pros and cons of principlism

J Med Philos. To their credit, and to the extent they match our expectations, these strengths make principle based theories very attractive. Little, 205 – 26. Particularists disagree with this principle approach. Rist, John M. Real Ethics: Reconsidering the Foundations of Morality. 1. 3a. . The Four Principles Approach to Health Care Ethics... Ethics, Law and Health Care of Ethics, Law and Health Care Introduction Omar is called to assist a 14-year-oldboy; Tim who has been brought in suffering from bruised and lacerated leg. ( Log Out /  These universals are grounded for Kant, in universal reason, and for Utilitarians, in a shared capacity for pleasure and pain. However, the second formulation of the CI will remove any doubt, and subjective bias; one could not be acting ‘as to treat humanity, whether in thine own person or in that of any other, in every case as an end withal, never as means only’[23] by the universalisation of this act, because it removes the autonomy and respect for persons which this formulation stands to guard. Perhaps an onlooker, seeing the event from a distance, may see you hit your mother with a bokken, and evaluate your action as immoral, without seeing the gun in her hand that threatened the others present; likewise, we may also retain some moral guilt for this act, despite the circumstances[11]. However, this is not to say the particularist doctrine can, alone, fully meet the challenge of a complete theory, replete with an understanding of what the relevant moral reasons in any given situation might be. 3 Pros and Cons - A Debaters Handbook; Debbie Newman, Trevor Sather, Ben Woolgar ; 4 Moral Choices - An Introduction to Ethics; Scott Rae ; 5 Health Care Ethics - Critical Issues for the 21st Century; Eileen E. Morrison ; About the Author. However, particularists recognise that both of these universals assume a key point; rationality and shared features rely upon particulars. If I want to know whether withholding information when trying to sell my car would be morally permissible, I merely need only to consider the first two formulations of the CI. Furthermore, the second formulation of the CI ensures the absolute autonomy and respect for individuals that comes from impartial application of principle; no exceptions for yourself or anyone else. Hum Vaccin Immunother. This can be affected by our perspective, and serve to demonstrate our own bias. As Caputo suggests, the use of principles can lead to an ‘abdication of responsibility’[27], leaving moral judgement to simply determine the action that ‘comes out’ of a formulaic response to inputs, and come what may. Principlism’s principles ! Each situation is new; the features are never completely the same. Sample, C. W. Mills and J. P. Sterba, 383-9, 94-8. “Moral Particularism.” In The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Edward N.  Zalta, 2009.

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