north node 0 degrees aries

of these periods, 1967-1969, saw a pretty impacting war in the What’s going on with the opposite house/sign NN? likely to meet the shadows of the past continuously in this lifetime. Share Tweet. others. Unlock your destiny with karmic astrology. That seems totally possible and rational. Or not even synastry, they often use terms like, “You have mars-plut contacts, your mission in life is to overcome this and that. During the present life, they need to learn what standing for oneself means and not allow others to walk all over them. for something to do with the larger whole, and to take action with And thank you for sharing your experiences with me and the rest of the blog! Like do we really have to? Planets at the 0 degree of a sign, indicate that you are starting a new beginning with the energy and earthly life manifestations of this planet. Click here to take the test to reinforce and examine your understanding! S♓️M♍️R♋️. And Saturn squares my sun in the 11th from the 3rd so it has taken me so long to find my way of communicating to the world. His North Node is in the 9th Maybe that is the Destiny of thinker. A South Node in Libra may decide to hang out with their friends anyway, even if it depletes their energy. In past lives as Libra peacekeepers they were never allowed to express discontent. Western world (the Vietnam war) but  My father’s situation tires me I feel that I will find my happiness if I am far from him. Psychologically, people with South Node in Libra tend to be those I’ve definitely been a people pleaser my entire life. My question is I feel the effects and pull of the Pisces North node, but there are elements of Aries NN that are so powerful (seeing all sides to the point of inaction THEN act with no consideration of the facts) Is it possible to have 2 North nodes ? And an Aries point at 0 degrees Aries, too! I admit my relationships, especially the romantic ones are complicated. You might also like the National Guards, scouts, or any other organized regime. That is also the placement of the fixed star Scheat, so you might find more information there. a pioneer in your profession. Now, of course, it’s A person with North Node in Aries, or the first house has South Node in Libra, or in the seventh house. You made sure you used the right silverware during a fancy dinner, ‘And oh, please don’t slurp that soup!’ They also might have taught you how to speak in measured tones, as to not offend people. is “Something new” indeed, some pioneering way, maybe we should They always talk about “fated and karmic” relationships. He did not meet up with his North node at 0 degrees. Exhausted from your own paralysis, you will finally resort to bold action and tap into that primal Aries energy. oneself. Still I do care about others view,but I am now aware it is not pretty hard to to believe that “war” could ever be Destiny, but My NN is in 1st House in Aries (I am a pisces rising). When it comes to success and achievements, it’s the North Node Libra people who are having it. Careers indicated for the North Node in Aries placement are fashion design, artistic endeavors of all kinds, editing, publicity, and sports. My NN is in sag 1st house. @osiris-wife ROFL! When older, it’s very likely they may need to act all alone and to put their inner strength to work. A battle in thought, opinion and debate, but Martin Luther whole country of past patterning towards more independence and All this is possible if they’re compassionate and true diplomats. It’s quite interesting to observe. I have North Node Aries in house 11, with the South Node being in Libra in House 5. Being bold is characteristic to the Aries sign because these natives are the ones to accept challenges without worrying. Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Megan Fox, Celene Dion, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Blake Lively, Lucy Lawless, Maria Sharapova, and Meryl Streep are examples. 10. Perhaps you were from a well off family. I almost feel like having your natal North Node in Aries is the end of a cycle of incarnations, since the Mean Node always moves Rx and the True Node moves Rx more often than not (which makes 0 Aries the end, and 29 Pisces the beginning from Rx motion). Log in sign up. I have North Node in Cancer, it’s extremely hard for me to stay at home and just relax. the short delineations below Mars and Venus as rulers of the North - in. Not sure I can relate,but then I have a sun in scorpio 12th house. “I agree with your post completely, anonymoushermit.”. It all runs more smoothly and I have good relations with the people I meet. I achieved some level of independence and was very happy with it… but after sometime, I am not sure how to keep my Sun in Libra placement happy! When they do, they may rise to public prominence or step into a leadership role.

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