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“People become infected when they accidentally ingest infected soil, water or objects contaminated with raccoon feces,” warns Margi Sirois, CVT, in Principles and Practice of Veterinary Technology. In addition to checking the laws surrounding ownership, look carefully at regulations for raccoon owners. Something about their shape, their looks and size just appeals to humans. Most adult raccoons need two meals per day in the early morning and late evening, though follow your vet's advice on this. In some states, while it may be legal to own a raccoon as a pet, it is not legal to import raccoons from outside the state. If your pet is caged or kept in the house and prohibited from mating, it may become quite aggressive during that time. An unsupervised raccoon can be fairly destructive, since it is a natural scavenger. Plus, they might attack other pets in your home, especially small animals, as they are predators in the wild. “Raccoons are potential predators of domestic pets, including small cats and rabbits,” warn Stanley Gehrt, Seth Riley and Brian Cypher in their book Urban Carnivores. Raccoon dogs are wild animals - rather than domesticated pets. Inside, your raccoon should have access to food, water, shelter, and structures (e.g., large branches) for climbing and jumping. The raccoon (/ r ə ˈ k uː n / or US: / r æ ˈ k uː n / (), Procyon lotor) is a medium-sized mammal native to North America. Unbelievably intelligent and undeniably adorable, it’s easy to forget that raccoons are not actually pets. Offer your pet a varied diet, including dog food, poultry, fish, eggs, insects, vegetables, and fruits. Plus, some get urinary tract infections, which might cause excessive urination. By keeping your pet raccoon entertained with a stimulating enclosure, you can reduce the likelihood of property damage and escape. Raccoons are adorable little creatures whose curbside antics are best left outdoors. Never take a raccoon from the wild to raise as a pet. In many states or areas wildlife, specifically raccoons, According to the World Health Organization, rabies is “almost always fatal following the onset of clinical symptoms.” Obviously, this presents serious concerns when you’re keeping a raccoon as a pet. Because raccoons are carriers of rabies, more than 20 states ban pet raccoons. Be careful, because these willful little beasties can go from curious and cuddly to aggressive and territorial in a matter of minutes. The animal will be unvaccinated, untested and unused to human contact — and, again, potentially dangerous. They're also extremely smelly, as they use scent to communicate with one another (not the best quality in a house pet!). In general, raccoons are easy to feed (they eat everything) and have relatively few health risks. Therefore, we ensure that we always rehome raccoon dogs to wildlife parks and zoos, in pairs or compatible groups. These nocturnal mischief-makers will respond to their name, but they’ll pick and choose when and what they obey. When purchasing a raccoon from a breeder or when raising an orphaned raccoon baby, they are not infected with rabies. All rights reserved. That means you'll need to regularly change their water and feed them in a location where it's easy to clean up. When a raccoon is unhappy, frustrated, stressed or hormonal, its natural instinct is to bite — family members, pets and visitors. In some ways, they are a lot like a large ferret or puppy. But having a pet raccoon isn’t always this rosy. There are also strict legal restrictions on keeping, selling, rehoming and breeding raccoon dogs as they threaten our native wildlife. While raccoons are one of the most common types of exotic animals to be kept as pets, many animal-control authorities still discourage the practice. And they’ll have accidents and destroy things if they are bored or want to punish you. do not carry rabies (like those in Ontario), so this is not a risk to you or your pets. Even if it were legal to domesticate a raccoon as a pet, you wouldn’t want to. While people often blame pet escapes as the means that invasive species result, the truth is that this is unlikely to result in such. They are wild animals. Providing enough attention and supervision can be a full-time job. And please, never bring home a wild raccoon — even a baby one. Include toys, such as balls and food puzzles, to keep your pet entertained. Finding a veterinarian to care for the animal's health may take a little time. During that time, males will travel quite some distances to find females to mate with. Raccoons aren't common pets for good reason. There are also strict legal restrictions on keeping, selling, rehoming and breeding raccoon dogs as they threaten our native wildlife. Grooming - Health Care - Its grayish coat mostly consists of dense underfur which insulates it against cold weather. with raccoons is that, as wild animals, their behavior can turn unpredictable, particularly when mating age or seasons arise. It is very hard to find someone to care for a raccoon when you are unable to do so yourself. Many states do allow them as pets and while they are not the most common, some people actually have them in their homes. Arrow Exterminators’ Brantley Russell Inducted as President of Georgia Pest Control Association, The Top Five Creepiest, Crawliest, Scariest Pests, Home Protection and Seasonal Pest Prevention Tips. Raccoons are quite adept at breaking through latches and other secured areas if their curiosity gets the best of them. These tangles must be brushed out very carefully with a wire brush or a dog grooming comb. A raccoon that has been raised and handled from an early age will probably show more affection for its owners.

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