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Definitely a little too Utah-centric. She is MLB’s Cory Snyders daughter. Does she not realize there are some of us who lives hours and hundreds of miles from a temple and/or a distribution center? She was dating someone else. I thought the Skallas/Parcells were pretty conservative Mormons? It was more that she’s been through so much in life but never let her punch her to the ground. She is the coolest of the cool. At just twenty-two years old, Rachel Parcell has turned Pink Peonies into a must-read style blog for thousands of similarly fashion-obsessed readers. not an example people should be looking to. She popped up on VIE’s radar long before New York Fashion Week last September, but after meeting her there, we were seriously hooked. With the wedding date set for Aug. 28, 2010, Rachel got her planning on, and adored every moment of it. Not one to sit back and congratulate herself on everything she’s achieved at such a young age, Parcell is much more interested in what’s next. Of course! “By the time I’ve done everything I’d like to, I’ll be an old woman.”. Ashleigh Di Lello. ALL else is secondary. Now she is on the College Rodeo Circuit and she travels the country speaking about Texting and Driving. To walk in with Drew, who I love so much, and see everyone who loves us sitting there? So many more Mormon women who have done great things. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Not only is she not a member, she is very vocal about her negative views of the church. I met Jill Knapp from Idaho about 2 yrs ago. When people pointed out that if she buys those small sizes because of fit problems, she can go to Beehive and get measured for a custom fit, she balked at that, claiming not to have enough time. What about Kass Martin? Perhaps because of its meteoric rise, it’s difficult for her to predict where her blog will be in five years. In short (and sweet), Rachel got the picture — and perfect came tumbling after. Joanna Brooks should definitely be on this list!!! . She has a crazy number of followers. A couple of weeks ago, Women’s Wear Daily ran a piece about the growing proliferation of million dollar bloggers. I agree Jill is great. That’s all they do is recognize mothers! And bravo to those at home as well! What a joke! Each season provides a fresh new canvas of ideas, too, and for spring, emerald-hued items are topping her list of must-haves. But if you’re out to make your job as a mom “cool” then you are missing the point of what being a mother really is. Neylan McBaine. Your email address will not be published. But, don’t you dare bring it up to her because you will immediately be labeled a negative influence and her fans will berate you, with vulgar language. It does bother me that they are the “coolest” because of their accomplishments outside the home. She recently released a “line’ of clothes she claimed to design, but over half of them have been shown to be exact replicas of clothing she has in her closet and featured in her blog — that’s right she copied the designs of other designers, rather blatantly in fact. Rachel has amazing style and was fun to work under her and watch her create a serious business. Stephanie Nielson is (deservedly) on the list. I think these women are amazing but can we give some credit to moms who work just as hard at home but no one ever sees it? That is the highest work of Heavenly Father. I can name at least 10 but on that list of 10 I will name 2. Unless she was baptized in the seventies and she doesn’t remember. “I can feel their passion and the love for what they do, and that, to me, is what makes a blog interesting and exciting to read,” she says. The Utah native has always adored fashion. Please, Rachel Parcell? I learned a lot. Met her last week. Maybe someone should do there research because Professor Kellogg is not a member. She may not be LDS, but she is by far one of the most incredible women I’ve ever met. If you keep adding non-members to the list than Hillary should be at the top. I may have some mistakes, I’m just typing this off the top of my head. What about Moms who raise extraordinary children? I happen know a handful of these women & they are extraordinary moms, too. paralyzed from the waist down from a Rollover Accident in her Truck. I think it’s cool that you had to open the list up to 100, instead of just 50 for the men’s list. Whitney Johnson, double rated investment banker for Merrill Lynch. Parcell depends on fashion magazines like Vogue and InStyle, as well as trips to Fashion Week, to help shape her personal style, which she describes as “feminine and classic with a little edge.” But she, too, has a long list of favorite blogs, with Cupcakes and Cashmere and The Glamourai getting the most play lately.

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