the 100% cap. Maple reward points shop has many more items than reboot such as pet food for multiple pets, additional inventory slots, 30 day pendant slot, exp coupons, scissors and hammers. Hoyoung is a class that can boss easily without much investment because of its crazy high burst damage. You should be able to achieve this range with your 5 boss set accessories + a full set of Pensalir gear you should get from grinding to 150. EXP multipliers & useful tools for training [1011]. The Ultimate List of Video Game Documentaries, 20 of the Weirdest Magic (MTG) Card Art of All Time, 10 Best Computer Cases for Gaming in 2020, The Best Two Player Games on Nintendo Switch, The Best Fitness Games for Xbox Consoles in 2020, Every MapleStory Link Skill, Ranked From Worst to Best, The 10 Best Heroes to Carry With in Heroes of the Storm (HoTS), Lower survivability compared to other Warriors, Requires high funding to maximize potential, Downtime waiting for Psychic Points to recharge, Difficult to fight against mobile targets, Excellent attack speed with animation canceling, Unrivaled single-target damage and mobbing ability, Relies on stacking debuffs to maximize DPS, Squishy without Ancient Astra and Obsidian Barrier active.

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